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Steiner school (Orana) in Canberra

By Pandy - 5 March 2010 38

My niece is thinking of sending her kids to the school as apparently the kids seem to become free thinkers. Anyone here have good/bad things to say about it?

From what I have read, it is a cult of witchcraft, Christianity, enviromentalism, Aryianism, with sprinkling of Scientology. That got me a bit scarred that my niece is becoming one of them.

[Ed] Maybe you should do some more reading then [insert derogatory term in response to your generalisations], start with typing Orana into the RiotACT search box or check out therir website Orana School, their parent ideology or even what the much maligned My Schools website has to say.

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38 Responses to
Steiner school (Orana) in Canberra
housebound 10:35 am 07 Mar 10

Nits. It’s sooooo good to be out of that phase.

Kuku 9:43 pm 06 Mar 10

Sorry Pommy Bastard, “Rupert and Jasmine?” You obviously don’t know Steiner Schools or you would have said “Star and Moonbeam”.

Kuku 8:14 pm 06 Mar 10

My kids are at Orana. We are an Indigenous family. Perhaps someone should have told us about the Aryianism (and Christianity, Witchcraft and scientology)….. but we already know about the nits.

We moved our son to Orana after being told in the public school system that our son was failing because he was Indigenous (yes you’re reading correctly). There was also a scripture programme entrenched in this public school that was being run by a local fundamentalist Christian Church.

Orana works for some kids, it doesn’t for others. My two have thrived.

Oh yes Thumper, I think the Defence Against the Dark Arts post was filled last week but the Potions Professor is still vacant.

krats 3:19 pm 06 Mar 10

orana goes through the nits phase as well – no different to any other school

I have no problem with cult of witchcraft, Christianity, enviromentalism, Aryianism, with sprinkling of Scientology…BUT NITS,YUK!

sunshine 12:46 pm 06 Mar 10

[b>“Oh yes we had to send Rupert and Jasmine to Steiner school to unlock their full potential as creative people. And besides, the public school kids all had nits…”

orana goes through the nits phase as well – no different to any other school

molongloid 12:41 pm 06 Mar 10

Friends who are parents of ex steiner school students scared me with their stories. See (Steiner schools are also called Waldorf schools).

Pommy bastard 11:25 am 06 Mar 10

Steiner schools are just “middle class guilt” assuaging places for well off hippies who cannot bear to admit they are sending their kids to a private school…

“Oh yes we had to send Rupert and Jasmine to Steiner school to unlock their full potential as creative people. And besides, the public school kids all had nits…”

Skip 11:14 am 06 Mar 10

My two children go to Orana. One is in high school and the younger one is still in primary school. Like any school, it is not perfect but I can’t be happier with the general outcome so far. As far as I’m concerned, it’s money well spent. I’m not entirely sure what the OP meant by “free thinkers” but I can certainly say that the system of education there strives to make the children thinkers and doers. The teaching is overall very solid.

I would suggest to the OP to separate reality from myths. Doing some in-depth reseach usually helps. There is copious information on the net on Steiner education – some pros and some cons but, todate, I haven’t yet come across witchcraft (I think the brooms are kept under locks during daylight hours, at least).

I-filed 10:55 am 06 Mar 10

My niece went to a private Steiner school in Melbourne for four years. It was emotionally very nurturing, but frankly the policies were straight out of the mid 19th century. I wouldn’t be surprised if they believed in phrenology. The kids weren’t taught to read until certain teeth came through. The school administrators illegally hid govt information about vaccines from the parent body. There was an atmosphere of passive aggression throughout the place – everything very “naice” but also very judgmental. Orana may be very different, but certainly my niece had a lot of catching up to do when she moved to a “straight school”. And yes, superstitious Christian tropes were embedded throughout the curriculum.
If my niece hadn’t been moved (at age 10) I’m sure she would have suffered academically (she is on a scholarship at Melbourne Uni and I would bet that wouldn’t have happened if she had stayed in the Steiner system). If kids are from a family home where there are lots of books and an “education atmosphere”, and they are VERY bright, I think they could do well on all fronts and withstand the disadvantages of Steiner. Anyone independently wealthy could luxuriate in Steiner, and the parent body at that Melbourne school was largely in that category. But if you would be disappointed if your child didn’t learn study skills at school, and you think a rigorous grounding is important, send your child to a public school – or save up for a “grammar school rescue” like my niece needed.

Thumper 10:48 am 06 Mar 10

I’ve heard there is position open at the school for a new Defence against the Dark Arts teacher.

The previous one was eaten by a green boogieman…

aesop 9:35 am 06 Mar 10

My problem with this is how do we know they turn kids into free thinkers? is just what we have heard people say, who have heard other people say it, who have heard other people say it and we just blindly believe it? ironic isn’t it seeing as though we want THEM to be free thinkers and we just follow the pack. Where’s the independent research to back up their claims? give me hard evidence not just the opinion of someone who works in a youth arts organisation who see’s these kids as amazing, hey…. maybe they were amazing before they went to Orana and the school has nothing to do with it, or maybe its a free thinking factory that produces diamonds from lumps of coal. There are amazing kids at public schools as well you know…. maybe we should all send our kids to a run of the mill public school…. some amazing kids come out of there.

sunshine 8:47 am 06 Mar 10

HAHAHA that made my morning!! orana has nothing to do with scientology, witchcraft etc…….
read their website, and go on a school tour. it’s a good school – has its problems like any other school but hey i’d prefer my child went there than any of the other canberra schools. it’s a small school so the students get more attention and they are all very intelligent, happy, thoughtful, artistic kids from what i’ve seen.
once again – look at their website and thanks for the laugh

georgesgenitals 7:45 am 06 Mar 10

It’s just a matter if determining what and how the school teaches, and whether you think that will lead to balanced, responsible adults when the kids grow up.

blueberry 12:46 am 06 Mar 10

I think it really depends on the student, These schools really suit some young people and really don’t suit others.

I work in a youth arts organisation and a most of the kids that I work with that have come through Orana have been amazing and I don’t think they would have the creativity and open out look that they do if they had been at another school. But on the same note I have worked with a few kids who I think the learning style really did not suit and may have been better of in a different school.

che 10:47 pm 05 Mar 10

I love editing posts after Brumbies games, especially ones that use Christianity and environmentalism as derogatory terms, and come to think of it, whats wrong with the people who come from the Ayran plateau of India/Iran. Just don’t get me started on Scientology, we don’t want to be subject to fair game or an operation freak out.

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