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Should we cancel the PM’s XI for Van Nguyen

By johnboy - 28 November 2005 70

The ABC’s The World Today has a transcript up in which the PM gets a grilling for not calling off the Prime Minister’s XI match as an act of mourning for the execution of Van Nguyen.

While I’m not keen on the execution, are these calls taking pointless gestures and conspicuous compassion to stupid levels?

UPDATED: Thumper sent in the following which I’ve decided to append here:

RSL up in arms about ‘minutes silence’ .

Regardless of what you think about the death penalty, this article in the CT should put a lot of the frivolous bleatings in perspective.

Nguyen Tuong Van is not a hero. He has not contributed a great deal to this country. he was attempting to contribute, through his financial gain, more suffering and misery upon people, family and friends.

remember folks, this Changi. yes, that changi, where so many Australians died at the hands of the Japanese during World War Two.

Totally and utterly inappropriate and all these wnakers asking for a minutes silence should pull their heads in and ask why we have the country we have.

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
Should we cancel the PM’s XI for Van Nguyen
ssanta 8:41 am 29 Nov 05

I think that if the idiot was stupid enough to bring drugs into a country where possession brings death it serves the fucking bastard right.

simto 8:37 am 29 Nov 05

The Comrade has an awful lot of bandwagons to jump onto at the moment, maybe he’s just decided to avoid this one on the basis that once the guy’s dead, nobody’s going to care either way.

Maelinar 8:34 am 29 Nov 05

Wow, some of these offences could be implemented in todays world…

Until 1808 the law in Britain offered the death penalty for some 200 offenses, including:

Attempting suicide
Being in the company of gypsies for one month
“Strong evidence of malice” in children aged 7–14 years old
Shoplifting goods worth five shillings (£0.25) or less
Returning from Transportation
Piracy with violence


Maelinar 8:31 am 29 Nov 05

The only two I can find are Malaysia and Singapore…

Thumper 8:09 am 29 Nov 05

Mael, about half of the Commonwealth countries still have the death penalty I believe. If not half, then a pretty high precentage.

Strangely the Comrade has been rather quiet on the issue.

Maelinar 7:56 am 29 Nov 05

I agree with terubo, all this last-minute pleading for his life is all a bit unprofessional, if indeed too little, too late.

If Australia was definetly against the death penalty, they should be working against it, and making it known that Australia is against it, on the international forum.

It does make me wonder how Singapore can be a member of the Commonwealth though. It’s ok to point out that China does the same kinds of things, but they aren’t a member of the Commonwealth…

We could certainly make a start by making them pack up their 6,000 troops stationed in Australia, and telling them to go home. Why they need to be here in the first place, I don’t know.

Thumper 7:49 am 29 Nov 05

Cancelling the game is one of the more stupid things I’ve ever heard from people in power who should iknow better.

Maybe we should have a national day of mourning as well? Give me a break…

And one minutes silence? ‘Scuse me while I throw up…

Seriously, do we want to elevate a convicted drug smuggler to the level of ex servicemen on Remembrance Day.

Special G 7:45 am 29 Nov 05

Ralph, I don’t often agree with you although on this one you are on the money.

I like the T-shirt idea too.


terubo 7:38 am 29 Nov 05

There was bound to be a crescendo of OTT commentary in the final days before execution. Unfortunately (or not), the boy’s gone, and it’s up to the Fed. Govt. to start campaigning against the death penalty on a regional/international basis – if it’s really serious about it.

Swaggie 7:14 am 29 Nov 05

I think I’ll go to the match wearing a T shirt proclaiming
“Yay one less scumbag in the gene pool”

Ralph 7:10 am 29 Nov 05

All the hoo haa over this drug peddler is astounding.

He was carrying drugs in Singapore, they have the death penalty, its their law, he has to face the consequences of his actions. Only an idiot would carry drugs in Asia.

We don’t want these parasites bringing drugs into Australia.

All these bleeding hearts pleading to have him receive a lesser sentence just present Australia as a soft touch for drug barons.

Build a bridge people.

johnboy 11:19 pm 28 Nov 05

I wonder if it’s entirely possible to lead a virtuous life by taking a diametrically opposed view to john laws and his audience.

but i suspect this current media crap-storm is just an attempt to ruin one of the PM’s favourite days out of spite.

johnboy 11:13 pm 28 Nov 05

A mule is not a dealer.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:11 pm 28 Nov 05

By the way, John Laws ran something similar as his web poll today, sure the target audience of his site are a skewed bunch (myself included) but the result is interesting:

Should John Howard cancel the PM’s XI on Friday because of the Nguyen hanging?
Yes 7%
No 93%

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:08 pm 28 Nov 05

IMHO The level of need for a hole in the head is roughly equivalent to the need to cancel the PM’s XI or the need for a minute silence for a drug dealer.

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