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Thanks for help during Woden bike crash.

By Pommy bastard - 10 June 2011 42

My profound and heartfelt thanks to all who came to my aid last night, when my motorbike collided with a taxi in Woden.

I was cut up by a right turning taxi, who claimed not to have seen me, despite my wearing a dayglo jacket and having my lights on.

The large number of people who assisted me, offed to be witnesses, called the ambulance and police, and generally saw to my welfare all have my undying gratitude.

A massive THANK YOU to the young lady who looked after my now wrecked bike, got it transported to a safe place, and has offed to return it to my house, who showed caring and compassion to a total stranger that gives one renewed faith in the human race.

Suffice to say after a night in the kind and wonderful care of Canberra hospital I am now home, with broken collarbone and messed up knee and pelvis, typing to you all left-handed on the wife’s I-pad!

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42 Responses to
Thanks for help during Woden bike crash.
Lurch 2:57 pm 10 Jun 11

Happy to help PB!
Us motorcyclists need to stick together!!

dannybear 2:44 pm 10 Jun 11

for the camera what about something along the lines of this pb?
glad to hear your still alive!

Pommy bastard 2:12 pm 10 Jun 11

stormboy said :

You were rescued by the ‘canberraRiders’, and good on ’em….again

Indeed, that is what they are called. The kindness shown to me by the young lady, and her boyfriend, involved, will not go unrecognised

Pommy bastard 2:09 pm 10 Jun 11

Again, I’m humbled and flattered by those who have commented, my profound thanks. My doctor advised me against continuing motorcycling with the words; “No matter how good and safe a rider you are, or think you are, there’s innumerable idiots out there who think holding a driving license grants them the ability to drive. Give it up.” I’m not doing so though, on the contrary I’m thinking of getting a bigger bike. Riding is too much fun, and stopping doing it would be an admission of, and concession to, old age.

Jim Jones 2:03 pm 10 Jun 11

Glad to hear you’re okay and no lasting damage was done.

Also great to hear that you were helped by a lot of people – the community hasn’t gone to the dogs yet!

stormboy 1:59 pm 10 Jun 11

You were rescued by the ‘canberraRiders’, and good on ’em….again

gingermick 1:48 pm 10 Jun 11

Good to hear you survived, you old (pommy) bastard!

Reprobate 1:37 pm 10 Jun 11

More speed cameras would have prevented this crash. Oh, wait…

Good luck PB, and good to hear the best comes out of Canberrans when things go wrong.

The Frots 1:24 pm 10 Jun 11

So sorry PB – hope that your recovering well and taking the time to rest up. Whatever you do try not to get on Mrs. PB’s nerves – extended home stays and care will do that!!! (I’m speaking from experience here).

Take care – and if there is anything that we can do for you, or for Mrs. PB, to make it a bit easier, let us know.

rosscoact 1:23 pm 10 Jun 11

The first thing I told my son before he went off to get his learners is “They are all out to kill you” and it looks like this one was. Heal quick

Pommy bastard 1:14 pm 10 Jun 11

Thanks very much for the kind words my friends, it was a salutary reminder of mortality. There won’t be any images for a time, as I will not be able to hold a camera. But never fear, your favourite hardline fascist will be back to up hold the extremist Conservative views you all love to hate soon. My left handed typing is coming on a treat…

Skidbladnir 1:12 pm 10 Jun 11

I had sympathy for you until that last word.

However good luck with the recovery, and a salute to the nameless folk who helped a stranger.

Swaggie 12:54 pm 10 Jun 11

Ouch PB! We need our regular fix of PB photos so here’s hoping you get back on your feet soon.

futto 11:55 am 10 Jun 11

Bad Luck! Hope you get better real soon. I always shed a tear for all destroyed bikes.

Some of those intersections in Woden are dark at night and I will double my paranoia on my bike as well now.

Spectra 11:53 am 10 Jun 11

Glad to hear you’re at least still with us. I’m glad to say I had a similar experience the one time I came off my bike (albeit doing far less damage to myself than you managed). Within minutes I had passers-by heading home to get their bike trailer, people checking I was okay and generally being awesome.

When it comes down to it, there’s an awful lot of basically wonderful people in the world – it’s just easy to forget it because the d***heads are much louder.

Get well soon.

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