Simon promises more infill as he releases the planning strategy

johnboy 30 August 2012 9

Simon Corbell has announced the release of the ACT Planning Strategy, a roadmap for the next 20 years of development in the ACT assuming pesky things like democracy don’t get in the way.

The ACT Government will focus on more development in and around group and town centres so more Canberrans can live close to transport corridors and their places of work, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, said today.

Mr Corbell today released the final ACT Planning Strategy which outlines Canberra’s strategic planning direction for the next two decades.

“Canberra is a growing city, and this important document provides a vision for how Canberra can grow in a sustainable way and how people can settle closer to centres which provide employment, commercial and social opportunities,” Mr Corbell said.

“The Labor Government believes that residential and commercial development should occur where people can easily move around without a reliance on a car, for example on major transport corridors like Northbourne Avenue and Adelaide Avenue.

“The Government is currently investigating the feasibility of a rapid transit project between Gungahlin and the City and the ACT Planning Strategy is closely linked to this work to ensure future development plans take into account proximity to public transport.”

Some of the key actions included in the ACT Planning Strategy are a focus on development on key transport corridors; better integration of transport networks across the city; more variety in sustainable housing stock and public open space for all Canberrans to enjoy.

It is projected Canberra will need around 45,000 more dwellings by 2030 and that approximately 75,000 people will be over the age of 65.

I really think he needs to sit down with us and map it out with lego.

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9 Responses to Simon promises more infill as he releases the planning strategy
poetix poetix 10:29 pm 02 Sep 12

Ah, if only he had built the wondrous benefits of the Strategy in Lego…

yellowsnow yellowsnow 11:14 pm 30 Aug 12

Deref said :

Gungahlins for everyone!

+1 (or should that be -1)

Sad day indeed. It’s like you can’t escape crappy development anymore, not even by living in established suburbs.

As for Simon’s push to move more people next to good public transport, wouldn’t a more logical solution to weaning the people off car addiction give better public transport to the people? It would be way cheaper to roll out more efficient, more direct and more frequent services to places like Weston (from which you can’t even catch a direct bus to the city – even though it takes 12mins or less to drive there, and approx 30mins to cycle – yes, riding a bike at 22kmh is faster than catching the two buses it currently takes to get there!) than it would to develop the Adelaide Ave corridor and expect all the people who don’t want to be car reliant move there. The only people who’d win under this scenario are developers, and the lazy ACTION planners who think their existing network is perfect and resist all efforts to modernise it.

aussielyn aussielyn 11:14 pm 30 Aug 12

The bush capital is turning into the capital the capital of the bush. All future developments will be exemplary and vibrant! Now German cities want to be copied.
The precedent of Gungahlin Garden suburb will be repeated in new greenfield developments. Squeezing as many blocks as possible, more 200m2 blocks, to maximise yield There will be minimal landscaping on individual blocks and only low maintenance landscaping in public open space. No wonder 50% of people buying suburban blocks in Googong are from Canberra.
It does appear that carparking provisions for multi-unit developments are going to change so the Property Council should be happy. The trend now of using the streets will continue as this is a cheap option. Tradies will have to swap their utes & 4WDs for pushbikes.
The ACT budget is so dependent on real estate on wonders what will happen when the Abbot razor starts cutting the federal public sector.

Deref Deref 9:28 pm 30 Aug 12

EvanJames said :

And as always, rapid population growth is projected as good, and unquestionable. Everyone gets to pay, quality of life goes down, but few people question it.

From the point of view of a wholly-owned subsidiary of the building industry (i.e. the grubbyment), of course it looks good!

Gungahlins for everyone!

Dacquiri Dacquiri 8:24 pm 30 Aug 12

Lots of documents, big downloads, full colour photos, etc. I’ve sent an online feedback to ACTPLA noting that many Govt agencies now provide documents in smaller downloads and in printer-friendly format. Both EDD and ESD need to get with the program, unless this is (she said, cynically) part of the overall strategy to appear to be providing info without doing it very well…Also noticed that, as we suspected (sorry, cynicism slipped out again) the meticulously orchestrated ‘Canberra 2030 Time to Talk’ is being used as the excuse (sorry, I meant ‘foundation’) for doing what the Govt has always wanted to do anyway. … And, while I realise that the ”v” word is getting used a lot in current trendy planningspeak, are parks really supposed to be ‘vibrant’?

molongloid molongloid 8:06 pm 30 Aug 12

How about a rezone? RZ1 becomes RZ2, RZ2 becomes RZ3, etc. At least within 3km of centres and corridors.

gazket gazket 5:21 pm 30 Aug 12

you are a d**khead Simon. The fact that Gungahlin is full of small single lane arterial roads would be the reason traffic is backed up like blocked sewer and make a rapid transit project impossible.

Observing Observing 5:03 pm 30 Aug 12

So in 9 year’s time, Tuggeranong will be over run with oldies and according to page 24, ACT households will represent between 110% to 180% of all households (depending how you try to interpret that mangled graph)?

Can’t wait for the sudden dramatic change of Tuggie Thuggies to Tuggie Wrinklies.

Also love the creation of a new way of presenting numbers on page 22. There are 69,40 jobs in Gunghalin. Using the European decimal standard, that would translat to 69.4 jobs in Gunghalin.

EvanJames EvanJames 3:37 pm 30 Aug 12

And as always, rapid population growth is projected as good, and unquestionable. Everyone gets to pay, quality of life goes down, but few people question it.

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