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johnboy 3 March 2007 27

Canberra is having an outdoor film festival to coincide with the ten days of Canberra!

The ever so slightly tacky Stardomz website has the schedule. Interestingly The Stardomz guys have gone with the more traditional 12 days of festivities. (Didn’t the French try and bring in decimal calendars after the revolution?)

“Celebrate Canberra’s ‘Birthday’ with a 12 night ‘Festival of Films & Events’ &enjoy a truly spectacular ‘open-air’ cinema experience, & ‘a great night out under the stars’ whilst relaxing on the pristine lawns of Canberra’s favorite venue – Manuka Oval.”

Aside from the ‘fascinating’ use of quotes since when was Manuka Oval our favourite venue?

The schedule appears to be:

— 8 March – An Inconvenient Truth
— 9 March – The Wizard of Oz
— 10 March – Casino Royale – Late show – starts @ 10:03pm. & after ‘SkyFire’ finishes
— 11 March – MovieOke 1 – Double bill of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” and The Beatles “Yellow Submarine”
— 12 March – Stardomz Selectâ„¢ (some sort of consumer election for the movie to be shown)
— 13 March – CACTUS Night – Double bill of Bazza McKenzie’s Adventures & Alvin Purple
— 14 March – XTACff (Xtreme Terrain Adrenaline Clips Film Festival)
— 15 March – ‘Paris, Je T’aime’
— 16 March – Happy Feet
— 17 March – Stardanz 1 (Less about movies more about dancing as far as I can tell)
— 18 March – MovieOke II – ‘Glastonbury’ (Some documentary celebrating the worlds most overblown rock festival)
— 19 March – WORGLOPOLMOV – World Global Political Movies’ “is an ‘A-List’ – Invite Only Politically Desensitised, fully catered, uniquely ‘Canberran’ event. The ‘WGPM2007’ – selection for this Movie of the Year, is the cold-war classic ‘Dr. Strangelove or – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb’. R U an A-Lister? Take the Test HERE.” (*SHUDDER*)

Gates open at 7 for an 8ish start except on Skyfire night.

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27 Responses to The Canberra outdoor film festival
Captain Stardomz Captain Stardomz 11:48 am 05 Mar 07

Captain Stardomz again – just to clarify the screening of Al Gore’s Oscar winning doco. on the how we are all stuffing the planet – is screening as a FREE event, but if you want to come, we need to know, as we need to beam in the ice creams etc. Just register and your welcome, so far we reckon we have about 300 Canberra people that ‘care’ and are coming and there is plenty of room, and we want as many people to see this as possible.

Captain Stardomz Captain Stardomz 11:42 am 05 Mar 07

To ‘I filed’ – and ‘Nemo’ – thanks for info – the web page that was up over the weekend – did refer to the opening night being presented by ACTEWAGL – this was incorrect and was a mistake and this text was not meant to appear here – and I am just dumbfounded how we missed it – we had a coding problem ? what do I know I’m just the captain and steer the bloody ship and make sure we don’t bump into any planets or stars or other space ships – its the black holes that are the big worry, you never know where they go!

Repeat we are not sponsored at this point by ACTEWAGL – although that would be welcomed – we had a coding problem that was not meant to show this text – it has been replaced as off this morning – thanks for pointing it out – the problem has been amended – looks like my ship is still experiencing some landing and vectoring problems as we steer at light speed toward the ACT – at this point ACTEWAGL are not involved in the Canberra Outdoor Film Festival – nor is any other government agency and I’m not the Minister

Regarding pricing – we have special events on – more than just a movie. For instance our Movieoke nights – where you can come along and have a singalong or just do nothing – we’re running Glastonbury – a premiere in Canberra – English Rock doco, at 10 bucks to get in and different prices for some of these nights – especially for WorGloPoloMov – but you have to pass the ‘A list test’ to get an invite into this one – its 45 bucks fully catered all food and bev’s. Most nights the on-line entry is 10 bucks / at the gate 14 bucks for big people – we’d like people to book on-line- it saves us and you money and we then know how many ice-creams and beers we need to beam in from our home planet.

Captain Stardomz away – landing in 4 nights

Looking forward to meeting all you nice people – sorry for the muck up and for misleading you – it was a mistake

simbo simbo 10:43 pm 04 Mar 07

…and if you subscribed to the concatenate, a couple of hours earlier than that…

johnboy johnboy 10:24 pm 04 Mar 07

If you read The Concatenate you’d have had that story days ago.

Nemo Nemo 10:14 pm 04 Mar 07

Captain, I apologise. Your website indicates the movie is sponsored by actewAGL, which is partly owned by the ACT Govt – It must be incorrect.

I read an article on Al Gore today which I found interesting. Is he really practising what he is preaching???,21985,21309812-5006029,00.html

I-filed I-filed 10:04 pm 04 Mar 07

I don’t get it. The site says $45, then $10. Then it’s mentioned here that it’s free. sorry, Captain, please spend less energy on clever-weird allusions and post some information!

Ralph Ralph 9:25 pm 04 Mar 07

Captain Stardomz, is that Jon Stanhope’s nom de plume?.

