Tension around Woden Plaza

Crikey 7 March 2008 15

A friend emailed me this morning about a fight she witnessed in Woden in Furzer Street. A public servant (he had a pass) and a socially-challenged looking guy with a young son exchanged some words and than punches were throw. The public servant type threw his hot coffee over the socially-challenged looking guy, which apparently stung somewhat.

As a side-line, the Public Servant had dark features, perhaps Indian. Why I say this were become apparent in a minute.

I discussed this with a colleague at work and he said he had witnessed a similar occurrence at Woden Plaza recently. A guy, who looked similar, with a young son, started bashing into a young Asian guy, after words had been exchanged. This took place near the David Jones entrance (McDonald’s side).

Now, I am wondering if there is a bogan around Woden who is perhaps insulting, racial abusing Asians.

Has anyone heard off any similar cases?

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15 Responses to Tension around Woden Plaza
Mælinar Mælinar 9:47 pm 12 Mar 08

He probably looked like somebody hit him with a spade when he was younger too…

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 9:06 pm 12 Mar 08

That’s better.

Call a spade a spade etc…

Crikey Crikey 8:21 am 11 Mar 08

Are you worried Hasdrubahl….it was just a nice way of saying he was a feral looking bogan junkie.

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 8:46 pm 10 Mar 08

How does one look “socially-challenged”?

aa aa 5:01 pm 09 Mar 08

it would help if the media wasn’t racist. Look at the gang rapists in sydney a couple of years ago. They were very quick to push they were lebanese, turned out 1 out of the 20 was lebanese, the rest were indian and pakistani.

gingermick gingermick 3:14 pm 08 Mar 08

Methinks there could be a gang of Asian thugs beating up socially-challenged looking parents of the male variety. Bastards!

flashboy flashboy 12:32 pm 08 Mar 08

Socially challenged or just down right ignorant. Racism is not acceptable by anyone. People need to grow up and get with the times. If we see racism incidents happening we should speak up for our multicultural community and together – stamp out the intolerable rudeness.

KevinPepper KevinPepper 11:05 pm 07 Mar 08
KevinPepper KevinPepper 11:04 pm 07 Mar 08

Did the two fighters look like this after?

shiny flu shiny flu 10:48 pm 07 Mar 08

Being of asian appearance yet completely brought up in Australia, I can quite easily say that the bogan population is vast and spread out… also the ignorance that goes with it.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 9:48 pm 07 Mar 08

So, you’re saying one man threw hot coffee on another? It’s outrageous, egregious, preposterous!

Sounds like a case for Jackie Chiles.

TAD TAD 9:44 pm 07 Mar 08

I know a bloke who was punched in the face at a Sydney train station and told to go home to his own country.

Funny thing was he is aboriginal.

Spectra Spectra 9:33 pm 07 Mar 08

Probably the most depressing thing I’ve personally witnessed in Canberra was when, walking through the carpark at Belconnen mall with a friend of mine of Chinese descent, some tosspot roared past on a Harley yelling “Asians go home!” while giving her the finger. I know which of the two I’d rather be sharing a country with.
I’ll never understand how some people’s brains work.

sepi sepi 7:54 pm 07 Mar 08

I was shocked at the Show when someone said ‘Damn Asians’ loudly. I just don’t hear that stuff these days – I must move in the right circles normally.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 5:23 pm 07 Mar 08

Sounds like he met his match today then!

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