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Stogies in Canberra?

By bigfeet - 11 December 2009 20

Anyone know where I can buy some good Cuban cigars in Canberra?  At the moment I get  friends to pick them up when they come back through Hong Kong for me or I get some in Sydney or Melbourne when down there.

Yes…yes…I know its disgusting…I am a social pariah…I am the cause of global warming…I make puppies cry etc…rah..rah…rah…

But I don’t smoke around anyone who objects, and never in public places.

I just like a good cigar once a month or so at home or at a mates place.  And as vices go, is puffing on Cohiba or once a month or so really so bad?


What’s Your opinion?

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20 Responses to
Stogies in Canberra?
Clown Killer 3:55 pm 22 Jan 10

I’m liking your advice Astro. Welcome aboard!

Astro 2:09 pm 22 Jan 10

I see that the previous posts tell you about the limited options to buy good cigars in Canberra. You might already know that both Baranows in Hawthorn, Vic ( and Alexanders in South Yarra, Vic ( have excellent websites and offer mail order. I recommend Baranows if you must have Cubans and Wal Baranow is a font of good information and advice. BUT, if like me you are also keen on the Dominican and Nicaraguan product then I highly recommend which is based in Florida. They do international mail order, their prices are great and postage is very reasonable. Yes, you will have to pay customs duty on their arrival but Australia Post facilitates all of that. I have ordered from Cigarplace many times without any problems – with them or Oz Customs. As an example of the cost saving, say for a box of 20 CAO CX2 Toro, to buy them from an Oz distributor you’ll be paying a bit over $400, to buy from the States they’ll cost you a bit over $200 inclusive of postage and Customs duty.

Clown Killer 10:03 pm 12 Dec 09

I stock up when I get to New York (non-Cubans) or Paris (everything else). I don’t trust the retail cigars on offer anywhere in Canberra.

Postalgeek 12:26 pm 12 Dec 09

Cigar smokers are too tight to share their expensive smoke with the public masses, bless ’em. It’s always the goddamn low brow durry munchers that light up next to me at a cafe table.

james270 6:57 am 12 Dec 09

Try Cox Kelly opposite the Uni Pub in Civic West.

bigfeet 11:21 pm 11 Dec 09

spinact said :

You’re a brave man posting this given the VERY strong anti smoking opinions brought out by the recent smoking laws and cigarette butt threads.

Actually the anti smoking threads is what made me think of posting here! And I agree with most of the anti’s arguements about smoking, particularly in public places.

As I said, I smoke at home or at friends places, with other friends of like mind, and only two or three cigars a month. And that is why I was after a good local supplier, because they should have them properly encased in a humidor, rather than having someone pick some up some duty free for me, and then not having the facilities to store them correctly.

hey_you 5:24 pm 11 Dec 09

Funnily enough I bought four Romeo y Julieta No 2’s from the tobacconist at Bailey’s today. $15 a pop.

astrojax 4:53 pm 11 Dec 09

i think the hyatt has a humidor and stock – worth checking out if you’re keen.

ikarus 3:57 pm 11 Dec 09

Tobacconist in Dickson sells a reasonable range. They have a range of cohibas and others.

DrShrink 3:25 pm 11 Dec 09

There’s a good tobacconist in Dickson near the new Woolies liquor store which has a decent selection of cigars & seems to know his stuff. Otherwise ordering online is probably your best bet. There are a lot of good Australian websites with much wider ranges & full details (which is part of the enjoyment).

Just make sure to check out the whisky thread on here from a little while back. It’s an important combo.

spinact 3:22 pm 11 Dec 09

You’re a brave man posting this given the VERY strong anti smoking opinions brought out by the recent smoking laws and cigarette butt threads.

Holden Caulfield 2:38 pm 11 Dec 09


Overheard 2:30 pm 11 Dec 09

That’s hilarious timing, bigfeet.

I currently have one of my contractors roaming the city looking for some. The kiosk on Bunda Street was no good so he’s gone up to check out the tobacconist in Bailey’s Arcade.

Chop71 2:05 pm 11 Dec 09

There is a great cigar shop at crown casino – I opened the door and felt like I was floating

Rad Dave 11:45 am 11 Dec 09

Good luck.. Don’t know much about what’s available in Canberra. You won’t have to worry if you give Fil a call at Palador Fumior Salon in Sth Brisbane. Phone is 0417 075 572. He is the cigar master and will send your requirements.

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