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Garema Place 9 March 2011 12

I’m looking for a competent southside chiropractor and would welcome recommendations.

Preferably in the Woden, Curtin, Mawson area.

Thanks in advance.

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miz miz 7:43 am 18 Mar 11

Kathy Bradley @ Griffith shops (upstairs) – Universal Chiro – is excellent – has resolved my teenage daughter’s ongoing neck and back pain issues and oversaw her progress through a knee operation and post-op. Can’t praise enough. Also very supportive of mother/baby issues, inc pregnancy, breastfeeding etc. Treats adults and children.

Garema Place Garema Place 5:48 pm 10 Mar 11

My thanks to all for the suggestions and recommendations. You have broadened my thinking beyond chiropractors to include osteopaths and physiotherapists. My problems (in no particular order) are age, lower back (L5), and running 80ks a week, mostly on hard surfaces. I hurt my back some years ago (L3/L4). On that occasion, I recovered through chiropractic, followed by osteopathy, and finally podiatry – my feet being the ultimate cause of my problems by changing my centre of gravity. I appreciate you taking the time to help me. As recompense, I would suggest you back Collingwood to win another Flag, save this may outrage you for offering assistance in the first place.

gertel gertel 12:42 pm 10 Mar 11

Mark Tapper at Belconnen Chiropractice Centre is fantastic – he’s also an osteopath.

Not southside but worth the extra drive. I am about to move southside from the north and will certainly keep making the trek.

Inappropriate Inappropriate 10:46 am 10 Mar 11

justsomeaussie said :

I hope people realise that a chiropractor is about as reputable as an aroma-therapist. Try someone with actual medial qualifications.


They’re just as qualified as osteopaths, homeopaths, naturapaths, … and other something-something-paths.

let_me_speechify let_me_speechify 8:43 am 10 Mar 11

Back in Balance at the Pearce shops is really good. My Dad’s been there for years as he has had a lot of issues with his back, resulting in surgery (before he saw them) and they’ve been able to provide very good relief for pain as he recovered.

Also, in Australia, chiropractors are required to do five years of full time study before they can say they are such, and generally most will do further training after this in order to specialise in certain areas. They are qualified.

justsomeaussie justsomeaussie 9:19 pm 09 Mar 11

I hope people realise that a chiropractor is about as reputable as an aroma-therapist. Try someone with actual medial qualifications.


Lazy I Lazy I 2:52 pm 09 Mar 11

+1 Nick Gondzioulis

eh_steve eh_steve 1:55 pm 09 Mar 11

+1 for Back in Balance, I’ve seen Dr Martin in the past and been pleased with the results.

Padoof Padoof 1:35 pm 09 Mar 11

For 18 years I saw a chiropractor but never really managed to have any resolution to my ongoing (back!) problems. Two years ago, out of sheer desperation I tried an osteopath and will never, ever return to a chiropractor.

Osteo’s (and physio’s) have a more holistic approach, certainly for me they have done wonders.

Berg’s physio/Move Happy Osteopathy 6231 1155, located at Erindale and Deakin.

Good luck!

Jungle Jim Jungle Jim 12:40 pm 09 Mar 11

I’ve used Back in Balance at the Pearce shops for a while and always found them professional and very skilled.

Watson Watson 12:30 pm 09 Mar 11

Will an osteopath do? I don’t like chiros, but good osteos should all be knighted (and I have severe arthritis, so can judge). Best osteos I know are in Dr Fraval’s practice, which I believe is in Kambah.

lexyliz lexyliz 12:20 pm 09 Mar 11

I recommend Nick Gondzioulis in Gadal Chambers Woden (the building next to the open air carpark on Corinna Street). I was in a car accident a few years ago and couldn’t stand up straight or lie down without being in extreme pain until he fixed me up. Would often see local sports *stars* in the waiting area which I assume means he has a good rep for sporting injuries as well.

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