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The amazing jumping kangaroo

b2 21 May 2008 24

Check out this photo from the Gulf Times off a kangaroo jumping for escape
jumping roo

Personally I’ve never seen a roo jump that high. Maybe the dodgy Belconnen Naval Site did some weird experiments on the roos which is the real reason as to why they have to be killed…?

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24 Responses to The amazing jumping kangaroo
CanberraResident CanberraResident 6:02 pm 22 May 08

van chook, enjoy your fatty, greasy Porky Pig.

Believe it or not, I’m an animal lover, and I would do anything to move those kangaroos without killing them. I was merely making the point that sometimes people protest against killing animals, and then go home to a nice big juicy steak. I know, I know, simplistic, but a point nevertheless.

Oh, and yes, I eat steak, but I don’t protest.

Tha, tha, tha, tha, tha, tha, tha, That’s All Folks!

kean van choc kean van choc 5:04 pm 22 May 08

A bit simplistic, CR. We are a carnivorous being (although like most things I’m sure there is evidence to indicate otherwise as well) so we farm meat to fulfil our dietary choices. And in most cases it is far more humane than how other carnivores get their meat source in the wild – picture a pack of humans running after a cow and ripping it to bits with their teeth and nails while it was still alive?

I’m no mind reader, but I’d say that some of these people (animal rights activists) are probably causing a ‘fuss’ because there are other alternatives to culling these kangaroos but these are not going ahead because of the cost factor. Right or wrong, I think the fact that people care is a very fine thing indeed – all living things deserve fuss. Yes, even the pig that will be providing my protein tonight.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 3:10 pm 22 May 08

kean van choc, culling? killing? End result is still a dead animal. Hmm. I wonder how many cows are “culled” every day to allow for people like you to eat steak.

I hear Hippo Critters are on the increase around here too. Might have to go and cull a few …

moff moff 1:39 pm 22 May 08

As I’ve said before, eastern greys are classified as a pest by Parks and Wildlife.

I’m sure the people who authorise this sort of this have consulted with people who study it. If it really was wrong, then you wouldn’t have everybody (except RSPCA and Viva!) supporting it as the right thing to do.

wishuwell wishuwell 12:51 pm 22 May 08

The jump was a result of being hit with the tranq dart, normal reaction to something unexpected.

kean van choc kean van choc 12:02 pm 22 May 08

Yes, CR, I enjoy a good steak. I also enjoy the very fine kangaroo prosciutto from Poachers Pantry – particularly when wrapped around one of their smoked tomatoes – seriously good stuff. I pretty much enjoy all meats, but I can still empathise with the ethical dilemma (fuss, if you like) that many people (animal rights activists to you) struggle with over this culling of kangaroos.

CanberraResident CanberraResident 10:56 am 22 May 08

kean van choc said :

Cull the Canberra Residents; only a few of us, no fuss…

You can cull me, but you’d have to do the same to the other three hundred and twenty odd thousand Canberra Residents with an upper case “R”… oh, and something tells me you enjoy a good steak … kanga is on special this week at woolies, had a look yesterday. Healthy too.

tap tap 10:46 am 22 May 08

I think it is jumping the fence, because its in front of the fence behind it. (sounds a little obvious. lol)

farout farout 10:44 am 22 May 08

Is the roo jumping over the fence or is it just the perspective of the shot? Maybe the roo is totally outside the fence and the photo taken from a height.

Thumper Thumper 10:26 am 22 May 08

It’s not that amazing.

Afterall, cows can jump over the moon…

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 9:05 am 22 May 08

On kangaroo jumps:

They can jump long distances horizontally or vertically (ie: long or high), but not both.
So the photo (and related story) isn’t actually of anything special.

Aurelius Aurelius 9:01 am 22 May 08

Open the fences – they’ll simply get culled by cars. Resulting in greater economic cost, and still dead roos. But less humanely.
Jesus some people are eejits!

shauno shauno 3:35 am 22 May 08

Thumper said :

I’ve always said just cut the fences.

They will sort themselves out.

plenty of feed down by the creek here in Macgregor.

Got to a agree with you there Thumper. While ive got not problem with the cull at the end of the day id rather they still live. Ive spent a few grand fixing up cars that ive hit Roos with. Also in the past ive shot Roos when I use to hunt for sport and dog food. But I don’t shoot animals any more its sort of a pointless exercise and some moral issues come into it now as well. Ive got no real problem with the cull but its basically caused by us due to the fences as you say and I agree just open them up up and let then roam.

Roos can easily jump a 3m fence but they wont unless stressed and will frequently go under a fence not over.

Also regarding Roo meat. Pretty boring meat if you ask me as its very low in fat so not much taste. Also regarding worms the ones we shot out Braidwood way and at my Uncles farm in Victorian Alps very few had Worms. The ones that that did we left but not many had them.

RuffnReady RuffnReady 12:49 am 22 May 08

An overpopulation of roos has also devastated the grassland ecology of Mt Majura, which allows invasive weeds to take over and leads to decimation of lizard, insect and small bird populations. Basically, the food web unravels.

Fence the reserve and introduce some dingoes, I say. Restore the top predator and you’d get a healthy, balanced ecosystem back. Of course that will never happen, so cull them and work out some humane way (like the contraception currently under trial) to keep the long-term roo population below the threshold where it destroys the ecosystem.

I’m more concerned about entire ecosystems than the overpopulation of roos who are destroying it. (Parable to humanity, anyone?)

kean van choc kean van choc 12:06 am 22 May 08

Cull the Canberra Residents; only a few of us, no fuss…

Pandy Pandy 11:25 pm 21 May 08

Frack the roos

CanberraResident CanberraResident 11:18 pm 21 May 08

All this fuss over a few roos.

I wonder how many of these ‘animal rights activists’ refrain from eating cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, turkeys, venison, quail, duck, goats, snails, fish or poached butterflies …

Hippo. Critters.

jessieduck jessieduck 10:01 pm 21 May 08

I know there is distress caused to the roos with this process but it so much more humane and quick then being hit by a car and dying by the road.

Also- if you ever hit a roo- stop to see if it is a lady roo and check if she has a pouch baby. There are many groups out there that can save a baby roo from starvation. RSPCA etc.

I get upset by seeing this picture but it’s somehow less distressing then seeing carcases on the road.

Thumper Thumper 9:44 pm 21 May 08

I’ve always said just cut the fences.

They will sort themselves out.

plenty of feed down by the creek here in Macgregor.

ant ant 8:45 pm 21 May 08

I wish they could just open all the fences and let them all out. If there’s not enough feed, they’ll fan out. I’ve got heaps of roos here, I noticed today while squirting the thistles that someone’s been eating them. roos or rabbits, it’s still not a good sign.

But on all the footage, they seem to be contained by high fences. Let them out.

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