Stolen motorbike from Bruce

TinyTank 2 December 2013 10

Hi Riot ACT family,

would you be so kind as to keep an eye out for my bike and all the bits that go along with it. Stolen last night from a “secure” underground carpark in Bruce. Despite using a locksmith quality chain and lock wrapped around frame and rear wheel and locking the bike in a storage cage, the bike, gear bag and stand have vanished. To anyone living in Bruce, lock your stuff in your car or take it into your unit. Obviously not practical advice for motorbikes, but golf clubs, push bikes etc are obviously not safe in your storage cages. One of my neighbours had her number plates stolen on Saturday night so the scumbag degenerate oxygen theiving feral losers theives must have hatched a plan to get my bike. They didnt take any of my straps/tie-downs, ramp etc, so they were prepared.


Honda CRF150RB, 2008, red/white/black. Unique features- ASV gear lever, metallic red bar ends. In fantastic condition. Hour meter fitted showing about 25hours.

Gear bag-

Black and blue containing-Leitt neck brace, small, Answer jersey and pants, pink and black ladies small. O’Niell boots, pink and black, ladies 6-7. Scott goggles x 2 pairs, one white one pink. Black gloves. Fox pressure suit. Knee guards. Fly helmet was in a seperate bag and NOT stolen!!

Two AFP constables came out promptly to take down some details. I’ve also posted a photo and description on FB and ask that they be shared. I’ll keep an eye out for obvious sales on gumtree/allclassifieds etc, but if anyone else has some advice regarding other avenues that would be great.

Thanks everyone.JB/Barcham- I’m way to undercaffinated to deal with this on a monday morning and I can’t seem to upload the photo of the bike so I’ll email it to you. Thanks.

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10 Responses to Stolen motorbike from Bruce
Postalgeek Postalgeek 11:36 am 03 Dec 13

TinyTank said :

Sandman, you’re absolutely right. Until I build my own brick fortress (hello Molonglo Valley) I wont be replacing this bike.

You could explore other options:

TinyTank TinyTank 10:42 am 03 Dec 13

Thanks for the tip, BelcoMan, will definitely put a post up on those websites.

The only good thing is that they stole the bike without the air filter sponge and bracket. I had a plastic cover over the air intake from its last bath, so they wont be able to start it. Hopefully they dump the bike and I get it back. Wishful thinking I know.

I also noticed last night they stole all my tools, you guessed it, in a pink carry bag. SERIOUSLY?! They were mostly from Supercrap, and surely worthless second hand, but it was a gift a few xmas’s ago and another $100 I’ll have to fork out to replace.

Sandman, you’re absolutely right. Until I build my own brick fortress (hello Molonglo Valley) I wont be replacing this bike.

BelcoMan BelcoMan 10:13 pm 02 Dec 13

Have you also posted on or ?

Both of these have a direct feed to the motorcycling community and may assist as they have a similar disdain for the motorcycle thieves.

Good luck with finding it.

c_c™ c_c™ 8:17 pm 02 Dec 13

I’ve seen online that you can get GPS trackers that claim to work on powered bikes, basically a GPS receiver with a sim slot and radio. I believe they replace one of the handlebar grips making them fairly well concealed. Whether that effort is worth it I guess depends on the worth of the bike and where you’re keeping it.

IrishPete IrishPete 8:14 pm 02 Dec 13

My impression is that the bigger the bike, the less likely to be stolen (Harleys excepted). Trail bikes are so easy to carry or push. There’s also a market for them for offroad (unregistered) use on farms and bush blocks.

I think you can get chains with alarms but I don’t know how effective they are. Also storing somewhere with a motion sensitive alarm might help, so long as there is someone to hear it. Dogs are also good, but that may not be practical. There’s probably a market for secure storage for motorbikes that are not used every day – secured by guards, dogs, alarms etc. Maybe one of the bike shops should do it.

Disc locks probably aren’t much use on something as light as a trailbike, although one on the front and one on the rear will at least make the thieves’ task harder. With a lot of theft prevention, it’s not about making it impossible, it’s about making it more attractive for them to go and steal someone else’s. Sad but true.

I’ve never had a motorbike stolen, no matter how careless I have been, but I’ve never owned really desirable ones, and the last one was a matt black rat bike KLE500, somewhat bashed about. Loved it, but got lazy and stopped using it, so sold it.


maxblues maxblues 6:59 pm 02 Dec 13

Are large roadbikes being stolen at the same rate as dirt bikes?

Sandman Sandman 4:36 pm 02 Dec 13

Sorry to say but an easily disposable highly desirable dirtbike has no place in an apartment complex. You’d have less trouble if you got a pony.

If you really must have one then buy a cheap van, black out the windows, fit internal deadbolts and a series of immobilizers and make sure no-one in the area ever sees that van being used to carry a bike.
Anything less and you’re basically leaving a chip on the boardwalk at batsmanship bay and expecting the seagulls not to touch it.
Secure carparks are anything but. The solitude at night gives thieves the perfect place to be uninterrupted in their activities.

TinyTank TinyTank 4:06 pm 02 Dec 13

Thanks guys, I’m always impressed by the comraderie in the dirt bike community; we’re not all noise polluting bogans. I’m looking into what CCTV is around the area. I’d be interested to see what’s on your video, KDog.

Mysteryman: how have you beefed security up now? If I ever save up enough to buy another bike, where can I keep it?! I’d pay good money for an electrified bike chain and lock if there is such a thing available. Maybe even something that shoots out 1,000 stonfish type barbs and poison and renders the potential thief paralysed yet in agony for at least 48 hours. Can you tell I’m angry?

Since I seem to have lost the sales receipt, the lovely gents at CMC have given me the VIN: JH2KE03U48K100604.

KDog KDog 2:40 pm 02 Dec 13

Sorry to hear of your loss.

I am also a recent victim of dirt theft. My bike was also in an underground secured garage and locked. They forced the gates open, scoped the place out, and then came back a few hours later and stole my brand new, un-riden KTM200EXC.

Good luck with your search. I might start my thread as I have CCTV footage of the two thieves.

Mysteryman Mysteryman 12:55 pm 02 Dec 13

That sucks! Sorry to hear about that. Someone attempted to steal my motorbike the night before. It appears that they were startled half way through and took off without taking the bike with them. I didn’t contact the police because I figured they wouldn’t be able to prove anything since the bike wasn’t taken.

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