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The casino gets a failing grade

By johnboy - 2 March 2009 26

The all seeing eye has noticed an outsider’s view of our casino:

    the Entrance of the casino was sooooooooooooooooooooooooo superrrrr ??? can!

    gosh. unlike the grand entrance of Starcity… Casino of Canberra.. look.soo.. dodgy!

    even the carpark is rather empty! gosh!

    i was still worried that i wld gt lost coz i forgt to bring my phone.

    we took like 10 mins to find the stupid entrance. – which is very far away frm the carpark .. n hidden!


    n.. the.. casino.. is.. a freaking… conventional hall!

    seriously! .. tts it????

    OMG. ONE barrcarat table!!! TWO pontoon table… n 2 blackjack tables.. some poker table. n erm. some other random tables. TTS ABT IT!


So is it just what one would expect for a city of 300,000 people who are mostly able to figure out the odds of winning in a casino?

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
The casino gets a failing grade
proofpositive 3:43 pm 02 Mar 09

Skidbladnir said :

Apparently RiotACT hates non-Western characters. ç

I knew it… confirmation that this site is racist!

Gungahlin Al 3:19 pm 02 Mar 09

So this is how people communicate with each other now?

gingermick 2:56 pm 02 Mar 09

Yep. If they match your singlet.

Mr Evil 2:30 pm 02 Mar 09

Will the Casino let you in if you are wearing thongs?

caf 2:27 pm 02 Mar 09

I’m guessing that the database backing RiotACT is set to USASCII or similar. Anyway yeah the Canberra Casino is pretty damn unimpressive. Can’t really imagine James Bond dropping by.

Kizzle 2:25 pm 02 Mar 09

Yeah it is pretty average. But damn, reading that was painful.

ikarus 2:21 pm 02 Mar 09

no to mention the service at the casino is a joke.. looks like the guys workin behind the bar have had one to many joints before work. it takes like half an hour for them to get through 10 people..

Americanberran 2:20 pm 02 Mar 09

I contributed $200 to the cause.. wasn’t even offered water. Yup, nothing like losing.. and getting a parking bill, just when you thought you had left the scene of the crime.

johnboy 2:20 pm 02 Mar 09

Or my mac doesn’t.

Oh well.

bailes23 2:13 pm 02 Mar 09

I agree. The casino here is an absolute joke!
I would love to see it renovated and made a little more exciting.

Skidbladnir 1:59 pm 02 Mar 09

Apparently RiotACT hates non-Western characters. ç

Skidbladnir 1:58 pm 02 Mar 09

The ??? in your quoted section are ???, Jb.
Google Translate says they’re Chinese for inconspicuous.

justbands 1:57 pm 02 Mar 09

Semi-literate is being a little generous I reckon. They are right though, it’s not much of a casino. I don’t mind visiting the odd casino when travelling, our own is probably the worst I’ve been in.

Pommy bastard 1:52 pm 02 Mar 09

Anyone stupid enough to want to visit a casino, and especially someone who writes semi-litetrate screeds like the above, well… ” a fool and his money….”

AG Canberra 1:45 pm 02 Mar 09

What did he expect – Monte Carlo? Sun City? Vegas?

It’s Canberra – we like our casino to look like a library!

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