‘Six again’: the refereeing blunder that cost the Raiders

Tim Gavel 7 October 2019 57
The 'six again' moment

This match may be remembered as the “six again” grand final. Photo: Screen grab (Nine).

Raiders players and fans have every right to feel gutted in the wake of the Grand Final loss.

Sitting in the crowd you could almost feel the air go out of the balloon as the referee made that crucial decision on the controversial ‘six again’ ruling.

Hours after the game, the conversations on the train and in restaurants were all about the six again ruling. It cast a pall over the game when the focus should have been on the performance of two teams who had just fought an epic grand final.

It was effectively the turning point with the Roosters responding with a James Tedesco try. It was hard to take and bewildering at the time.

To suggest conspiracy theories is nonsense. People make mistakes and that is part of life, it is part of the game. Vitriol isn’t going to change the result. As the saying goes, you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

Hopefully, the experience will make the players stronger. The players, in the main, were responsible for the direction of the game (give or take an interesting referee decision or two).

For most of the game, the players were brilliant, but the odd incorrect play the ball, a decision not to pass with a man unmarked on the line, can make all the difference. This goes for both teams as it was a torrid and very even grand final.

In the crowd, though, there was enormous pride in the performance of the Raiders.

They went in as rank underdogs and went within one play of winning the premiership. It was one of the great grand finals.

There was plenty of emotion among the supporter group. And there was a sense of community as you walked the streets of Sydney with anybody dressed in green seen as a fellow traveler.

There was also a sense of pride in the announcement that Sia Soliola had won the Ken Stephen Medal for his community work with the homeless and disadvantaged in Canberra, and when Jack Wighton was named as the Churchill Medallist as the player of the Grand Final.

There is so much to like about what the team has done on and off the field this year. It would be disappointing if the season is remembered for a single refereeing decision, crucial though it was.

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57 Responses to ‘Six again’: the refereeing blunder that cost the Raiders
Paul Kneeshaw Paul Kneeshaw 10:52 pm 08 Oct 19

It’s up to the fans to rise above that decision. Raiders fans have every reason to be disappointed and upset but at the end of the day they had their chances to ice the game but couldn’t, the match didn’t come down to that play. The Roosters repelled wave after wave of lime green attack, pulled themselves off the canvas and produced a piece of magic out of nowhere and won the game not the refs. The Raiders had a great season and played an awesome grand final! 2019 was sensational and 2020 looks even brighter, focus on that.

Dave Borg Dave Borg 10:51 pm 07 Oct 19

I thought he was just waving to Mr Politis saying don’t worry Nick we got this 😂😂😂😂😂

Shane Worthington Shane Worthington 10:16 pm 07 Oct 19

23 hours of sooking left. After 48 hours it becomes sour grapes!!!

Jay Annabel Jay Annabel 7:56 pm 07 Oct 19

how raiders fans would have felt last night

Neil Brown Neil Brown 6:23 pm 07 Oct 19

Referee says it wasn’t 6 again he was just cheering for his team!!

David Brown David Brown 5:34 pm 07 Oct 19

Six again 😥😥😥😥😥😥

Tony Crowe Tony Crowe 1:35 pm 07 Oct 19

Great story. Raiders are a champion team

Colin McIntyre Colin McIntyre 1:15 pm 07 Oct 19

Good story Tim👍 congratulations to the Raiders on a superb year👍

AbbDon Helen AbbDon Helen 12:43 pm 07 Oct 19

Congratulations to the Raiders, especially Ricky Stuart and Jarrod Croker, for displaying such a high level of professionalism and sportsmanship in dealing with this ... a team of winners

Michael Doherty Michael Doherty 12:40 pm 07 Oct 19

I believe the loss will make the Raiders players hungry to get there again next year.

Paul Ellis Paul Ellis 12:20 pm 07 Oct 19

Considering all of the Experts were picking the Roosters to steam roll the Raiders. The Green Machine were coming home strong.

William William William William 12:19 pm 07 Oct 19

Fake scores both tries and ? Good one was sent too the Bin more should of been but over all was a close game

Gerard Dwyer Gerard Dwyer 12:05 pm 07 Oct 19

We can hold our heads high.

