Summernats feeling the pressure of Global Economic Crisis?

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The ABC have a story that the Summernats are feeling the pressure of a slowing economy. The part of the story the caught my specific interest was at the end,

“I don’t want to end up in a situation where I’m really, really squeezed and I have to consider either, worse scenario, moving the event to somewhere else who’s prepared to offer up good rent, a good rental proposition or worse still wonder whether I’ve got the financial ability to keep the event running.” – Chic Henry

I suspect that there are probably almost as many people in Canberra hoping for the rent to go up, as there is down.


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98 Responses to Summernats feeling the pressure of Global Economic Crisis?
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Nambucco Deliria Nambucco Deliria 12:09 pm 06 Dec 08

Could there be a bit in the film where Kyle Sandilands comes to judge the wet t-shirt competition and gets rent limb from limb by the slavering, bundy-fuelled, sex-crazed horde after awarding the prize to his girlfriend?

VicePope VicePope 11:18 am 06 Dec 08

Oh dear. This morning’s Canberra Times. Chic Henry chucking a hissy, and threatening to take his bat and ball away if the ACT Government doesn’t give him an even bigger subsidy. As one who has sometimes wondered how much it would cost to get BoganFest moved, it’s good to know that it might be less than letting it stay.

If it must stay, let the businesses that are said to profit from SummerNats kick in for it. Purveyors of prossies, porn, petrol and piss – this could be your moment. If they won’t pay, the road north isn’t too far. Bye-bye. Please.

(Ihave been amusing myself with thoughts of a SummerNats movie. Paul Hogan as Chic. The assorted bogans from Fat Pizza, Bogan Pride and the more recent rubbish about a courier firm staffed entirely by offensive stereotypes as the rest of the cast. Call it Top Bogan – “the heartwarming story of a man whose noble vision it was to get the public to pay for one of the most cringeworthy disgraces ever inflicted on an innocent city” etc. Sam Neill as Stanhope).

aronde aronde 7:12 am 06 Dec 08

ABC news last night had a brief story about a document left behind at a press conference that stated the organiser of Summernats was paid a six figure sum to run it. Can’t see anything online about it.

farnarkler farnarkler 3:10 am 06 Dec 08

There are some interesting things in the report. If I’d lived in Watson and had found a summernats patron swimming in my pool late at night I wouldn’t have taken my foot off the b*stards head and claimed they’d drowned whilst drunk.

$3 million net profit to the ACT is not very much (fair enough it was 2005 and I imagine it’s gone up). I wonder how much of that is kept aside for next years’ summernats.

I was impressed by the Swedish study which gives noise pollution a $ value depending on the decibel level. Perhaps the police should be equipped with noise meters and those who are caught exceeding a certain limit after say midnight would have their car confiscated and it be crushed.

GB GB 10:01 pm 05 Dec 08

farnarkler said :

Is it possible to find out how much money the summernats brings into the ACT and also the money the ACT government has to pay for police overtime, cleaning up , vandalism, etc that summernats causes. Anyone got any ideas?

The full report is here.

Poptop’s right though – social costs are not included; and there have been some methodological criticisms as well.

poptop poptop 11:16 am 05 Dec 08

Last year Our Beloved Leader put out a Media Release indicating the net benefit was about $3 million.

Dunno how they costed the increase in violence and rape though. =-/

farnarkler farnarkler 10:50 am 05 Dec 08

Is it possible to find out how much money the summernats brings into the ACT and also the money the ACT government has to pay for police overtime, cleaning up , vandalism, etc that summernats causes. Anyone got any ideas?

ant ant 9:26 am 05 Dec 08

Well said. phototext. Having one’s existence imposed-upon by offensive, threatening, loud people so that one bloke can make some money is essentially wrong and it sounds lke a lot of people have finally had a gutful.

Look at the ads for Summernats on TV… a fury of roaring cars spinning their tyres, cheering yobs waving beer, and stripper-type females dancing about. It’s not promoted as an enthusiasts’ event, but as a loud, yobbish event.

Our taxes pay for the diversion of police to try and deal with the event (Fabforty had some words about this earlier in the thread, too), and if they can’t control the yobs (and clearly they can’t), then how are they to be controlled?

farnarkler farnarkler 8:55 am 05 Dec 08

I agree, just because the cars entered weren’t designed by Giugiaro, Gandini or Bertone doesn’t mean they can’t be rolling works of art. Some of the paintjobs cost around $20k. Now who wants to drive around a car like that and have some knuckle dragger throw something at it because it’s not their favourite (ie the battle between Ford & Holden).

phototext phototext 8:44 am 05 Dec 08

“But of course this isn’t art is it, so I wouldn’t expect you refined public servants to put up with it.”

As a “refined public servant” who creates art I disagree. Some of the creative effort put into some of the cars could easily be called art.

But, it is irrelevant to the central point. If the Home Expo show or the Folk Festival had drunken yobs roaming the burbs etc etc causing problems I’d be all for closing them down too.

