So what’s your favourite… Independent Grocer?

johnboy 24 April 2007 61

Once again we turn to the RiotACT hive mind seeking wisdom.

Where in Canberra is your favourite non Coles/Woolies supermarket?

What makes it so good?

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61 Responses to So what’s your favourite… Independent Grocer?
ant ant 7:47 pm 06 Jun 07

I like the Campbell supermarket. They get really horrified if people are queuing at the register and sprint out to open another one. great range of interesting goods, and nice BBQ chooks, too.

Avoid Coles Queanbeyan! (/Cato the Elder).

jim2000 jim2000 6:33 pm 06 Jun 07

Farmers Markets at Woden CIT, they are great they are still in the growint stage and it has a great community feeling, Im there every Sunday, but like the show grounds markewt in mitchel you have to be there early

Danman Danman 1:14 pm 04 May 07

I got a full eye fillet (about1.5kg) for 10 bucks – reduced from 28 to 18 – then to 10 for me.

Go in as close to closing as you can and they cut you a pretty sweet deal.

VicePope VicePope 1:10 pm 04 May 07

Aldi good, except that the queues are fatal (probably the reason prices are low). I agree with DanMan on High Country meat – there also at Erindale, friendly, good prices even if not a large range of tarted up stuff with marinades that one gets ata full service butcher. (I prefer making my own anyway). One of the leanest round steak for casserole that I had ever dealt with. Yum.

bonfire bonfire 12:38 pm 04 May 07

aldi also stock trocken and german beer.

Danman Danman 11:32 am 04 May 07

I purchased a bottle of aldi vodka – was ok by itself – but i promptly made a vanilla syrup with sugar vanilla and 4 vanilla beans and added that to the bottle.

I keep it in the freezer now – and it tastes like vanilla ice cream – but the trail of frozen heat to the stomach is to die for.

So smooth..

johnboy johnboy 11:27 am 04 May 07

There you go!

Aldi mentioned!


spin462002 spin462002 11:07 am 04 May 07

and no one mentioned Aldi?? or is it not PC??
I have saved a small fortune shopping at Aldi over the last few weeks, usually at Gungahlin but also the new one at Jamison. Their basics like milk, OJ, bread, free range eggs, frozen stir fry veges, ground coffee and even wines are $$$ below the prices in Coles and Woolies and it is well worth queuing from time to time and packing your own at the end.

EPIC on Saturday morning from 8-11 is great if you want fresh and cheap and love big crowds. Get there early to get the best stuff cause it often sells out by 9.

For the world’s best gluten free nougat and gluten and dairy free cakes try Scott and Sarah’s new stall at Gorman House Markets every week 10-4.
viking princess

Danman Danman 8:23 am 03 May 07

Old thread – But I woul dlove to sing the praises of fruitylicious in Gunghalin.

The place is bloody awesome – not only do they sell reasonably priced good quality fruit and veg – they also have a full deli section with quite a comprehensive cheese selection (one to rival jones the grocer in manuka and Silo in Kingston), premade european take away meals (Lasagne, tortelini etc) and about a dozen varieties of in house pre made salads and heaps of european desserts – also they have hand made and machine made pasta (Not that I would not make it myself @ home) a BAZILLION varieties of gelati and a comprehensive european condiment and dry/preserved ingredient selection.

I went there for some green beans yesterday after work – and ended up spending over 50 bucks – the moajority on gelati and lemon pepper smoked chicken breast.

When I was there earlier in the year – it was quite a hot day so they started handing out mini gelati cones to the people who were waiting in the line at the cashier.

Not only is their products great – their customer service is bloody fantastic – something I never seem to get at coles or woolies.

The owners are awesome and I will shop there plenty of times in the future I am sure.

Oh and I have absolutely no affiliation with this shop – its just been so long since I have any semblence of customer service and product range in gunghalin.

Having said that – you may as well check out high country meats while you rover that side of gunghalin.

Another awesome shop – but thats a story for another day.

jasonwhiting5 jasonwhiting5 11:33 pm 02 May 07

Fantastic service at the cook shops and the selection of beer is second to none around town.

el el 7:13 pm 27 Apr 07

“Queuing theory”? I just thought it was a nice blend of common sense and good customer service.

seepi seepi 6:53 pm 27 Apr 07

I heard the Dickson woollies is the busiest in the southern hemisphere. Basically overly busy – awful.
Twice I have seen fights in the aisles cos there are so many people they can’t help ramming into each other. I thought it might improve when Gunghalin got their own supermarkets, but it didn’t.
Actually gungahlin isn’t bad – usually only one or two shoppers per aisle, so you can actually get to whatever you are looking for.

Onlooker Onlooker 3:02 am 27 Apr 07

Agree with el that Coles at Curtin rates very low on the scale. Hughes IGA has a good checkout system going. Good implementation of Queuing Theory.

b2 b2 10:48 pm 26 Apr 07

i remember being told that woolies dickson is the busiest store for its size in australia. still there is never enough staff on, its ridiculous

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 6:44 pm 26 Apr 07

If you fancy running down geriatrics with your trolley – no better place than the Deakin IGA. It’s almost a funeral parlour.

VicePope VicePope 5:47 pm 26 Apr 07

My last intervention on this subject unless I get inspired. Le Coles du Hyperdome est le pits de supermarket existence. Great location. Lousy management, terrible staff.

bigred bigred 4:55 pm 26 Apr 07

memo to self: never go to Woollies Toowong!

JD114 JD114 12:14 pm 26 Apr 07

Campbell Supermarket. Ainslie IGA. City Supabarn. Watson IGA. Hackett IGA. Anywhere but the worst asupermarket in the Inner North which is of course Woolies Dickson. I gladly fork out a couple of extra dollars per shopping trip to get a better range of the foods that I like. But to give Woolies Dickson its due, it attracts and supports the kind of people that wouldn’t find the other supermarkets enticing, and of course there’s the lovely yellow-arched fine cuisine emporium right next door for their limited taste buds to drool over.

Ralph Ralph 11:53 am 26 Apr 07

You know on Sunday arvos they’re getting rid of the stock that’s been there all week.

che che 10:58 am 26 Apr 07

Belco markets on Sunday arvos is definitely the way to go
takes an extra 20 minutes of walking up and down and finding which shops have what you want and you may have to go to 2, 3 or 4 but well worth it for price and quality

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