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Spare bricks how to get rid of them in Canberra?

By Tecko12 - 7 February 2012 23

I have a pallet of bricks at the front of our house that were not used when we built an extension.

They are all in good condition as they have never been used. Where can i go to get rid of these?

Preferably not the tip as they are new.

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Spare bricks how to get rid of them in Canberra?
Genie 11:44 am 07 Feb 12

Got kids ? Bricks make great punishment.

My partner was made to take the pile of bricks from one end of the yard to the other and stack them back up. Once done. He had to return them to their original ‘home’

Beats smackin 🙂

Holden Caulfield 11:20 am 07 Feb 12

I managed to sell a pallet of bricks a few years back in the free CT classies (free as long as the sale price is $100 or less). Not sure if they still run that, otherwise, as noted try allclassifieds.

poetix 11:06 am 07 Feb 12

Personally I would build a small block and cement a sword, blade down, into the top of it, and then put it into the lake so that the hilt and just a bit of the blade were showing, and watch people try to pull it out. You could get a cheap sword in allclassifieds. Probably.

Thanks for the idea of public art, Skyring. But this one will only offend closet royalists, which has to be A Good Thing.

mp2615 10:52 am 07 Feb 12

Freecycle ?

p1 10:34 am 07 Feb 12

Chock up some white commodores?

arb 10:21 am 07 Feb 12

Put a for sale sign in front of them and they’ll be mysteriously gone by the end of the day.

EvanJames 10:04 am 07 Feb 12

I think Skyring wins. Some very good Uses for Bricks there. I would’ve suggested AllClassifieds too, great for selling and giving stuff away.

ThisIsAName 9:52 am 07 Feb 12

Build a brick letterbox?

qbngeek 9:42 am 07 Feb 12

We will take them if you are willing to give them away. Email is contact(at)

mikal 9:40 am 07 Feb 12

Do they match the house? I’d keep them if possible. When we did our extension we found you couldn’t get matching bricks any more, and I really wished we’d had a pallet of them down the end of the yard.

Skyring 9:37 am 07 Feb 12

Have you considered putting them into a backpack, one or two at a time, taking them up the hill and dropping them onto the cross benches during Question Time?

Or possibly, with a bit of cement, make your own public artworks. Honestly, Civic is so full of the stuff that nobody would notice. Get Mr Minit to whip up a small engraved plaque and your brick rendition of a dingo sniffing its arse could represent Aboriginal Harmony and the pollies would line up to make fancy speeches.

Use a sledgehammer to break them up into small but handy pieces and mount a public stoning for your enemies whom you have unwittingly invited to a free beer and prawn night.

Pete, helpfully

Jetsam 9:35 am 07 Feb 12

Build a barbie.

f4te 9:34 am 07 Feb 12

Hmmm… I’ve been looking for some new bricks for a little job in the garden.

konazz 9:16 am 07 Feb 12

Why not try allclassifieds. It’ll be gone by the weekend if you offer it up for free (or at charge some $$$) – beats paying tip fees?

konazz 9:14 am 07 Feb 12

Why don’t you try allclassifieds? You could probably get some $$$ for it… even giving it away for free < tip fees!

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