For some weird reason they don’t though and there are other car events that don’t have such behaviour happening. Perhaps, as suggested, moving it to winter would stop the yob element ruining it for all.

sepi sepi 8:43 am 05 Dec 08

Ari I’d be landscaping your corner block with some really really big rocks.

– as for the art comment – people around here seem to hate art too.

belray belray 8:30 am 05 Dec 08

Adza said :

But of course this isn’t art is it, so I wouldn’t expect you refined public servants to put up with it.

Unfounded, unfair and a totally rediculous statement.

FC FC 7:48 am 05 Dec 08

VYBerlina – I should have finished that comment with, ”

farnarkler farnarkler 7:38 am 05 Dec 08

A lot of you say you stay away from the idiots but it’s when the idiots come to you, your streets that things need to be done. Ari, if I were in your position I would weld some nails together and throw the resulting caltraps all over the road to puncture their tyres however I’m probably not as nice as you.

Labor didn’t get the nine seats it needs for total government which means it has to court the greens to get what it wants. The greens could be the way to getting summernats moved or banned.

phototext phototext 7:37 am 05 Dec 08

Theoretically there should be nothing wrong with Summernats, car festivals don’t have to involve booze and boobs and bad behaviour.

The majority of those that attend, the ones that ensure that Chic Henry makes a profit, are there for the cars and don’t act like Summernats is the ACT equivalent of Schoolies Week.

Unfortunately the small percentage of idiots are still a large number of people and go out of their way to make life unpleasant for everyone else. Inner North is a nightmare during Summernats.

Anyone who thinks that you should just avoid the “trouble spots” has no idea how many yobs their are driving around the suburbs being assholes, Braddon being especially dangerous.

If you are a white male and want an idea of how unpleasant it can be, dress up in a Burqa and walk through Braddon at night when Summernats is on. Have fun.

The Inner North area is residential suburbs, not a play park for drunken, sexist, racist violent yobs with the IQ of a dead fish.

It shouldn’t be like that, car festivals don’t have to involve such behaviour.

Instead of calling those who complain about such disgusting behaviour Wowsers etc etc the car enthusiast community and Summernats needs to get together and do something about it. If that involves more security staff and less profit, well, so be it. I don’t see why I and the majority of Inner North residents should have to put up with Summernats so that Chick Henry can make a profit.

If Summernats closes down and Canberra gets a reputation as being boring, who cares. What does it matter what a bunch of yobs think about our city. Putting up with such behaviour so we won’t be thought of as boring is ridiculous.

Ari Ari 12:47 am 05 Dec 08

Adza said :

Moving Summernats won’t fix the yobbo problems, all you’re doing is to push it somewhere else… out of your backyard so it’s not your problem.

I live in the inner north on an exposed corner block with a two-year-old sleeping in the room closest to the street.

Summernats d*ckheads use my street for drag racing and when this event is on I live in fear that one will lose control and slam into my baby’s room. In the past two years two cars have ended up within metres of the room in run-of-the-mill intersection bingles.

So, yes, I would rather it was someone else’s problem.

Adza Adza 10:57 pm 04 Dec 08

Moving Summernats won’t fix the yobbo problems, all you’re doing is to push it somewhere else… out of your backyard so it’s not your problem.

I’ve been to Summernats 4 times in the last 14 years. Everytime I enjoy myself and stay clear of the yobbos. I take my wife and 3 kids as well and they love it.

The amount of tits you see there is less than one night’s worth of viewing on TV.

But of course this isn’t art is it, so I wouldn’t expect you refined public servants to put up with it.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:35 pm 04 Dec 08

AngryHenry said :

Jim Jones said :

There’s really nothing that creative about what they do now, it’s the same shite every year.

Agreed. That is why I won’t be attending this year (or probably ever again). I have been to every Summernats held in Canberra, three as an entrant. I went last year only because I was given a free pass, after being there for five minutes I was bored and wanted to leave.

Alcohol is a big part of the problem. I think they have banned or considerably cutdown on BYO grog. You can still purchase grog inside EPIC though at greatly inflated prices.

Maybe Goulburn (Wakefield Park) would be a more suitable place, though I’m not sure that the town has enough facilities (accomodation/servos.

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 9:33 pm 04 Dec 08

I have no probs going to the nats as a spectator. Have taken the missus (who isn’t a car enthusiast by any stretch) and our kids who are aged under 10.

If it was unsafe at all, then of course we wouldn’t go.

We plan to go again this year.

staria staria 8:48 pm 04 Dec 08

I’m not a big car fan myself, but always thought Summernats was a great idea when it started as it was something a bit different for Canberra. I think most would agree we are better off having a range of attractions throughout the year to keep people happy and interested. Now it’s just a big money grab. Why else wouldn’t Chic Henry go back to emphasising nice cars and car-related events? Now it seems to be sell as much alcohol as you can in an effort to make profit. I know alchohol was always there, but I reckon getting rid of it is the only way to try and turn this mess around as the people who attend nowadays have not proven they can act otherwise.

Otherwise, get rid of it – it’s not worth it.

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