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Skippy slaughter kicks off tomorrow

By johnboy 2 June 2011 63

Territory And Municipal Services are warning parts of the Canberra Nature Park will be closed as the lights are turned out for hundreds of the overly populous eastern grey kangaroo.

The ACT Government wishes to advise residents that areas within Canberra Nature Park will be closed from 6 pm Friday 3 June 2011 to 6 pm Thursday 30 June 2011.

The sites to be closed are Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve, Goorooyaroo Nature Reserve, Mount Painter Nature Reserve, Callam Brae Nature Reserve, Jerrabomberra West Nature Reserve and Kama Nature Reserve. Unleased territory land adjacent to Kama Nature Reserve will also be closed.

The closures are in the interest of public safety while a kangaroo cull takes place. The purpose of the cull is to reduce the number of kangaroos to environmentally sustainable levels so that the biodiversity characteristics of these important reserves is maintained. The numbers to be culled have been based on kangaroo counts in each location.

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Skippy slaughter kicks off tomorrow
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getreal 8:19 pm 03 Jun 11

Oh the comical rants of the kangaroo rights movement, how I have missed them. If I could make a couple of points. Firstly the RSPCA supports the cull not because they are part of some giant conspiracy rather have the ability to look at the issue logically and dispassionately. I will come back to the conspiracy shortly. Secondly 75% of everything has E.coli and salmonella in it. It’s the strain of the bug that makes it pathogenic not the bug itself. Kangaroo meat is statistically is clearer than, chicken, beef, pork and lamb. Thirdly what happens in every other states is millions of kangaroos are culled each year for damage mitigation, tourists boycotting the ACT huh. Also there is a big difference between culling an overabundant species and whaling. Fourthly the ACT is surrounded by commercial culling zones, you cannot tell me there is a good reason an animal shot near Majura cannot be processed for meat but an animal shot in Sutton can.

Back to the conspiracy and the ACT Government, conservation groups, RSPCA, scientists and every one else hating kangaroos, why would this be so? Did a kangaroo steal the cars of these people or break into their houses, perhaps kangaroos sold drugs to their children. I know, maybe the wombats are slipping these people brown paper bags to go after kangaroos so there is less competition for grass. Why would all these people focus this hatred on one species but none others?? Maybee these people and groups are right about the impacts of kangaroos and care about other things that may not be cute.

Oh to the red neck who shots roos with his bow. You are as much of the problem as the “greenies”, (who by the way are not greenies – kangaroo rights people only care about cute animals, they could not give a stuff about the environment). There is a standard applied to this activity, stick to it. That is unless you have a reason why you cannot obtain a firearm, I don’t know like some sort of condition.

The_Bulldog 1:31 pm 03 Jun 11

qbngeek – I believe we aren’t allowed to be taking ‘roos with a bow, and not for any other purpose than approved culling (with tags, minimum cal .222), or for licenced commerical purposes (again, minimum cal .222). Be careful making broad statements such as you have – and if you are indeed taking ‘roos with your bow on public or private land do some research on it before you next head out. I’m not getting into the rhetoric about wheter we have enough ‘roos to make this sustainable, or the mechanics of how effective a well placed arrow with a good quality broad-head is, but the rules are the rules and if we don’t abide by them we make it harder to participate in our chosen pastimes and attract much unwanted attention from the good folks who don’t understand why we do what we do (and they are predominatly good folks – we just don’t agree on some issues).

Besides – the skill level required to “stalk” a ‘roo is hardly comparable to a deer, and if you need to get the animal hung and butchered for you you’re not really harvesting your own meat – so you’re not really impressing anyone by alluding to your finley honed man-skills.

Watson 12:28 pm 03 Jun 11

fgzk said :

qbngeek you have such traditional 1800s values. There was a time in “Canberra” when shooting Kangaroos led to conflict, displacement, starvation and disease. Not so long ago, in the scheme of things.

Woah, you should use those recreational drugs in moderation, man!

Are you insinuating that the colonisation and displacement of the Indigenous community revolved around shooting kangaroos? Or did I just have too much coffee?

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