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*sigh* Yes, Piers Akerman is a prick too (in my opinion)

By johnboy 9 March 2007 50

OK, we keep getting emailled about it and getting story submissions so here it is.

Piers Akerman in the Daily Telegraph yesterday had a sly bit of Canberra bashing based on the fact that Jon Stanhope was able to get re-elected here.

Piers’ litany of Our Brave Leader’s faults is by no means enyclopedic, and will not surprise any regular readers here, but the thrust of his argument is blunted his failure to examine the alternatives which the unhappy voters of Canberra were presented with.

It would almost be worth another four years of a Stanhope Government just to annoy Piers Akerman.

Almost, but not quite. Frankly I think a Stefaniak government would be beyond diabolical, but we can only hope that a strong vote for independents and minor parties will give us the accountability and transparency that we have so badly lacked, from whomever emerges from next year’s election claiming a mandate to inflict their narrow agenda onto us all.

What’s Your opinion?

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50 Responses to
*sigh* Yes, Piers Akerman is a prick too (in my opinion)
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seepi 5:42 pm 12 Mar 07

I’ve been thinking of ‘good’ things the govt has done for a few days (took me a while) and I have throught of some:

– Party in the Park
– Housing energy assessments and rebate
– Indoor water tune up
– Outdoor water tune up
– Rebate for removing wood heaters.

AND – good idea – done in a slapdash way:

– Recycling bins in Glebe Park
– Bike Racks on Busses
– Bike Paths on roads

bigred 9:05 pm 11 Mar 07

Isn’t he the journo Paul Vautin called “fatso” at an early Superleague news conference?

KaneO 8:09 am 11 Mar 07

I quite like it when Canberra gets a bashing in the media.
It means less idiots come here.

teddy bear 10:49 pm 10 Mar 07

Can’t comment. I don’t read Akerman.

HA 4:55 pm 10 Mar 07

Piers Akerman is Little Johnny’s mouthpiece. Simple as that. The DTele has tried to entice CTimes readers to its fold with Malcolm Farr their press gallery bureau chief writing vitriol several months ago. It didn’t work. Bag Canberra is not my idea of a circulation winner. Piers Akerman is a coked-out wasted editor who writes a column to get the rest of us fired up.

Ingeegoodbee 1:15 pm 10 Mar 07

It’s generally pretty easy to spot an absolute ****ing idiot – they’re the ones with posts that contain some derogatory reference to “the real world” as if it were in fact possible to exist outside of that, as if the views of the people here were somehow so out of step with the views of people somewhere else or that there was some other suite of circumstances prevailing that set Canberrans so far outside the scope of normal experience that, in the venn diagram of life, they could not be considered to belong to that set of items that constituted the “real world” – time for a cold shower / bex and a lie down people.

Ackerman is paid good money to produce copy for people who wouldn’t know better. Recognising the pathetic nature of the local press here, the Telegraph has been trying to crack this market for some time – given that this little cat-tray liner is notoriously conservative it would come as no shock that they would seek to run a line attacking Stanhope’s government.

johnboy 8:47 am 10 Mar 07

And hooray! Our story about his story gets as many comments as his story, and ours aren’t filled with crypto-racist scum!

louise 11:41 pm 09 Mar 07


Good list:
our over-the-top average income!
al fresco cafes
convention centre
more nature reserve
bruce stadium (and olympics)
V8 races
Stromlo Forest Park
Piers Ackerman doesn’t live here

Bad list:
teachers’ pay
futsal slab
convention centre (I know it’s in both lists)
green paint for grass
school closures
land prices
hospital pay parking
hospital implosion
2003 fires (after the 2001 fires)
Griffith Library (with more to follow)
Grassby statue
pink bits on the Canberra Plan (remember those?)
GDE (single lane to a sad and dysfunctional spaghetti junction)

jellen 8:06 pm 09 Mar 07

Canberra – the only part of Australia with sufficient sense to vote for a republic. The rest of Australia – happy to have their opinions fashioned for them by the likes of Piers and the parrot.

GnT 5:21 pm 09 Mar 07

Bad list: Giving teachers the shaft and refusing to pay them what they’re worth.

Unfortunately, I can’t see the liberal party treating this issue any better.

I’ll be voting independent/minor parties for sure, but you have to put one major party ahead of the other. I haven’t decided yet …

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