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StreetRides Friday Night Cruising @ Parramatta Street

By Apocalypse - 13 January 2006 21

Hi Everyone

I havnt posted anything in a long time, infact, i probably havnt posted anything since last year or the year before!
But either way, ive been busy elsewhere, particularly with creating a motor enthusiasts group aimed at getting out on the street and socializing, we ‘re about 100+ strong now, and im expecting tonight to be a huge night for us

This is aimed at motor enthusiasts of all tastes, rules are simple. obey the road rules: No speeding, No Burnouts, No Racing.
and if you are planning on coming out, please ensure your car is not obviously defectable or unsafe. and come along and have a good time!!

we meet at parramatta street at 7:30pm.

our members stretch across a broad range, any engine type is welcome. we range from 7 litre v8s to 3 cylinder charades, stock and performance cars, and we also range in age from as young as 17 upto well beyond 60, both guys and girls, all nationalitys welcome, we’re a diverse mix.

if you’re interested in the scene and interested in helping to rebuild canberras street car scene in a legal efficent way. come along and learn more about us.

we will be launching a new format website, id rather not post up the current website because no doubt there will be people who frequent this forum likely to pick it to death.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
StreetRides Friday Night Cruising @ Parramatta Street
Samuel Gordon-Stewar 6:12 pm 15 Jan 06

I am an only child, so I am used to finding ways to entertain myself. I enjoy my life, I know that others wouldn’t, but I do, and I’m happy.

I enjoy my own company, and I enjoy the company of others, but I usually prefer to spend time at home .

shauno 5:45 pm 15 Jan 06

Sam what sort of life experiences have you had that have shaped your view of the world?

What do you get up to in your spare time?

You know over the last few years I have been to more the 60 countries world wide and worked based out of Houston, Singapore and London. I’ve partied on in all sorts of interesting and bizarre places. Now what makes the world such an interesting place is the diversity and variety of culture. How bloody boring would it be if we all conformed.

I would suggest you get out of the house turn the bloody radio off and see what life is all about.

bonfire 3:41 pm 15 Jan 06

there are none so blind as they that will not see

el 2:33 pm 15 Jan 06

C’mon Spitfire3, you already know he does.

Spitfire3 11:27 am 15 Jan 06

Sam, please tell me you don’t actually give any credibility to either of those tools.

el 12:12 pm 14 Jan 06

Cheers Apoc…good to hear a venture like this is getting off the ground… With a bit more notice I hope to see you at the next one (pending registration of the old Val.)

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 11:46 am 14 Jan 06

No, I don’t think anybody cares what I think on this matter (not around here anyway), but my name was mentioned with an assumption about my opinion. Due to recent misintepretation of my opinion I felt that it was a good idea to clarify my stance.

By the way, when I was last in Sydney I heard a few seconds of Alan Jones yelling at someone before I switched over to John Laws. Regardless of that, I’d rather not be violated if that’s OK with you…

barking toad 4:08 am 14 Jan 06

Samuel, do you really think anyone gives a flying.

It’s about time someone, say, Alan Jones, violated your bottie

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 12:04 am 14 Jan 06

If these people come flying past my place at 3am then I will be annoyed. Of course if they just happen to be sensible car enthusiasts then that’s fine with me.

This has been my stance from day one, if you misinterpreted it that’s not my problem.

jr 10:27 pm 13 Jan 06

Sam: Are you trying to have a foot in each camp…

You said:
It is the general attitude of this group of people which becomes very annoying, they tend to think that the best way to drive a car is with a flat foot, especially when on a suburban road, couple this with the loud vehicles that these people generally drive, and suddently you will understand why I was still awake at 3 o’clock this morning, despite attempts to go to sleep.


Now if these people were doing whatever they are doing legally then you obviously do care!

Please make your mind up… budding shock jocks ought to have a consistent stance on issues!

Samuel Gordon-Stewar 9:30 pm 13 Jan 06

I don’t care! If they are sticking to the law then good on ’em, I hope they enjoy themselves.

That being said, for my own personaly safety I will not attend, not after the comments about me on the website in question. (They linked to RiotACT and then to me after reading my opinion of Summernats, and it would appear that a decent number of them don’t like me.)

Anyway, if they remain legal then I have no problem with them.

shauno 5:21 pm 13 Jan 06

I might be keen to come and have a look when im back in town end of Jan. My car engine is just being run in on the dyno as I type so hopefully will be ready to pick pick up when I get back. Just have to get some wheels and then attempt to get the bloody thing over rego. Which should be a good laugh.

bulldog 3:35 pm 13 Jan 06

Good work Apoc- I wish you luck in keeping the fuckwits away (or at least well behaved). I can’t make it tonight, but with a bit more notice next time, I might cruise down and have a look at what’s doin’.

kimba 2:53 pm 13 Jan 06

bonfire…I was thinkung the same – young Sammy wont be impressed with this happening 🙂

bonfire 2:48 pm 13 Jan 06

hey SGS, i’ll pick you up at 7. I need someone to shovel coal into the stanley steamer.

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