Tim Loader Tim Loader 12:00 pm 07 Oct 19

How about we just focus on the awesome effort from the boys, who could use some positive support after a massive game 👍

Shane Jasprizza Shane Jasprizza 11:04 am 07 Oct 19

Raiders couldn’t score against 12 Roosters. The better team won.

Amanda Brown Amanda Brown 10:55 am 07 Oct 19

What do we actually want the refs to do in this situation? They made an incorrect call, which they then corrected, which is now incorrect?

Maybe we shouldn’t have on field refs anymore and we should stop play and go to the video ref, watch and analyse 300 times at 300 angles and then make the decision.

Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.....

    Annie Mills Annie Mills 11:02 am 07 Oct 19

    Chris Cross exactly what I just said on a different post. Would have been a fairer outcome whether we scored or not. But to ignore that the call was made in the first place is just wrong

    Darren Sault Darren Sault 11:11 am 07 Oct 19

    Amanda Brown clearly they didn’t communicate to the players the change in decision. If Wighton has heard “no - last tackle” or something similar, he wouldn’t have gone to ground with the ball and rolled it in for another set of 6, or passed to someone to slot a field goal and get the ball back with 7.5 minutes left.

    The officials committed the cardinal sin - they made the talk after the game all about them instead of about the game. If nobody notices or talks about the officiating after a game - then it’s been a good game. And to fail to do so in the biggest game of the year is a big sin......

    Jimmy McGilvray Jimmy McGilvray 12:00 pm 07 Oct 19

    Darren - listen to the audio - the ref yells last tackle about 5 times, several of the raiders played obviously heard it (including the bloke who offloads it to Wighton) but obviously Wighton didn’t.

    Chris Mac Chris Mac 2:23 pm 07 Oct 19

    Amanda Brown, unless there was foul play, and there wasn’t in the six again call, Cummins broke RL Rules by changing his decision. Rule is as follows:

    Rugby league rules of the game, section 16.9:

    “The Referee judges on matters of fact and shall not subsequently alter those judgments. He may cancel any decision made if prior foul play of which he had no knowledge is reported to him by the touch judge”.

Joachim Semmler Joachim Semmler 10:46 am 07 Oct 19

Couldn't be more proud of being a Canberran today, thank you Raiders!

Craig Rogerson Craig Rogerson 10:46 am 07 Oct 19

Had there chances

Rob Chalmers Rob Chalmers 10:32 am 07 Oct 19

It should also be remembered for that rubbish decision where the ball hit the runner and the Roosters were given the scrum feed.

    Marc Edwards Marc Edwards 10:43 am 07 Oct 19

    Rob Chalmers that’s because that’s the rule. Rule 8.1 states that if the ball hits a trainer it shall be the same as a ref. The ball clearly came off a raider and into the trainer.thats automatically a Roosters feed.

    Rob Chalmers Rob Chalmers 10:46 am 07 Oct 19

    Marc Edwards That rule is clearly rubbish as it was a Roosters trainer and Raiders should have been awarded 3 penalty tries.

    Paul Greenwood Paul Greenwood 12:16 pm 07 Oct 19

    Marc Edwards rule states that the attacking team get the ball it was a charge down therefore it put the raiders into an attacking position. Raiders should therefore have fed the scrum!!

    Scott Peters Scott Peters 1:18 pm 07 Oct 19

    Penalty Roosters for Soliola taking out Kearys legs after the kick. Illegal play = penalty and some games has been sin bin worthy. Stupid rule re hitting trainers the feed should go to the non-offending team. But Keary was taken out and player safety comes first. again penalty Roosters which would have seen them all over the Raiders line.

    Louis Sotiropoulos Louis Sotiropoulos 5:34 pm 07 Oct 19

    Marc Edwards I guess the refs forgot about rule 16.9

    Paul Greenwood Paul Greenwood 8:45 pm 07 Oct 19

    Scott Peters it’s ok mate you got your win! Very hollow but you got it well done! 😩

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