So what’s your favourite… Cafe?

johnboy 4 April 2007 80

Once again we turn to the RiotACT hive-mind to pass judgment.

Today the subject is cafes, which one in Canberra is your favourite? And why?

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80 Responses to So what’s your favourite… Cafe?
Maelinar Maelinar 7:46 am 16 Apr 07

Lesbian is a noun that is neither discriminatory, nor offensive. It is appropriate to use as a descriptor.

Coffee in Canberra for me has been a hit and miss affair, more usually in the miss category. The only place I’ve found that does a regularly consistent quality coffee is the delicatessen in Belco Mall. It can get quite cramped when all cylinders are firing though, so picking the moment to go is quite important too.

simbo simbo 6:32 pm 15 Apr 07

For the loopy tit-brains who occasionally frequent this site – apparently, quite a lot.

AnuStudent AnuStudent 7:26 am 15 Apr 07

THE FRONT GALLERY/CAFE – the staff are wonderful, the coffee is great and they have wireless.

TILLY’s is a go-er if the above isn’t open (strange hours) – the staff are lovely! I’ve never had a problem at all!! Sure, it gets really packed on Sundays, but such is life!

All the comments referring to ‘lesbians’ are both discriminatory and offensive – what does the sexual orientation of the staff matter with regard to anything?

Special G Special G 2:37 pm 14 Apr 07

I have been to the Belco markets twice in the last couple of days and had coffee at the Organic grocer. Great coffee and service each time. As a bonus some really nice couches inside to sit on.

spin462002 spin462002 11:23 am 14 Apr 07

Dunno what it’s called but it’s in the middle of a courtyard at Gorman House Markets on Saturdays. Friendly people, excellent coffee, beautiful Hawthorn tree to sit under. On a sunny autumn day it’s blissful.

Gloria Jean’s at the Belco Mall is reliably friendly service, coffee how you like it (if you ask for it) and The Tullys play there every off pay week Sunday from 12 till 1.30. Live music and coffee in the Mall, who would’ve believed it. Long overdue.

Special G Special G 10:04 am 14 Apr 07

After Jazz and Moneypenny built the monster deck out the front of their place I was waiting for the cafe to open there. Alas they moved onto other plans.

Cafe G – best coffee in Canberra. Made with a smile and some home cooked goodies if you are nice to my wife.

Great coffee at the ADFA and Duntroon cafe’s.

B-enticed has been good every time I have been there. Do a good take away as well.

blingblingbears blingblingbears 3:14 pm 13 Apr 07

Tosolini’s = TOSSERlini’s

always crap and slow service

belle belle 1:31 pm 13 Apr 07

i am really sorry that so many people seem to have a problem with tilleys and our service. true, some of us are sullen/exhusted/hungover/studying, some of us are not and consistantly try to make a good exchange during service. this happens everywhere. as for those who dont like ordering at the bar, well, thats just the way it is and if you dont like it why do you come? for the ambience? for the booths? dare i say it, for the coffee? you must come for a reason.
and the doggy people come and are allowed like everyone else because its a comfortable place to sit for hours with your (requestedly) too-hot latte, and it always been like that. if you want trends go to figgin manuka and dont piss me off. service people dont deserve to be treated like slaves because you pay $3 for thier attention. treat them nicely and you will get a smile back. tilleys gets some incredibly rude customers who think manners dont count over the bar and thats why we get cranky back.

we are an intelligent hard working staff group and you can shove it if you think otherwise. come at a time other than 11am on a sunday and you will definately enjoy it more. as a tip.
and we will try harder.. ok?

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 8:48 am 10 Apr 07

Hahaa no name… I wonder where YOU work? And yeah, I’m not a mechanic. But thanks for disparaging a whole vital segment of the community.

Yes, Tilley’s has terrible service. If you work there, please fix it. It is broken.

PS, everyone see the story on these comments in the CT this weekend?!! In the middle somewhere, on the right a small column on the Riotact blog just saying how everyone thinks Tilley’s has bad service.

I’m thinking No Name saw it and needed to respond. However, they came in here with some (ostensible) insults.

no name no name 9:23 pm 08 Apr 07

Your right el, consider the attack on mechanics retracted.
I think its interesting that so many people knowing enough about sucking arse to compare a cafe to do it !
You certainly dont have to run/own a cafe to express your opinion on one, i dont .
However it is a little hard to accept comments on several cafes when the commentee cant even express it without having to bag out its clientele.
For instance, could this person simply be jealous that he cant afford cocaine or Gucci?

el el 8:34 pm 08 Apr 07

Why the attack on mechanics?

Funny how you’ve blown in here straight away defending your precious Tilleys.

It’s interesting that several other people have expressed the opinion that the service there is rather crap.

Does everyone else need to have run a cafe to express an opinion on the (woeful) level of customer service provided by one?

no name no name 8:05 pm 08 Apr 07

West_Kambah_4eva, its great to see that CIT is teaching mechanics to use computers these days, maybe if Tilleys is not your thing you should stay in West Kambah for your “mug o chinos”.
When you open a cafe, keep it open for 20+ and serve thousands of people every week , then log back on and give us a valid opinion.

el el 7:32 pm 08 Apr 07

The Italian Bakery at Southlands – next to where Bruno’s has just moved in. Reasonable coffee, _great_ bakery stuff, good service, and *cheap*. They also do truffles…

ali_m ali_m 5:32 pm 08 Apr 07

Double Shot at Deakin Shops is great- friendly staff, great coffees (with proper crema..thank god!) and delicious yummies like savoury breakfast muffins..mmm

dusty dusty 4:21 am 07 Apr 07

Cafe Jem at Narrabundah Shops (the sunny side)

emd emd 10:56 pm 05 Apr 07

mmmmmm free wireless internet… wish there were more cafes that had that…

In fact, if Esen had that, it would be perfect. I can just imagine ordering my smoothie and checking email while I wait for my friends to get there for eggs bene (or florentine, for me).

Ralph Ralph 8:57 pm 05 Apr 07

I do like Starbucks.

Genie Genie 6:24 pm 05 Apr 07

Have to admit im a Frap girl… Gimme Starbucks anyday so I can walk around the City in peace.

Anywhere else have great, prob better Frappacino’s ???

queen_vic_toria_II queen_vic_toria_II 5:17 pm 05 Apr 07

I would like to say thanks for the compliment! I always thought I was good looking, but having that third party assessment has really made my day!

I’m at Tosolini’s at least three mornings a week and some arvo’s for a wine. My order is remembered in the morning and the afternoon so I really can’t complain!

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 4:55 pm 05 Apr 07

be-enticed is near the cash converters on the main road.

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