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State Focus, Southern Cross Ten Saturday 12pm 11th Feb

state focus 10 February 2006 6

• What your real estate dollar is buying in the ACT and on the South Coast?

• Bushfire survivors … the secret code at the Cotter memorial…

• Wollongong’s Winter Olympics whiz Shaun Boyle… – the high cost of fulfilling the Turino dream, Shaun has
sacrificed much to go for gold in skeleton…

• Amy Banson’s walk in memory of Clea Rose…

• Where are all the good men in Canberra? A different spin on Valentine’s Day.. from a single’s perspective…

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6 Responses to State Focus, Southern Cross Ten Saturday 12pm 11th Feb
water harvest rain water harvest rain 1:10 pm 28 Jan 07

PTP-100011646 all is loged no turn down as yet.
maker of designs has 3 week back orders

simbo simbo 12:34 pm 26 Jan 07

Oh, he’s probably pissed because the patent office has turned down his perpetual motion machine – let him go with it…

el el 11:45 am 26 Jan 07

I have in production ready in 3 weeks my fist to sell.

Michael: How much for this fist you speak of? And why the 3 week wait ’til I can purchase it? What do you propose I do with this fist?

Good work on putting your phone number out there, too.

johnboy johnboy 9:18 am 26 Jan 07

There you go fellas the mark of the nutter as plain as day.

water harvest rain water harvest rain 8:24 am 26 Jan 07

How can i get yous to show my website?
Can help irrigators leve murrey alone catch there Owen water tax free. Common tcn
Can i have my website below shown to give farmers a option give them a say please.see how much response yous get.
Wanting a reply I have sent over 20 emails and kept them all.
I have in production ready in 3 weeks my fist to sell. Rain catchers Free water I thick government is trying to keep me quiet. so thay can pipe water to meter and charge $ Thay don’t stop 10 billion for ten years. Im ready to go NOW .And in three weeks will have pics in papers I will be heard.Free water for all .Ps are yous governed.and what happen to freedom of speech

. I’m trying to help farmers.And all. I have good practicable ideas and designs I have ready to go now portable dams from 40.000 leter up 400.000 leters 40.000 leter rain catchers from $3800 portable dams with cover to stop water evaporation .
Please help me help farmers.
10.000Lt catchers for back yards thay catch roof run off and catch there owen area.8meters by
2meters by 600mm deep.=10.000lts $1700. Better then rain tanks thay catch more.
My designs are tuff and safe. Ways to keep up with climate changes with rain bands that have speed up.
We can man have fencet off part of car park at sports fields or out side field to have water to water grass. Rain we will all ways have we have to keep up with it.Contain it.Not watch it go to wast.
Have at schools for there sports fields. Hanging rain catchers for trees drip feed. and can be man filled
to save on water wastige.Frow soaking. Fill every 4weeks not water every secend day. Save on man power. Fuel . and most in portent save water no wast.
It is not counselling or hand outs farmers want. Farmers want help to stay on the land by having feed and[ [water] for their stock .They want to have meat on their plates other then chicken. [Water]And essential to life.Water Harvesting Rain Catching..
Michael Blundell. 0433645015 Queanbeyan

Thumper Thumper 9:42 am 13 Feb 06

Did anyone see it?

Whats the Da Vinci code for the memorial? Is the grail buried underneath it?

Does it contain messages from aliens?

Life the universe and everything?

Pray tell, I’m intrigued…

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