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*sigh* Yes, Piers Akerman is a prick too (in my opinion)

By johnboy - 9 March 2007 50

OK, we keep getting emailled about it and getting story submissions so here it is.

Piers Akerman in the Daily Telegraph yesterday had a sly bit of Canberra bashing based on the fact that Jon Stanhope was able to get re-elected here.

Piers’ litany of Our Brave Leader’s faults is by no means enyclopedic, and will not surprise any regular readers here, but the thrust of his argument is blunted his failure to examine the alternatives which the unhappy voters of Canberra were presented with.

It would almost be worth another four years of a Stanhope Government just to annoy Piers Akerman.

Almost, but not quite. Frankly I think a Stefaniak government would be beyond diabolical, but we can only hope that a strong vote for independents and minor parties will give us the accountability and transparency that we have so badly lacked, from whomever emerges from next year’s election claiming a mandate to inflict their narrow agenda onto us all.

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
*sigh* Yes, Piers Akerman is a prick too (in my opinion)
louise 2:35 pm 09 Mar 07

…a Stefaniak government would be beyond diabolical

That’s the old ‘Liberal would be worse’ routine. But could anyone be worse than this bunch? The schools are already closed, Canberra already burned (with 4 dead), the Grassby statue will already be up, the libraries already run into the ground, sick people already will have paid to park at the hospital at 9pm, the nature reserve already bulldozed for a GDE, ‘future development’ sites likely to be already developed to fund an election budget… and don’t even get me started on house prices.

Just tell me how they could be worse. Disorganised, granted. Worse?

What did the Libs do last time? Demolished a hospital (1 dead), sold off too much old public housing stoock, tried to imitate grass with green paint, and otherwise stuffed up Bruce stadium.

Both sides have equally stuffed up health, mental health, disabiity services, crisis housing and all those other ‘soft’ issues (even if ALP spent more money to do it).

I am sure someone will add to the ‘bad’ lists for both sides (to my embarrassment, I have voted for both at various times, and I always regret it after a term or two).

whoever you vote for, you get a politician

Bring on the independents.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with 2:26 pm 09 Mar 07

The secreat is to live just outside of Canberra, like me. That way I can participate in discussion, but when people bag Canberra, well, I basically don’t give a crap.

That said, Canberra is not even remotely representative of the rest of Australia, and has a larger than average number of do-gooder, left-wing tossers who wouldn’t know the real world if it ran them over on Northbourne.

Ralph 2:16 pm 09 Mar 07

Agree with everything Piers says.

This place is overloaded with left-wing ideologues. At least one thing is that them all being here means the rest of Australia doesn’t have to put up with them.

kiwi61 2:13 pm 09 Mar 07

Well Sammy….. I would say he’s seeing it a lot like the rest of us are.

teddy bear 2:13 pm 09 Mar 07

Plenty of material for Ackerman to work with. An article in today’s Sydney Morning Herald “Mackay family slams Grassby statue plan” is sure to make Canberra more of a laughing stock. Hargreaves, Stanhope and Corbell are all showing up as arrogant, inflexible and insensitive egomaniacs. No wonder people think we are aliens down here when we elect politicians like them (not to mention many politicians on the other side of the fence in previous years. Self government is a cross too hard to bear.

Sammy 2:12 pm 09 Mar 07

At least Piers tells it like it is

No, Piers tells it like he sees it.

kiwi61 2:09 pm 09 Mar 07

At least Piers tells it like it is.
Stefaniak would at least cater to all Canberrans, not just a select few.
And don’t you have somewhere else to be Pandy.

Slinky the Shocker 2:02 pm 09 Mar 07

I mean, who the hell cares about what a former Maoist turned VP of Fox News turned tabloid columnist says.

terubo 1:55 pm 09 Mar 07

Standard Piers – good entertainment value but intellectually bereft. Ditto his appearances on ABC’s “Insiders”.

Thumper 1:46 pm 09 Mar 07

Piers was on the money with the Stanhope angle, but his general Canberra bashing was unwarranted.

After all, look who their premier is…

morgan 1:41 pm 09 Mar 07

having moved here from sydney, one thing that has surprised me is how strong the canberra cringe is… how reactive and feral people are when an “outsider” knocks canberra

DarkLadyWolfMother 1:33 pm 09 Mar 07

But wait: NSW voters keep on voting Labor! Doh!

I notice people keep voting for politicians. Idiots.

Pandy 1:30 pm 09 Mar 07

But wait: NSW voters keep on voting Labor! Doh!

barking toad 1:30 pm 09 Mar 07

I managed to endure Pier’s slurs on us Canberrans by enjoying the bashing he gave our sobbing mayor.

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 1:25 pm 09 Mar 07

Piers’ peice was actually quite good in my opinion, and his discussion with Mike Jeffreys on 2CC this morning likewise…but alas I’m wasting my breath and turning myself into flamebait by defending him here.

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