Stupid Assembly games pt 157: Libs register

Gungahlin Al 2 May 2009 15

The ABC is reporting that the ACT Liberals have been sprung as having registered the website domain

Given use of a person’s actual name is *supposed* to be fairly closely controlled, it isn’t surprising then to find that the domain name overlords have launched an “immediate investigation”. Most unlikely that the Liberals will be able to keep that name I would suggest.

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that such stupid behaviour does the Liberals no favours, and they need to have their own internal “immediate investigation” into how such dumbness could possibly be considered a smart political move. Far more likely to lose support for the so-called alternative government than it could possibly gain. Did they not think this would come out?

I for one would prefer to see the Assembly behaving more like a local Council, putting the issues before party sniping. If they were to behave more *like* a government, they might have more chance of actually *becoming* the government.

[ED – Just how they managed to swing the domain registration will be *very* interesting, In my experience of domain registration in Australia it would have required either fraud or corruption, but I’ll concede the possibility of a cockup]

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15 Responses to Stupid Assembly games pt 157: Libs register
deezagood deezagood 4:53 pm 03 May 09

This does seem very childish … noting that the Australian Labour party were childish first, with their registration of the John Howard domain name prior to the last federal election. Maybe they figured what is good for the goose, is good for the gander (or the best defence is offence), although two wrongs certainly don’t make a right … cliche, cliche etc… etc…

el el 4:41 pm 03 May 09

Hmm… now re-directs to a WordPress login page. Be interested to see what’s behind the login screen (is there a default admin password for WP? 🙂 )

DawnDrifter DawnDrifter 4:27 pm 03 May 09

from Internic
Liberal Party of Australia ACT Division
PO Box 66
Deakin West, Australian Capital Territory 2600

Registered through: MILlink
Created on: 02-Aug-07
Expires on: 02-Aug-10
Last Updated on: 16-Sep-08

Administrative Contact:
Heath, Andrew
Liberal Party of Australia ACT Division
PO Box 66
Deakin West, Australian Capital Territory 2600
262735155 Fax —

Technical Contact:
Heath, Andrew
Liberal Party of Australia ACT Division
PO Box 66
Deakin West, Australian Capital Territory 2600
262735155 Fax —

Domain servers in listed order:

p1 p1 2:59 pm 03 May 09

Oh, and it’s okay, because they reckon the registration was only for “strategic purposes”.

I guess they could say that they did it to deny the use of the site to the other side?

Isn’t really a news story though, unless that address redirects you to hardc0re pr0n…

shiny flu shiny flu 9:24 pm 02 May 09

I think this calls for some “Dirty Liberal Scum!” stickers.

bd84 bd84 7:42 pm 02 May 09

Labor has been looking for anything and everything that has nothing to do with anything lately. This is not an issue that even needs reported, I mean it’s a domain name, who the hell cares? Labor must be bored and lacking interest in actually making policy or bringing up these BS stories to hide something else going on.

Though seeing Katy pretending to be upset on tv about a facebook profile spoof of her, then threatening to take legal action because it’s supposedly defamatory (it’s not even offensive from the bit i’ve seen on the news), is classic 630pm viewing..

johnboy johnboy 3:53 pm 02 May 09

Now here’s a question…

All this has been powder that Labor’s been keeping dry for some time now.

Why wheel out this artillery now? My guess is it’s going to be a rotten budget.

Spectra Spectra 3:01 pm 02 May 09

Thumper: it was definitely the libs – first, the registrant details were of their director at the time, and second, the article starts with: “The ACT Liberal Party has defended the registration of an internet page with the name of the Chief Minister.” Can’t imagine they’d be in a rush to defend it if they hadn’t done it.

The last two paragraphs are particularly hilarious – basically saying that the federal Labor party had done the same thing with Howard and Turnbul’s names, so therefore it was okay. Apparently the phrase “we won’t stoop to their level” doesn’t exist in politics. Oh, and it’s okay, because they reckon the registration was only for “strategic purposes”. Whatever the hell that’s meant to mean.

As has been noted, either the registrar cocked up royally, or the Libs committed fraud to get the name. Given the libs inability to organise the proverbial “root in a brothel” in recent years, I’m be guessing the first option is far more likely.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy VYBerlinaV8_the_one_they_all_copy 1:53 pm 02 May 09

It’s hard to take political parties seriously when you see this sort of behaviour. It’s like they all live in a big pre-school or something.

Thumper Thumper 1:41 pm 02 May 09

Do we know for sure that it was the Libs, and not just a member of public who can’t stand him?

Anyway, it’s certainly not dull in the world of canberra local politics 😉

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 12:22 pm 02 May 09

Jon would never register his name that way, any fule kno that!

It would be

Woody Mann-Caruso Woody Mann-Caruso 11:51 am 02 May 09

I’m going to say ‘fraud’. The alternative is that they accidentally believed ‘jonstanhope’ was the name of their company, business, partnership, trademark, incorporated association or commercial statutory body, or is “closely and substantially connected to the registrant”. They would’ve ticked one or more of these boxes when registering the domain. Deception to obtain a benefit.

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 11:50 am 02 May 09

jk of course

Hells_Bells74 Hells_Bells74 11:50 am 02 May 09

The only stuff up here is that they didn’t name it

ant ant 11:20 am 02 May 09

agree totally, Al. Childish, stupid behaviour and WE’RE paying for them! What value does an opposition add? They’re an expensive waste of time. Canberra needs a town council, not a parliament.

I suspect the rego was a stuffup, although registering domains is quite a bit more twisty than non ones.

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