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So what’s your favourite… Cafe?

By johnboy - 4 April 2007 80

Once again we turn to the RiotACT hive-mind to pass judgment.

Today the subject is cafes, which one in Canberra is your favourite? And why?

What’s Your opinion?

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80 Responses to
So what’s your favourite… Cafe?
West_Kambah_4eva 2:54 pm 04 Apr 07

Essen is a great café, it has good coffee and they know how to serve an affogato. They also have unquestionably the best cakes in Canberra. The food is well presented and cheap.

Gus’ also has good coffee and food, and the atmosphere is the same as Essen (ie cordial and fun) because it’s the same damn place. However there is a sharp divide with the cocaine lovin ladies and Gucci-lovin gays at Gus’ and the older, fatter, uglier intellectuals at Essen.

Who ever said Tilley’s is overrated is right. Waaaaaaaaaayyyy over rated. The service is non existant because they don’t do fuck all, cause the customer has to do it! I was there last weekend for breakfast and they had 9 staff behind the bar and 2 waiters. There were about 3 of the 9 on coffee. There were about 20 people waiting, very annoyed, trying to get a fucking order in and pick up coffees. It’s a joke. If they had 5 of those people waiting tables then maybe everyone could have relaxed and enjoyed the outdoor seating. I was still waiting for my coffees I’d ordered at the same time as my food when the food came out, I had not even had a chance to go back to the table and tell my friends I’d ordered. Tilley’s – wake the fuck up, people want to relax and talk outside. Your ordering system sucks anal passage. We’ll sit down, YOU COME TO US and take our order, k? That’s what you’re there for, to serve ME. A-kay.

Also, they have a big problems with dogs there, not only are there street dogs that will jump on tables and lick off plates, but wannabe boho losers think its ok to bring their mongoloid shi tzu into the place if they carry it. NO, it brings the filthrag closer to my face, and I don’t want shitstained dogs near me when I’m trying to eat, thanks. Leave your stupid dog at home. The food at Tilley’s is also overrated. Average at best, and very small servings. The quality of the cooking varies WILDLY between servings of the same dish.

Black Swan and the one next to it in Kingston are good, somewhat pricey but serve decent food and coffee. The seating can be annoying sometimes as there is no natural shade and in the summer its sucks if you don’t get an umbrella.

Milk and honey probably has the best food out of any of these, but also pricey. They have a good interior but only limited, skinny area for outdoor sitting, if that’s what you’re after. Nice juices, too.

la mente torbida 2:53 pm 04 Apr 07

The Oaks at Weston Park
Bees & Co at Yarralumla Shops

Mess 2:29 pm 04 Apr 07

Valentino’s cafe. I like the food and the fact you sit out in Garema Place and watch the world go by.

Miranda 2:25 pm 04 Apr 07

Cafe Campagna on Northbourne for fantastic, cheap, authentic homecooked Italian food.

Da Cellini’s in Braddon used to be awesome for higher-end Italian cuisine, but they must’ve changed owners recently because the food and service are now utter shite.

LlamaFrog 2:16 pm 04 Apr 07

Tillys is way over rated, especially for the crap service, how can they have so many staff and yet you still need to go to the bar to order!

Sammy 2:14 pm 04 Apr 07

I second The Gods at the ANU for consistently good coffee. Nice breakfast as well, featuring Cornucopia spinach bread, free-range eggs and tasty bacon. Mmmmm, bacon.

Woody Mann-Caruso 2:14 pm 04 Apr 07

A Bite To Eat at Chifley shops. Laid back, great food, kid friendly, sunny courtyard, Zierholz on tap.

Sammy 2:13 pm 04 Apr 07

Central in Queanbo

Following on from Central’s theme of providing a large plate of crap food, I would assume you would just get a huge mug of instant?

Avy 2:09 pm 04 Apr 07

i quite like Essen. Tilley’s does a good brekky but quite pricey I think.

We used to go to this place in Manuka for coffee and sticky date but they must have cottoned on and slowly started raising the prices of said consumables.

Maelinar 1:51 pm 04 Apr 07

Whilst not strictly in Canberra, the Central in Queanbo is within striking distance of all Canberrans.

I have yet to have a coffee there though.

kimba 1:35 pm 04 Apr 07

Caphs at Manuka and Gus’ in the city. Both have good atmosphere, ok coffee and friendly staff. I also love the breakfast at Melita in Queanbeyan.

RandomGit 1:31 pm 04 Apr 07

Dobinsons, massive amounts of quality ingredients for cheap.

Plus they put cracked pepper on the fries, all class I tells ya.

neanderthalsis 1:25 pm 04 Apr 07

The Kurrajong, not really a cafe but they do rather good coffee in nice quiet surroundings. A perfect place to read the paper over a coffee in the morning. They also have a great Jazz band every friday arvo.

Growling Ferret 1:22 pm 04 Apr 07

Injoy at Gold Creek for a lazy weekend brunch/hangover recovery (although it can be very noisy with a pounding head)

caf 12:42 pm 04 Apr 07

Essen for the coffee, all-day-breakfast, and the way I always run into people I know there. The Gods if I want a decent coffee at ANU. Black Pepper is the only good cafe for a weekend breakfast in Belco.

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