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Target 75

By GnT 4 June 2007 15

While we’re on the topic of water …

Tomorrow (June 5) is World Environment Day, and Tim the Yowie Man in conjunction with Mix 106.3 are encouraging all Canberrans to reduce their water use for 24 hours. “Target 75” is a plan to reduce Canberra’s water use from the average 118 megalitres to 75 megalitres for the day.

Sure, it’s only for one day and it’s probably more symbolic than actually beneficial, but we can all do something tomorrow to reduce our water use.

More information can be found here.

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Target 75
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Catriona 9:47 pm 08 Jun 07

Soulman, limiting the amount of children people can have does not = extinction of the human race.

pjp 6:43 pm 07 Jun 07

you dont have to put restrictions in place if you put prices up, If a small amount of water was aloted to each house at a normal cost, then every drop after that was charged at 10x this amount then people may stop wasting water

soulman 7:06 pm 06 Jun 07

catriona, I vote we adopt the Chinese method.

No, I’m serious. It would be very environmentally friendly. For example:

One kid = less water!
One political party = saves on paper for ballots

Yeah, it is a crazy idea actually. Whether we run out of water or we limit the number of kids we have, in either case the human race would go bust.

Catriona 10:12 am 06 Jun 07

Yet the govt. is happy that the birth rate is up? If we are in such a dire situation, shouldn’t we be trying to keep the population down in order to conserve our very limited resources?


caf 10:48 am 05 Jun 07

Thumper, as things stand if it does rain then we can use the Murrumbidgee pumping station to collect it.

Ralph 10:00 am 05 Jun 07

They can have a try on later in the year and try to dictate what water gets used for what purpose indoors and how much. The reality is this cannot ever be policed.

Thumper 9:40 am 05 Jun 07

Ingee, if a dam had been built we could assume that it would at least have 30% capacity.

As it is, we have no dam, thus no extra water storage facilities. thus, if it does rain, we wouldn’t be able to collect it.

And, if it does rain, the current dams will fill up a bit and everyone will point out that we no longer need a new dam. And much back patting and self congratulation will be seen.

But it won’t help in the long term.

We need to do something about water now. And restrictions can only help so much, especially when it is industry that uses the majority of the water.

Maelinar 9:35 am 05 Jun 07

Ingee, they’re going to ratify an international agreement on our behalf.

Shudder in your jocks.

Ingeegoodbee 9:32 am 05 Jun 07

Given the amount of geotech, engineering and EIA work being undertaken at the moment specifically in potential catchment areas you could probably assume that a new dam, or re-engineered existing dam is being seriously considered.

The reality is though that even if we had built a new dam five years ago, today we’d be looking at a bloody high wall at the end of a valley somewhere with a puddle of piss at the bottom of it.

What really interest’s me is – what’s going to happen if we end up having a dry winter and spring? Given that outdoor water use is such a minescule proportion of overall potable water consumption, what does the Governmnet have up its sleave in terms of highly proscriptive and invasive regulation of water use within the home?

Black Ice 9:31 am 05 Jun 07

“Don’t use your washing machine or dishwasher.” Oookaayy. The clothes/dishes will still need to be washed, so all we’re doing is moving today’s water usage to tomorrow. Frakking useless suggestion.

Ralph 9:20 am 05 Jun 07

Another religous gesture from the environment movement.

Thumper 8:32 am 05 Jun 07

Infrastructure anyone?

I’m sick of bloody water restrictions and my water useage is virtually none. There has to a major and fundamental flaw when governments cannot even provide the most basic necessity for human life.

Even worse, they refuse to provide any better alternatives to providing that necessity.

Just bite the f*cking bullet Jon. So what if a dam was Liberal idea. You’ve had years and years to do something other than simply introducing restrictions. Build the dam. You can call it the f*cking Jon Stanhope Water Storage Facility for all I care, just get around and build the f*cker!

barking toad 7:41 am 05 Jun 07

More gay posturing.

I’ll have a long hot shower then soak in a bath while the sprinklers are on.

soulman 9:43 pm 04 Jun 07

Great, that will make all the difference. Next they’ll be running shuttle buses to Corin Dam so that when we need to piss, we can go up there an do it into the dam. Hey, waste not want not?

Let’s all turn our lives upside down for a bit of meaningless feelgood crapola that won’t make a scrap of difference. Yay.

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