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By JAGARA 9 May 2012 46

Every sector of Australian society wants more money from the government but wants no increase in taxation.

Elderly people dont want to sell their house but expect the young people to pay for their care.

People want huge rates of return on their investments quickly without working for it.

Homeowners want their houses to go up in value by huge amounts leaving the young kids not able to buy a house.

I rest my case that Australians are greedy

I think a good dose of austerity is just what Australians need.

Bring on 15% GST, bring back death duties.


What’s Your opinion?

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VYBerlinaV8_is_back 11:27 am 10 May 12

thehutch said :

I’d happily take a rise in the GST if there was a decrease in income tax.

As would I. This would also encourage people to save, if that’s what we wanted to do.

Tetranitrate 10:07 am 10 May 12

dpm said :

Speaking of austerity, it’s interesting to see what is happening in Greece ATM!
They are screwed if they don’t severely cut back, but the people have basically said ‘no’ to that austerity plan (as you would if you were in their position). However, the problem then is, won’t they be totally sent back to the dark ages in Europe if they don’t bite the bullet now? Now that’s a conundrum!
And we’re complaining about our economy and budget here! Hahahahaha!
Meanwhile, Spain has an unemployment rate of ~24%…. Poor buggers.

Actually Greece would be considerably better off had they just defaulted 2 years ago, re-introduced their own currency and devalued it ala Argentina in 2001-2.

What has been pushed on these countries has never worked and will never work. Trying to cut a surplus out of an economy that is already weak will shrink revenue further and make things worse – it’s entirely predictable and it’s exactly what’s been happening for the 2+ years that this has been dragging on.
I’m not actually aware of any instance where an internal devaluation has actually been successful either – deflation is pretty much always extremely destructive

I’ve said it elsewhere, but the way the EU/Germany has pushed these policies on national governments and acted through them to utterly wreck these economies is actually very dangerous for countries that don’t have particularly strong democratic institutions to begin with.
As we’ve seen in the most recent elections in Greece, democratic institutions are being rapidly discredited and extremists are making gains, the equivalent of Liberal/Labour over there don’t even have a majority between them anymore.

thehutch 9:01 am 10 May 12

I’d happily take a rise in the GST if there was a decrease in income tax.

But I don’t want more (or any) money from the Government, I just want don’t want to be heavily punished for working my butt off when I work a second job.

Duffbowl 8:54 am 10 May 12

JAGARA said :

Judging from the 35 comments, I rest my case.

What specifically from each of the 35 comments causes you to believe that you have made your case?

Dot points please, and if you could practice the use of correct spelling and grammar, it might help your case.

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