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The chairman is angrrrryyy!

By Ralph - 7 February 2008 62

Recent announcements by the Rudd Government to cut pork from the public service have not been favourable to the National Capital Authority.

Further joyous cuts were announced yesterday, which included $46 million from the budget for the Griffin Legacy. The NCA now says that it may have to cut essential public services such as guided tours of Canberra, and the Australia Day Live! concert.

A link from the state media and public information service.

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62 Responses to
The chairman is angrrrryyy!
cranky 7:38 pm 07 Feb 08

ABC News has had rivers of tears shed by interested parties at the withdrawal of funding for the Constitution Ave upgrade.

If its such a bloody wonderful idea, how about these interested parties fund the thing!

Having said that, I see the cuts to volunteer services add up to an inordinate ammount of money (as detailed higher up the thread), and certainly seem to be targetted at causing the maximum ammount of grief to the locals. Bureaucratic games.

NickD 6:58 pm 07 Feb 08

Why on earth does the NCA exist? It seems to duplicate several ACT Govt authorities. Why not contract the ACT Govt to perform the NCA’s handful of unique functions? – surely this would save money and integrating these tasks into a larger agency should help (eg, due to the deeper corporate knowledge, better career structures to retain staff, etc). Any organisation which stages an open-air market, at night, next to the lake, and in winter seems a dubious use of taxpayers’ money.

Incidently, does anyone know if the story in Crikey! claiming that all of the sackings in the NCA have been non-SES staff and the number of SES is remaining unchanged is correct?

ephemerac 6:50 pm 07 Feb 08

In what sense is a Commonwealth government agency with (formerly) 83 staff headed up by five SES in the senior management team bloated? The ACT gov’s LDA has around that number, as does ACTPLA.

Lundy is a disgrace.

If there’s unhappiness with consultation processes a new gov should fix that, not obliterate an entire organisation as some kind of malicious pay back.

The Griffin Legacy was a plan that had vision. Now we have nothing. Where’s the ACT goverments infrastructure plan? Who’s going to fix the bottlenecks on consitution avenue and the ever increasing car parking and road access problems in and around defence?

everyone who called for heads to roll at the NCA should take a good hard look at yourselves and what’s happened to Canberra as a result.

pierce 4:39 pm 07 Feb 08

Hasn’t the NCA bloated from 1 SES to 5 in the last few years?

Guess this is what happens when you ask the bloated bureaucracy how it should cut its budget.

Ingeegoodbee 4:06 pm 07 Feb 08

I never cease to be amazed at the maggots that come out to apologise for StanDope and his pinko cronies. Take the myth that the NCAs planning responsibility ends at the Parliamentary triangle. There’s a queue of clueless bastards that genuinely don’t understand the simple fact that the NCAs planning roll is legislated and it covers a far wider scope than PT. The simple reality is that Chairman StanDopes bureaucrats have tried to involve themselves in planning issues that are beyond their competence – take the ludicrous idea of rebuilding the burned out forest settlements.

Ralph 3:55 pm 07 Feb 08

Winter Wonderland.

Australia Day, Live!

Griffin Legacy.

Suffrage monuments.

Growling Ferret 3:53 pm 07 Feb 08

Al – I agree. The NCA is a bloated joke that seemed to be out to create work for itself. Removal of the clover leaf roads at Flynn Place to have more lights on Commonwealth Avenue – an absolutely moronic idea.

Taking cars off Kind Edward Terrace may sound nice, but it is a major thoroughfare. It took years of lobbying for the roundabout to be put in opposite the gallery – and looking at the works, it looks too small for buses to navigate through safely…

Winter in the Capital? NOBODY ATTENDED COZ IT WAS TOO COLD! See GMC/Canberra 400 – do these morons ever learn any lessons?

justbands 3:51 pm 07 Feb 08

Gungahlin Al: EXACTLY! Particularly re: cutting things in a way designed to get gullible people on side with them.

Doesn’t Michael Ball live in Sydney?

Gungahlin Al 3:48 pm 07 Feb 08

I think Kate’s dead right on this on a number of fronts.

The NCA did need severe pruning in the planning area to get them out of stuff that’s outside their balliwick and focused back on the parliamentary triangle.

Instead what we see is this game that some bureaucrats play when they don’t like budget cuts imposed on them – cut the things that hurt those that pushed the cuts most. We saw this sort of behaviour in Canberra a year or so back when TaMS stopped collecting roo roadkill…
Hence all the monetarily insignificant things like volunteer programs…designed to get a lot of gullible people on side with them.

Kate is right to call out this sort of behaviour.

On some of the other “promotions”, the NCA has been building up quite an empire of events that rightly belong under the ACT Gov’t’s umbrella. How often do we Canberra residents with kids have multiple public events competing with each other to choose from? And when they compete, each is degraded due to poorer attendances. Winter in the Capital was a good example.

What is the point of the NCA promoting Canberra to us converted? They should have been taking Canberra to the cities and the regions.

The NCA chair may well have been audibly upset by it all on 666 today, but I think he needs to step back and look a bit more objectively at what’s been happening on his watch.

My 2 bob worth.

VYBerlinaV8 3:47 pm 07 Feb 08

Ahhhh, Kate Lundy…

Ingeegoodbee 3:46 pm 07 Feb 08

You’ve got the wrong end of the sausage S4anta. The $40-odd million was from cutting the whole redevelopment of Constiturion Avenue as per the Griffin Legacy plan. Standopes smirk must be sliping from his face now that major infrastructure developments are getting canned.

S4anta 3:40 pm 07 Feb 08

One wonders how much expenditure of the $46 million dollar pie the volunteer guided tours must take.

program officer (0.5FTE..maybe)
1 x public liability and professional indemnity for volunteers
Access to facilities that are usually free/gold coin donation

$46.999 million gold plated dummy to spit.

Mr Evil 3:30 pm 07 Feb 08

Kate wouldn’t fit under a rock!

She’s another one of these women who should be at home cooking dinner for the Man of the House!

Ingeegoodbee 3:23 pm 07 Feb 08

Yeah I heard the NCA chairman on the ABC this morning. he wasn’t really holding back and he pretty well told that slapper Kate Lundy to get back under her rock.

Ralph 3:19 pm 07 Feb 08

No more bread and circuses.

A possible explanation for the Howard Government allowing such fat into to the NCA is the more bureaucratic and superfluous they became, the more they would create problems for the ACT Government – airport developments etc.

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