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Mrs G 16 January 2011 13

Hi Rioters,

I am an inner-north resident of 7 years, but need some advice for a friend moving from Canada to live in Canberra.

I fear I am slightly biased towards recommending an inner-north location, and would prefer to have a more balanced view for her to consider before deciding on the best place for rental accommodation. I have a feeling this topic has been discussed here before, but for the life of me couldn’t find any articles that were relevant.

Her priorities are:

“A walkable/bikeable neighbourhood, with good access to parks, fruits/veggie stores, natural food stores, and other amenities. Also reasonable commute to work (by the airport) and yoga studio that I’ll likely join (in Mitchell). I’d like to live in a bohemian/artsy community but one that is safe and clean.”

My first thought was O’Connor, but I’m not a ‘bohemian/artsy’ person so not really sure on that point??!

Any recommendations would be very much appreciated!

Mrs G

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13 Responses to Suburb recommendations for a new resident
bitzermaloney bitzermaloney 1:54 pm 18 Jan 11

Heavs said :

#6 – why would anyone want to live in Vancouver.

… because the rest of the coubtry spends at 80+% in knee deep snow or worse?

Lin Lin 1:49 pm 18 Jan 11

Griffith does seem to tick most boxes indeed. So does Narrabundah if you replace ‘bohemian’ with ‘derro’.

(Disclaimer: I lived in ‘bundah for years and still would be if I could afford the rents)

dtc dtc 9:15 am 17 Jan 11

Although it doesnt seem too far, it can take 30min+ to drive from the inner North to the airport – about 20min of that spent on Limestone Ave. So take that into account – somewhere like Narrabundah is much closer to the airport and may be cheaper than the more inner South

Heavs Heavs 9:13 am 17 Jan 11

#6 – why would anyone want to live in Vancouver. It rains 80% of the time and it has the biggest homeless problem I have seen in any first world city. Seriously overrated – I couldn’t wait to get out of there.

bigfeet bigfeet 6:55 am 17 Jan 11

“…and would prefer to have a more balanced view…”

You’re new here aren’t you?

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 9:11 pm 16 Jan 11

A suburb that matches all those criteria simply doesn’t exist in Canberra.

Mrs G Mrs G 3:44 pm 16 Jan 11

Thanks for all the suggestions!

I agree – she might have overly high expectations, but I’m hoping we can find somewhere that meets some of her requirements at least….bohemian isn’t really something you find in Canberra, but I think Griffith or inner-north might fit the bill for most of the other points.


Jamika Jamika 1:28 pm 16 Jan 11

Except for the lack of proximity to her workplace near the airport, or the yoga studio at Mitchell, my recommendation would be…Vancouver. I mean, why on Earth would anyone voluntarily leave one of the best countries on Earth to live in … Canberra? The criteria she outlines are reasonably achievable in most cities in Canada, but people here seem to be scratching their heads as the ponder your request. I guess Lyneham is the closest approximation I can come up with, but then she will have to deal with Canberra’s housing shortage, exorbitant rents/house prices, the lack of variety in fresh food outlets, the high price of groceries generally (compared to other states), and the innate conservatism of Canberra residents. As someone mentioned above, Canberra doesn’t really do “bohemian”. Don’t get me wrong, as far as Australian cities go, Canberra is … nice. I like it. But fundamentally, it’s a sprawling middle class suburb; not really the vibrant, artsy sort of place your friend seems to be hoping for. Good luck to her, nonetheless. I hope she finds what she is looking for.

sexynotsmart sexynotsmart 12:48 pm 16 Jan 11

If work is near the airport… remember Struggletown! Inner Quangers may be suitable. But it would really depend on the person.

Cordelia Cordelia 10:31 am 16 Jan 11

Sounding like a Griffithian or inner-northian.

Curtin/Hughes seem to be quite lively.

Kingston and Manuka have been destroyed by the developers – there is no artsy ambience there whatsoever, just the Glassworks – all of whose practitioners of course live in 2601/2602.

O’Connor/Ainslie/Lyneham/Reid – can’t go wrong on most of the attributes she is after. Inner north is just as convenient to the airport as Griffith.

arescarti42 arescarti42 10:24 am 16 Jan 11

Hosinator said :

I do believe this is Canberra and we shun bohemian artsy types.

We also shun people who walk and ride bikes.

Sounds like most of the inner north or south would be fine for your friend.

Hosinator Hosinator 9:43 am 16 Jan 11

I do believe this is Canberra and we shun bohemian artsy types.

On a serious note, Kingston or Manuka as it ticks the boxes for close to work, parks, Fyshwick Fresh Fruit Markets, the lake is close by for walking and cycling. It just isn’t that close to Mitchell for the Yoga studio.

justsomeaussie justsomeaussie 9:22 am 16 Jan 11

Sounds like Grffith is far more suitable

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