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Swans Reserves back-to-back ACTAFL Premiers

By Samuel Gordon-Stewart 25 September 2006 12

[Ed- Picture courtesy of Bonfire]

The Sydney Swans reserves have thrashed the Belconnen Magpies to become back-to-back ACTAFL premiers. The Swans won 10.16 (76) to 6.7 (43). The win good be a good omen for the Swans first grade team, who won the AFL Grand Final last year after the Swans Reserves won the ACTAFL Grand Final.

Based on the scores at each break, it looks like the Swans dominated the entire match, but were terribly inaccurate with their kicking (excusable given the strong winds)…Belconnen had a decent start, they were level with the Swans at quarter time, Sydney 2.6 (18), Belconnen 3.0 (18), but from there on it was all the Swans.

The second quarter saw the Swans score five time, with the Magpies only scoring once, the Swans led by 19 points at half time, 6.7 (43) to 4.0 (24).

The third quarter saw a minor comeback from the Magpies, but the Swans were still in control, the Swans scored 10 times (only goaling from three attempts) whilst the Magpies could only score four times, and goal once. At three quarter time the Swans led by 35 points, 9.14 (68) to 5.3 (33).

Belconnen appear to have had a better last quarter than Sydney, but it was too little, too late. Belconnen scored five times, and kept the Swans to three scores. At full time it was the Swans winning by 33 points, 10.16 (76) to 6.7 (43).

According to the Swans Reserves website, the goal scorers were as follows:

Swans: Spriggs 2, Currie, Laidlaw, Phillips, Rowe, Simpkin, Thornton, Vogels, Wall. Belconnen: Knowles 2, Bennett, Turnbull, Weston, York.

Best on ground for the Swans was Bevan, and best on ground for the Magpies was Braton.

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Swans Reserves back-to-back ACTAFL Premiers
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Heavs 9:24 am 26 Sep 06

I had heard a whisper about that Mr Ferret. Seems a bit retarded to me. The Canberra District league is just that – it’s a districts league which is a step down from the main one. They are attracting teams from all round the region who are there to have a kick and a good time – wanting to win obviously but not spending thousands of dollars a week on player payments to do so.
In the last three years there have been three new clubs come on board, two of them reformed after a long hiatus (Yass and Goulburn). Cootamundra has come in from the Farrer league. I hope they do change it back to the Monaro League. They were some good days!

Thumper 8:01 am 26 Sep 06

Thanks for the run down SGS.

Now for cricket season….


Cityboy 9:44 pm 25 Sep 06

Manuka oval runs out of pies every time any one turns up. At the Kangaroos Geelong game, you could not get a sausage roll after quarter time. The people who run it are not very good at managing stock.

Also what is with the massive queues at the concessionary stands- why are they unable to get more people to sell food at these event?

miz 9:34 pm 25 Sep 06

Care factor??! I hate all codes of thugby and ozzee rools, the Grand Finals ruin my birthday EVERY year. Yes, that IS a big chip on my shoulder . . . !

Growling Ferret 6:35 pm 25 Sep 06

CD’s are the only growing comp in Canberra – firsts and reserves are teetering on being a basket case… What would Belconnen gain by dropping their 3’s and 4’s?

Have you heard anything about the proposal/rumour to dump Reserves down to Canberra District – it has shaken up some clubs – and perhaps lead to the rebirth of a Monaro League…

Heavs 3:58 pm 25 Sep 06

And a much more satisfying result for Belconnen as well Mr Ferret. And to think the club want to ditch the Canberra District sides.

Growling Ferret 2:44 pm 25 Sep 06

Looking at that photo, I reckon there were more people at the Canberra District finals a month or so ago…

Growling Ferret 1:39 pm 25 Sep 06


Wagga Tigers have the problem that they dominated the Farrar League, and everyone around there hates them and doesn’t want to play for them. There are no other clubs south of Sydney that would be strong enough to compete…

I agree with Heavs – they should be allowed 12 AFL affiliated players, and the remaining 8 as pickups from the AFL Canberra Under 18’s or the Sydney Under 18’s comp. Wtih all the $$ going into the Sydney market, surely they can find 10 under 18’s worth trying at the higher level?

Weston Creek going under and being the Wildcats? Same problems, different name

bonfire 12:26 pm 25 Sep 06

I agree.

With weston creek going under, and being replaced by the stupidly named ‘wildcats’ for next year, they need to expand the regional comp and get sydney out of it.

Wagga is a strong team, there has to be other regional towns with afl teams that could join a revamped actafl league.

Heavs 11:42 am 25 Sep 06

They really need to do something about the Swans. That’s 40 games undefeated now. In the VFL sides which are affiliated with AFL teams are only allowed to play 12 listed players. For what is in effect a bush league there should be a similar situation in place – 12 listed Swans players with the rest of the team being made up of Sydney AFL players. The Swans who don’t make the team get farmed out to Sydney AFL clubs for the weekend. It’s not ideal but the current situation is just retarded.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart 11:07 am 25 Sep 06

No, I wasn’t there, as indicated by the “Based on the scores at each break, it looks like the Swans dominated the entire match” comment. I’m annoyed by the lack of media interest in the match…I figure somebody had to write something about it…thankfully that led to an eyewitness report from somebody who was actually there…thanks for that Bonfire.

bonfire 10:57 am 25 Sep 06

were you at the match sgs ?

if you were you may have added the following.

the weather was cold and windy, with intermittent rain in the first quarter making the ground slippery.

Belconnnen and Sydney both played tough man on man football, with many physical contests between individuals.

Although the score shows a comprehensive Swans victory, the game was more even than the numbers suggest with the swans kicking the few scoring shots of the second quarter within minutes of the half time siren.

The conditioning and access to superior facilities by the swans paid dividends following half time when they increased their lead over belco. The game was played at a savage intensity with neither side prepared to give up. Soft umpiring decisions in favour of sydney showed that the umpires were biased.

Several of the players in the sydney team were aware they could be picked up for the AFL grand final if their stars aligned and this was reflected in individual efforts on the day.

Goal scoring was difficult due to the squally conditions, with several set shots directly in front of the goals picked up by the wind and lofted sideways.

It was a tough match and although Belconnen lost they shouldnt feel too upset. Sydney won every home and away match this season except for two – one a draw with weston creek, and the other a forfeit when weston creek didnt have enough players.

Poor logisitcs on the day saw hot pies run out prior to half time to the dismay of many. Even buns for hotdogs were unavailable. The tomato sauce provided was of a very low standard.

And if someone can explain what game was played at half time and why, please do. it looked like netball with afl posts.

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