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Should we cancel the PM’s XI for Van Nguyen

By johnboy 28 November 2005 70

The ABC’s The World Today has a transcript up in which the PM gets a grilling for not calling off the Prime Minister’s XI match as an act of mourning for the execution of Van Nguyen.

While I’m not keen on the execution, are these calls taking pointless gestures and conspicuous compassion to stupid levels?

UPDATED: Thumper sent in the following which I’ve decided to append here:

RSL up in arms about ‘minutes silence’ .

Regardless of what you think about the death penalty, this article in the CT should put a lot of the frivolous bleatings in perspective.

Nguyen Tuong Van is not a hero. He has not contributed a great deal to this country. he was attempting to contribute, through his financial gain, more suffering and misery upon people, family and friends.

remember folks, this Changi. yes, that changi, where so many Australians died at the hands of the Japanese during World War Two.

Totally and utterly inappropriate and all these wnakers asking for a minutes silence should pull their heads in and ask why we have the country we have.

What’s Your opinion?

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70 Responses to
Should we cancel the PM’s XI for Van Nguyen
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Maelinar 8:28 am 01 Dec 05

Although, I assure you, as somebody standing a little bit closer to the truth, Australia doesn’t have any military threat that isn’t catered for.

Also, a seabourne invasion (one military attacking a dug-in defence) is one of the hardest things to pull of in military terms. D-Day, although popularised as a huge success, nearly broke the back of the Allies, and could have very easily gone the other way.

I suppose one effective way of describing D-Day, in RA terms is that the story was written by the winner.

So, militarily speaking, having your defence force outside the country they are meant to be defending is military stupidity to the highest degree.

And if Indonesia or Malaysia decided they liked the look of Singaporean’s Asses good enough, I don’t necessarily agree that Australia would back them up to help defend Singapore.

To highlight that scenario, take a look at how many troops Australia could deploy via sea and air to Singapore Island in 36 hours.

By that time, Malaysia and Indonesia could have in the vicinity of half a million troops+ on Singapore soil.

All Johnny Howard could do to help is say ‘man overboard’, but I don’t think the Indons or Malays would stop either way.

johnboy 8:45 pm 30 Nov 05

Yep STW, Wedgetail comes into service next year and is so good boeing are hawking the R&D we paid for all over the globe.

money well spent…

Spot the wog 8:31 pm 30 Nov 05

Very soon the RAAF will have a new Airborne early warning and control aircraft (aew&c), just like AWACS but a link for all forces to communicate, with each other and detect incoming aircraft and hostile weapons. It has a special system that enables the craft to turn without banking to one side too much and get a chance to miss something.

Deployed to the northern states the aircraft can go 500 nautical miles on one tank, Details: Defence today vol 4,no 2 july 2005

justbands 2:13 pm 30 Nov 05

I have my own views on drugs & drug dealers (just legalise everything I say!). That said…my heart does not bleed for this guy. He did the crime, he got caught…bad luck buddy. We all take risks with the law sometimes…but for me, I might stand to risk a fine & a stern talking to..there’s no way in hell I’d risk my life. Sure, it’s sad that he’ll hang for this…but hey, like I said…bad luck buddy.

johnboy 11:58 pm 29 Nov 05

I’m a fan of things that work

There’s no upside in heavying singapore right now.

I like Singaporeans and compared to a lot of other places in the world I like Singpore too.

Just because I oppose the death penalty for drug crimes doesn’t make those with a different view bad people per se.

Which is what this debate has degraded to.

vg 11:06 pm 29 Nov 05

Careful JB, logic like that has me agreeing with you

johnboy 10:45 pm 29 Nov 05

Hanging remains one of the most humane methods of execution as near as I can tell.

The neck breaks and it’s all over.

I hear Singapore puts weights on the victim which ensures the outcome but can lead to the head coming clean off.

We could certainly make a start by making them pack up their 6,000 troops stationed in Australia, and telling them to go home. Why they need to be here in the first place, I don’t know.

Well the Singaporean E-2C Hawkeyes are the only AWACS defending our northern approaches. And we sold them all our defence comsats.

Plus they got us into the asian free trade zone talks and watch our backs against the malaysians and indos in ASEAN.

Pretty much the whole Singaporean military is based here as a safeguard of Singapore security given it’s a very small place.

On the other hand their investment in technology we’ve fallen behind in does us no harm under this arrangement.

Basically they’re a very close friend of the country, and this sort of senstationalism over an issue no-one cared about two months ago is dangerous.

Tool 10:45 pm 29 Nov 05

Why is it that nobody gave a shit about this guy for the past three years he has been ni jail, knowing full well that he would be facing the death penalty if convicted? Nobody cares, this is a cheap stunt to get a few would be ‘high profile’ lawyers and a couple of outspoken half assed politicians in the headlines.

Please, why don’t we have a minutes silence for every poor sod that has become addicted to the crap he has been smuggling and died?

Ask yourself, how many people smuggle drugs and get caught the first time? Not too msny…

bingobango 10:12 pm 29 Nov 05

I wonder if those opposing this particular persons death would be different if it weren’t death by hanging? Like I wonder if people would be less outraged if say the penalty was death by lethal injection instead?

Spot the wog 9:47 pm 29 Nov 05

The only silence will be the anticipation of the ball being thrown to the batsmam waiting at the crease.

Kill the plik… sorry prick and he’ll be flogotten in a month.

I’d like to know the policy of the current
erected… sorry elected government on this issue.
The executioner looks like a pretty happy guy, all he’ll have to do is say “tak” as it were and he pulls the rever.. sorry lever.

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