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Stateline. ABC TV. Oct 13th.

By stateline 13 October 2006 14

* The silent killer – women with ovarian cancer speak out about the need for funding to find out more about the disease.
The symptoms are vague and often diagnosis is too late.
The full transcript and related links will be on the Stateline website this afternoon.

* Also – Sir William Deane wants your money – for the Scouts.
* Two women – one dedicated to keeping schools open – the other thinks many should close.

Friday at 7.30. Repeated at Midday Saturday.

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14 Responses to
Stateline. ABC TV. Oct 13th.
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Hasdrubahl 1:01 pm 15 Dec 06

At least they are not running around in black shirts. For that, I am thankful.

robm 12:15 pm 15 Dec 06

Agree, new scout uniform is hideous, in fact it’s an abomination. Also for Australia is not even logical. It’s made of a heavy material of a dark navy blue colour, now how intelligent is that for a hot Australian summer ?
Actually it also costs more than the old, as the shirt, with the old, was generic across all sections. Now the new one has colour coding across the shoulders specific to each section. yellow for cubs, green for scouts etc. So now as the kids have to move between sections, they have to buy a new shirt each time. So how dumb is that ? Obviously the people in charge of scouts have no concept of reality or what really goes on at the youth level and what the costs are. Poor really. Idiots !!

bonfire 10:26 am 16 Oct 06

oh my god.

the new uniform is hideous.

a polo shirt ?

miz 10:22 pm 15 Oct 06

I agree with Thumper about the Stateline timeslot(s). I rarely get to watch it, but I do read the transcripts sometimes. Another repeat would be good, at a later evening time.

miz 10:14 pm 15 Oct 06

Buzbie I understand that each Scout group can charge their own fee amount and there is some variation? I was a bit shocked at the cost at the time, as I was expecting a few dollars a week in subs, some kind of a one-off charge. More along the lines of what you describe.
However you are right about the current uniform – I would have had to buy the old uniform as my experience was about four years ago. However the new uniform is considerably cheaper than the old one. Change of uniform story here
I think this is a good move. Current uniform prices here

emd 8:29 pm 15 Oct 06

Did anyone watch this? I missed it. Who is Tania Parkes and what did she have to say for herself?

bubzie 7:30 pm 15 Oct 06

I’m in scouts, and it doesnt cost that much, i think..its about 30 dollars for the uniform, and about 20 dollars a term for fees.

but in a way, i agree, the cost of scouting is pretty expensive when it was suppose to help disadvantaged families..

miz 12:44 am 15 Oct 06

A joining fee, a weekly fee (around $20 I think) and the local group also charged a term fee which I recall was pretty steep, to cover insurances etc. Plus a pricy uniform. Just to get him started was around $200. I am working now but at the time I was a shellshocked sole parent on benefit, and even $20 a week was a lot to justify out of the kitty! (Still is really, god knows I’m not much better off! But that’s another story . . .).

Interestingly, lots of things that used to be free or a nominal charge are a lot more expensive – a local Canberra choir of some note was free when I belonged – we fundraised – yet now charges a rather pricey term fee; school sport has acquiesced to more costly club sport, probably for want of parents with spare time.

ash 2:01 pm 14 Oct 06

When I was a scout it was free (except perhaps for a trivial annual registration), or, is my memory failing me.

Are you just talking about the costs of camping etc..?

johnboy 11:33 am 14 Oct 06

My son had a friend who wanted him to join Scouts – do you realise just how exie it is these days?? It was beyond me!

All the more ironic considering it was founded with the aim of helping disadvantaged youth and not middle classes.

ant 9:13 am 14 Oct 06

That Liberal senator woman was interesting. Seems the coalition has a whole bunch of these ladies, busy working away out of the spotlight. Judith Troeth is such another. She has got the women of all the parties to support a number of things over the years, which is no mean feat.

miz 10:42 pm 13 Oct 06

My son had a friend who wanted him to join Scouts – do you realise just how exie it is these days?? It was beyond me!

johnboy 3:16 pm 13 Oct 06

Can’t see it happening thumper, local ABC has a single half hour slot in the schedule they can insert local content into…

wouldn’t it be nice if Helen Coonan had given that a shake when she was at it?

Thumper 2:54 pm 13 Oct 06

I like Stateline.

However, I’d like to see it pushed out to an hours length and maybe put on a Monday or Tuesday night.

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