Shenanigans on the corner of Drakeford & Athllon

BooUrns 30 September 2011 3

Hi all

Just wanted to share some thoughts on what can be only described as shenanigans which happens from time to time on the corner of Drakeford & Athlon drive Tuggeranong.

The offending parties involved are drivers who try to get into the two right turning lanes on drakford drive and then turn right at the lights into Athllon. For the most part of the day this happens in a normal manner, however around the 9am mark when good little public servants should be at work things can get a bit interesting.

Around this time in the morning there is a lot of traffic that all wants to turn right into Tuggranong this can cause quite a long queue in the far right lane, this is fine however as there is two spare lanes remaining .

The problem is when drivers at the end of said queue pullout and drive down the middle lane and then either dive bomb into a gap that no sane person would attempt or which is the core of this story stop dead in traffic put their blinker on waiting for someone to hopefully let them in before they cause an accident.

Now this has to be some of the most dangerous driving i have seen in the act, never mind the lack of head checks and all the rest but actually stopping in the middle of a 3 lane rd when the lights in front are green and there’s a horde of cars barreling down on them.

People if you miss your turn keep going and take the next right (Erindale) you might find you get there faster. Don’t stop and have people try to madly dodge you or worse drive right into you.



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3 Responses to Shenanigans on the corner of Drakeford & Athllon
Very Busy Very Busy 7:42 pm 30 Sep 11

It only happens when there is a bus in the queue. It is a sign of weakness to be behind a bus. It is therefore absolutely necessary to do something that is rude, self serving and obnoxious to somehow get infront of the bus.

krats krats 4:22 pm 30 Sep 11

With out drivers like the ones you mentioned. Business in could go down the S bend.
For example;

Panel beaters
Spray painters
Tow truck operators
Spare parts suppliers
Delivery drivers

And the new ESA website would not have as much content.

pptvb pptvb 2:32 pm 30 Sep 11

You’ll also find that most of these drivers have been in the right-hand lane since The Glenloch Interchange, so as not to miss this turn!

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