Jon, listen carefully now, take your PILLS!

Captain Stardomz Captain Stardomz 9:15 pm 04 Mar 07

Apehammer – advise taken – will keep prac-ticing – its how we write in s-p-a-c-e – with spaces sometimes. Think I’m getitng better at this, have you registered yet?

Captain Stardomz Captain Stardomz 9:12 pm 04 Mar 07

Sorry – meant to say – need to know that your coming

Stardomz Away – again

apehammer apehammer 9:11 pm 04 Mar 07

Apehammer here – Captain Stardomz – stop using hyphens in place of punctuation – it makes your posts really – hard – to – read – back-to-m-y-s-h-i-p!

Captain Stardomz Captain Stardomz 9:07 pm 04 Mar 07

Captain Stardomz here – no government funding – no support at all at this point apart from ‘partnership status’ as a officially sanctioned Celebrate Canberra event – we applied for this ‘status’ and the Celebrate Canberra Festival granted this ‘sanctioning’ – our event was judged on merit and included on the program – which we think is just fine. Manuka Oval has been made available for the use – this is an Territory Venues and Events facility managed by the Department of Territory and Municipal Services and we are hiring the venue at commercial rates in an attempt to implement this use, and a greater level of government involvement has not been requested – although it would be embraced.

Gotta to get back to the ship – we land in 5 days

Stardomz Away

PS And last time Iooked I was not the Minister

PSS – how do we support this site – does anyone know how we can advertise – on this site.

PSSS Do you know you can all come – 1st 5,000 only but – to the screening of An Inconvenient Truth – for free – if you register. We need to know if Canberra people care about these sort of globally important issues and we need to cater for you – we need to now if your are coming – your most welcome – but we’re stretching at 5,000 though – we might have to close it off a bit earlier.

Nemo Nemo 6:32 pm 04 Mar 07

Captan Stanhope- defender of his underpants! You read this site, don’t you Johnny?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 5:58 pm 04 Mar 07

I think I’ll retract my retraction.

mutley mutley 5:14 pm 04 Mar 07

I’m giggling here to myself at the vision on Stanhop e in some sort of superhero outfit as Captain Stardomz, crushing his opponents with his angry voice.

Don’t mind me…

Nemo Nemo 2:20 pm 04 Mar 07

“its FREEEEEE – because Captain Stardomz – thinks the message is important”

Perhaps ‘Captain Stardomz’ is the name Stanhope calls himself when he is home alone…

Nemo Nemo 2:10 pm 04 Mar 07

I’ve checked out the website, you are funded by the ACT Govt.
How much does it cost the ACT taxpayer for Stanhope to once again push his own political agenda.
We have a bus system that’s a shambles, schools closing, no bridge in Tharwa….but the Govt can pay for us all to see an inconvenient truth?????

Nemo Nemo 1:52 pm 04 Mar 07

I get it….its all a stunt to push a political agenda.

Captain Stardomz – has the ACT govt contributed any money towards this festival, if so, how much and what does it pay for?

Captain Stardomz Captain Stardomz 12:44 pm 04 Mar 07

johnboy – thanks for your support – that’s great – didn’t like ya comment about our tacky website – that will piss my web designer off a bit – you wont like him when he is angry – he goes all green and tends to bust out of his shirts – I will pass your comment on – its our first attempt – we have a few glitches in the ‘ship'(look at that more quotation marks – how does that happen) but your entitled to your obviously well informed opinion – by the way your website looks great -congratulations – there -its so much easier and better for all of us to be nice to each other – the world would be a better place – instead of this unevolved lowest common denominator dog eat dog shit we see all the time – johnboy – do you reckon you could focus on a few +’ve things that we’re doin – its costing us $ to run Al Gores Oscar winning doco on what all us stupid humans are doing to the planet we live on – which in the Captains opinion is ‘event’ we want as many people to see as possible – thats why I have made it free – its about time we all ‘acted’ to do something and were doing it – instead of just bitching about it – are you doing that? – actions speak louder than words johnboy – we are actually doing it – its real – its happening – its FREEEEEE – because Captain Stardomz – thinks the message is important – what are you doing to do your bit Johnboy – just wondering – its okay for me I’ve got a starship I can piss off on and its well and truly warmed up – just like the planet – and I will leave you earthly beings behind to fry – which you will unless people like you act johnboy and do something – don’t think do – and we’re doin it – its free johnboy – and a very important message – so important its been voted one the worlds best doco’s its won an Oscar – what have you done – have you changed your light bulbs yet Johnboy – just curious – we all gott do something and I’m running this event for free and I challenge each and every one one of your loyal devoted riotact people to actually think about what you are doing – to warm the planet up?
Captain Stardomz Aawy – gotte get back to running my ship – its out of control – we seem to have just entered a neupoboliconicalov cluster and we gotta work out what it is ?

Hasdrubahl Hasdrubahl 12:26 pm 04 Mar 07

Oh OK, I’ll retract that comment.
Still in a bad mood after the Brumbies game…

johnboy johnboy 12:21 pm 04 Mar 07


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