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Snowtown über alles

By Skidbladnir - 28 August 2009 27

Canberra Airport’s vision of a 24 hour freight hub has been greenlit by the Federal Infrastructure Minister Mr Carmel Tebbutt, Member for Marrickville Mr Anthony Albanese, Member for Grayndler.
Sydney’s second airport, here we come.

Despite Village Building Company (owners of the now potentially doomed Tralee proposal) filing 155 page submission on the 2009 Draft Master Plan, and many more by other less significant interests, apparently nothing can stop Snowtown.

What’s Your opinion?

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27 Responses to
Snowtown über alles
shauno 5:28 pm 29 Aug 09

If it effects you that much you cant get rockwool insulation pumped into the wall cavity and in the roof above your bedroom and get double glazing on the windows. To save money just do this in the bedroom and it will have a double benefit of saving on your power bills to.

Fluges 12:27 pm 29 Aug 09

I live to the north of Canberra and the first flight in the mornings is my alarm clock. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like with them flying overhead all through the night.

Bundybear 11:34 am 29 Aug 09

I’ve been around for a while now, and I still haven’t quite got my head around this. How come Snow seems to get whatever he wants regardless of how it impacts the rest of the universe? Can anyone seriously mount an argument for Canberra becoming a freight hub for Sydney and picking up a service that Sydney won’t allow? What does one need to do to get that sort of power?

sepi 10:47 am 29 Aug 09

CT today suggests Canberra airport could get busier than Sydney – definitely overnight, seeing as they have a curfew so we’d be getting all overnight traffic for NSW.
The snows have previously committed to rebuilding hte entire airport facilities to accomodate increased planes.

This decision was inevitable when it came down to a few concerned residents vs the Minister for Sydney airport, looking to offload some aircraft noise.

Where was our government in all this protecting our rights?

harvyk1 8:57 am 29 Aug 09

People chose to live near an airport, or under a flight path. Given the airport was in the plan from a very early stage in the development of Canberra I can hold no sympathy for anyone who lives close by.

Have planes gotten louder, yes and no. As flag_elation_fanatic points out canberra airport used to have B727’s flying into it, a plane which is no longer allowed to operate in europe because of the noise. So in reality the airport is getting quiter.

Furthermore, for an airport of canberra’s size, there is only so many planes which can land before the issue of physical space comes into play. Remember it only has one runway capable of landing anything of a decent size, one small terminal parking space, and no real freight handling facility (at this stage).

I don’t know how much freight SYD currently gets, but I can’t see mac airports giving that up any time soon without a big fight on his hands. Furthermore with the limited amount of passanger flights, coupled with the fact that there is only one flight per day which can really take freight (qantas’s daily B767 service to melbourne, B737’s and smaller are not really suited to taking fright, given the lack of ability to take pallets) elsewhere in aus if it’s not for canberra, I really don’t see this becoming a reality.

JC 3:43 am 29 Aug 09

2620watcher said :

This will allow for Brand Depot to shut down gracefully and turn itself into a freight depot. Perfect to receive and dispatch freight to and from Sydney via an upgraded Majura Ave.

It is what it should have been all along. Don’t see it happening though.

shauno 1:49 am 29 Aug 09

I agree with the above comment the noise is minimal and as for the comment about penthouses on Lake Burley Griffin most of them have double glazing so you cant here a thing lol.

flag_elation_fanatic 10:01 pm 28 Aug 09

For those of us who grew up in Hackett in the halcyon days of 727s and DC9s the sight of the Hackett-based anti-aircraft noise rabble brings a wry smile to the dial. These days if you concentrate really hard and are determined to be upset by the distant noise of climbing 737s, you can be. But it takes effort, and for the vast majority of inner north residents the supposed impact of the aircraft is minimal and is easily ignored. In the 60s and 70s, it was real noise, not like the namby pamby efforts of today’s high bypass engines. For a good two minutes back then it was difficult to hear a normal TV or radio, and even speaking on the phone was often affected. And if you were outside the noise was invasive for up to a full five minutes, meaning the aircraft was probably over Gundaroo before it could no longer be clearly heard.

So, my new wave of Hackett whingers, perhaps you need to take a step back from your absurd posturing and just get on with life and stop leaning out the windows in the hope of being agitated and annoyed by the benign distant rumbles of departing aircraft.

tommy 9:53 pm 28 Aug 09

I think the ball is now in the state/territory and federal politicians arena. It’ll be a lovely political football for them for the next 50 years.

I think once people realise that Tralee isn’t the actual issue, it’s the existing residential areas of Canberra and Queanbeyan – eg I reckon it’ll be those lovely penthouses on Lake Burley Griffin hearing the freight jets all night.

Once the car traffic dies down at night – you can hear a long way, all the way to the airport.

Digga 8:51 pm 28 Aug 09

What’s that song by The Supremes, playing on the Snows’ radio? Oh yes, “There’s No Stopping Us Now”…

bd84 8:29 pm 28 Aug 09

Common sense prevails. Though the document is only a plan, I’m sure there will be plenty of NOMBYS (as referred to above) will be rounding up the masses (or lack there of) for their campaign. Someone always needs to start whinging before something actually happens.

housebound 7:40 pm 28 Aug 09

Now the Curfew4Canberra people can really get going. If the noise is as bad as claimed, they’ll go from being a small group of NOMBYs (not over my backyard) to something more to be reckoned wth. Of course, that assumes the federal government even cares about the amenity of Act residents.

(Hmmm, it seems the moderators like your version of this better than mine – probably because you bothered to fnd those extra links.)

Granny 7:20 pm 28 Aug 09

Well, that sucks.

2620watcher 7:18 pm 28 Aug 09

This will allow for Brand Depot to shut down gracefully and turn itself into a freight depot. Perfect to receive and dispatch freight to and from Sydney via an upgraded Majura Ave.

Spam Box 7:03 pm 28 Aug 09

“Sydney’s second airport, here we come.”


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