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Ted wants to cut a further 5% from ACT Agencies

By johnboy - 25 October 2005 18

The Canberra Times has a story on Ted “Slasher” Qinlan’s long overdue plans to remove 5% of fat from the bloated ACT Public Service.

Keep this up for a few years and we might be getting somewhere.

What’s Your opinion?

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18 Responses to
Ted wants to cut a further 5% from ACT Agencies
Thumper 8:21 am 27 Oct 05


Canberra gets a (sort of) plug?

I’ll have a captain cook at it….

terubo 8:16 am 27 Oct 05

Thumper, it’s on their website under “Media” stories & it’s entitled “iTunes Music Store Hits Australia” or similar…Oct. 26. Author: John Griffiths. Canberra gets a (sort of) plug.

Thumper 8:07 am 27 Oct 05

JB, have you a link to the Crikey post or is it elsewhere and I’m just stupid.

terubo 8:28 pm 26 Oct 05

Hey JB, nice article in Crikey today – bit of a trail run in RiotACT yesterday, eh?

johnboy 7:41 pm 26 Oct 05

I’m fine thanks Indi. I’ve never suffered fools gladly and am suffering them more than I like right now.

Politics in this town don’t bring out the best in me.

terubo 9:38 am 26 Oct 05

OK I exaggerate a little – plenty of grass & daisies in the outfield but as rough/clumpy as hell…occasional Sat comp + social whenever.

Indi 9:25 am 26 Oct 05

Things ok JB – you’ve had a mean streak in you of late…slash the public service, Oppositions are not up to scratch, CM is slowly but surely losing his mind, the Principality is about to collapse…

Thumper 9:09 am 26 Oct 05

I’m on turf, when it doesn’t rain or my back isn’t stuffed.

Outfields have been superb, if you like lush, green long grass….

ssanta 9:05 am 26 Oct 05

Drop on your head JB. If that 5% of the bloated ACT Government got the sack, i think RA readership would suffer somewhat…
Secondly, hiring temp staff to cover shortfalls in staffing over a short period cost Govt. more than having a permanent in the same position. It is this preposterous cost sutting by laying off staff that has led to this blow out in costs. Not to mention costly court cases, junkets to Europe by MLA’s and senior PS staff etc.

Indi 8:53 am 26 Oct 05

I have to admit I played on a superb surface at Kaleen last weekend and it was one of best grounds I’ve ever seen!

Are you guys playing Sat or Sun comp?

terubo 8:41 am 26 Oct 05

You on turf or syntho? I’m on syntho with an outfield like the surface of the moon…and about as much grass.

Thumper 8:25 am 26 Oct 05

They already have, its called ground fees.

and the grounds are in shocking condition.

terubo 8:09 am 26 Oct 05

Could be worse, Thumps, they might think of a cricket tax!

Thumper 7:38 am 26 Oct 05

Well, be prepared for higher pay parking, greater car rego and an increase in all the other nasty little bills you have to pay to do anything in this principality.

In fact, surely this is the time to install parking metres on every single street in Canberra.

seepi 5:34 pm 25 Oct 05

Compared to some of the larger Federal Gvot departments the ACT govt is super lean and mean.

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