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Beyond the expected

Snowtown to beat DFO by default?

By bd84 - 18 August 2010 60

[First filed: Aug 17, 2010 @ 9:24]


The smh brings us word that the DFO empire is on the brink of collapsing in debt which could also mean the end of the half empty Fyshwick site.

Banks are likely to appoint receivers Korda Mentha as early as today to South Wharf Retail, which owns South Wharf DFO in Melbourne.

The collapse threatens to drag down seven other DFO stores, including the Homebush store, and a developer, Austexx. The stores and Austexx have guaranteed SouthWharf Retail’s debts.

Mr Snow must be rubbing his hands together with glee in his airport headquarters at the possibility of his Brand Depot winning by default.

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60 Responses to
Snowtown to beat DFO by default?
goose 2:48 pm 17 Aug 10

I agree with Bronto. Bring IKEA to Canberra.

Holden Caulfield 2:37 pm 17 Aug 10

Bronto said :

Surprise, surprise. If you ask me, both DFO and Brand Depot are rubbish. I have found much better clothes and bargains in europe and Asia…

I’m sure that’s a big help to the local community, haha.

I don’t mind DFO, it’s not perfect by any means, but I’ve managed to find some good stuff there at various times since it opened.

Bronto 2:01 pm 17 Aug 10

Surprise, surprise. If you ask me, both DFO and Brand Depot are rubbish. I have found much better clothes and bargains in europe and Asia. We must get the left over rubbish clothing in this country and it’s mainly for teenagers.

Replace it with a fantastic, quality store like Ikea that Canberran’s desperately want here instead of driving to Sydney.

The cat did it 1:47 pm 17 Aug 10

I should have added that the problem seems due to Austexx’s (parent of DFO) exposure to the disastrous $1 bn South Wharf project in Melbourne. DFO Canberra may well be trading comfortably. Could be an attractive target for Westfield, subject to any competition laws.

The cat did it 1:36 pm 17 Aug 10

As troll-sniffer says, it’s more likely that someone would purchase the assets for a more reasonable price. At least DFO has customers in it; must be a lonely job being a ‘sales consultant’ at Brand Depot.

The Brand Depot building is actually constructed as a an airfreight terminal. The miserable retail tenants are only there until Mr Snow finds an airfreight deal that pays better than they do (round-the-clock flights anyone?).

Selling off natural monopolies like airports- another piece of short-term opportunism with costly long-term ramifications that we can thank John Howard for.

Gungahlin Al 12:28 pm 17 Aug 10

Would take a LOT more that this to turn a corner for Bland Depot. Even Defence moving 1500 people into the empty buildings won’t really change things.

Furry Jesus 12:18 pm 17 Aug 10

where will I get my Rivers specials?

harvyk1 11:46 am 17 Aug 10

“the two sweetest words in the english language: de-fault! de-fault! de-fault!”

georgesgenitals 11:06 am 17 Aug 10

Like most shopping centres, there’s a few shops that have what I want for not much $$, and a lot of places I just walk right past. Overall, it would be better if it had a free kids playground like Brand Depot.

grunge_hippy 10:40 am 17 Aug 10

brand depot is surely headed for the same fate? I used to go there twice a week for fitmums (the only business thriving there, along with lollipops after!) and it is like a ghost town. the foot court gets a few regulars from airport workers but thats about it.

What I want to know is, where will the kiddies get their smiggle fix from if DFO shuts????!?!

Captain RAAF 10:29 am 17 Aug 10

Does anyone remember the Brand Depot ads (brand deppo, Brand DeppOoOo) where they had people holding up their designer goods stating “I got this for $20, normally I’d pay $50,000” or something like that? I always had a chuckle because if you look in the background at the masses of other shoppers you might actually see two, maybe three people!!

The place is a tomb.

JessP 10:13 am 17 Aug 10

Or a win for the 15 year olds who are the only ones to shop in that place!!

sirocco 9:56 am 17 Aug 10

A win for Brand Depot is a win for no one with any sense of fashion

JessP 9:55 am 17 Aug 10

Lets hope Troll-sniffer. Snowtown is woeful by comparison.

troll-sniffer 9:48 am 17 Aug 10

Possible that Terry would benefit but it’s more likely that someone else will step up to the plate and pick up the assets at a more sustainable price. I doubt there will be much disruption to the DFO trading environment that Joe Public will see.

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