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By JAGARA - 9 May 2012 46

Every sector of Australian society wants more money from the government but wants no increase in taxation.

Elderly people dont want to sell their house but expect the young people to pay for their care.

People want huge rates of return on their investments quickly without working for it.

Homeowners want their houses to go up in value by huge amounts leaving the young kids not able to buy a house.

I rest my case that Australians are greedy

I think a good dose of austerity is just what Australians need.

Bring on 15% GST, bring back death duties.


What’s Your opinion?

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46 Responses to
poetix 3:25 pm 09 May 12

johnboy said :

we like to give a platform to all sorts.

Mmm, licorice…

Ben_Dover 3:13 pm 09 May 12

I can take a hint…. 😉

johnboy 3:10 pm 09 May 12

we like to give a platform to all sorts.

Ben_Dover 3:03 pm 09 May 12

I’m sure if “JAGARA” stamps his/her tiny little feet hard enough and long enough we’ll all learn the errors of our way, and become a true communist utopia.

Mr_Shab 3:02 pm 09 May 12

I can almost hear jb’s thought process from here.

“What’s this guff. I can’t publish this…or can I…?”

*hits ‘publish’, pushes chair back from desk*

Primal 3:00 pm 09 May 12

The average Australian also has one testicle and one ovary.

Deref 2:48 pm 09 May 12

“Bring on 15% GST,”

All Australians are greedy, and your solution is to punish the poor with a regressive tax.

That makes plenty of sense.

bigfeet 2:32 pm 09 May 12

Holden Caulfield said :

27.50% of all statistics are made up.

76.32% of people agree with that statement.

c_c 2:30 pm 09 May 12

See this is what happens when Socialist Alternative gets on the web.

Sir_Orangepeel 2:21 pm 09 May 12

What is the purpose for this post?

Holden Caulfield 2:21 pm 09 May 12

27.50% of all statistics are made up.

Duffbowl 2:20 pm 09 May 12

The average JAGARA:
– shouts in topic titles.
– is unsure of how to spell Australian.
– is unable to progress beyond single sentence paragraphs.
– is unable to use reasonable grammar.
– makes widespread, sweeping generalisations without giving proof of their claims.

Postalgeek 2:20 pm 09 May 12

PS It disturbs me that you are able to afford access to the Internet.

Postalgeek 2:15 pm 09 May 12


Aaroncbr 2:04 pm 09 May 12

All Canberrans make broad, sweeping generalisations.

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