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Tarot would be cheaper

Ari 9 April 2006 13

“The Australian Federal Police have suspended an officer after he consulted a clairvoyant in a small NSW town about a death threat made to Prime Minister John Howard.”

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Tarot would be cheaper
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shauno 4:19 pm 11 Apr 06

We have a govnt that starts parliment with a fairy tale to a mythical god. And we have an AFP that consults with lunatic crack pots who hear voices. haha good one

Stella 12:58 pm 11 Apr 06

I don’t think that the AFP member should be punished at all. Surely he didn’t reveal any information, this gifted psychic merely read his mind and found out all the details.
If he denies saying anything, they would need to prove that she is not psychic at all. If they can do that, he should sue her for not providing the service promised.

shauno 11:01 pm 10 Apr 06

Bonfire you hit the nail on the head about the Lords prayer being said in parliment. To me thats just silly it would be better off if we had a secular head of govnt that doesnt pander to the likes of any religion. But anyway what where we talking about?

redneck_ninja 12:45 pm 10 Apr 06

That’s new – a psychic that doesn’t want to tell anyone that “She’s the real deal”, and posts her number in womens magazines. Stick to the proven science, that’s what I say.

Ari 12:21 pm 10 Apr 06

Just as the AFP expects the public to psychically sense it’s doing a great job without actually deigning to release information on anything unless forced.

bonfire 12:17 pm 10 Apr 06

of course not – youre supposed to psychically sense it.

wonsworld 12:12 pm 10 Apr 06

Congratulations bonfire. You constructed a whole post without using the term softhead once, well done 🙂

BTW, I have known the medium concerned for years and never knew till now that she was or had any psychic gifts. She certainly doesn’t advertise it about the place.

bonfire 12:02 pm 10 Apr 06

while they say prayers in parliament, dont make too much fun of psychics.

of course im in favour of thrashing these whackos out of town (been to a psychic fair’ lately?) for preying on the vulnerable, but also believe people should be able to believe in whatever they want to believe in.

Sssanta 11:12 am 10 Apr 06

I wonder what they will try next. Sending hari Krishnas to infiltrate elements of Australian based islamic extremists?

redneck_ninja 10:58 am 10 Apr 06

It’s because that was just a murder case – this is to do with national security. Because surprise surprise some people want to kill the prime minister of Australia. Word is that the police officer in question has family down in Cooma.

terubo 7:28 am 10 Apr 06

Wasn’t a clairvoyant freely consulted by police/detectives in SA’s ‘Beaumont children’ case?

Special G 7:01 am 10 Apr 06

I watched Medium on TV the other night and she helps solve crimes all the time.

Ari 9:48 pm 09 Apr 06

I wonder why she didn’t warn him of the looming trouble with his bosses.

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