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The first Canberra number plates?

By longshanks - 30 March 2011 32

Yesterday I noticed a car with the number plate YAA 110. Am I right in assuming that this particular number plate originally adorned the 110th car to be registered in the ACT after the Y standard was introduced?

And if so, when would this have been?

I should add that the car I saw yesterday was a fairly recent one – but was driven by an elderly gent, who has probably kept the plate since it was first used.

Any number plate experts out there?

What’s Your opinion?

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32 Responses to
The first Canberra number plates?
georgesgenitals 6:47 pm 30 Mar 11

I believe they started with YAA, because that’s what people started screaming when they saw the skill level being applied by Canberra drivers.

eily 6:37 pm 30 Mar 11

You can transfer your old number plates to a new car. Don’t know about a second hand one though. My mum’s number (YAW—. Got late January of the year they came in. Sorry my memory doesn’t supply the year) has adorned three cars so far.
Although you do have to pay for the transfer; administrative fees at least. They put your old plates on your new car and the new set on your old car.
The set currently on her car are a second set; the originals faded and had to be re-pressed.
She also had the option of retaining her original number (her original had two digits followed by three digits, white on dark blue) but she would of had to pay to have them manufactured in the new blue on white reflective we have now.
Though some people did. The all-number plates you sometimes see are possibly original original numbers.

PeterK 6:23 pm 30 Mar 11

There are also plates getting around with just numeric digits (eg 127) as well as ones with more detailed numeric digits (eg 8-137). I have feeling that these may have been the first released before the YAAs started, but I could be wrong. I’m not sure what range the numerics went to before starting at Yaa, but it would be interesting to know if anyone has the information.

cavvygreen 5:55 pm 30 Mar 11

We had the number plate 410. When we given the option of paying money to keep it or get YAA 410 for free, we took the free one. We were pretty broke, way back then.

My husband has always regretted handing it back in, as it had been handed down to him by his dad 🙁

Wonder who has it now !

John Moulis 5:51 pm 30 Mar 11

The first plates issued in the ACT were numbered from 1 to 99,999. From 1,000 to 99,999 there was the small diamond divider where the comma is. After 99,999 the Y series started. All plates were blue lettering on white background and they were reflectorised from the first one, the first state or territory to have reflectorised number plates.

homeone 4:30 pm 30 Mar 11

Solidarity said :

What was before blue and white plates?

White lettering black background with ACT on the left side ????

eh_steve 4:23 pm 30 Mar 11

There used to be an old Chrysler (I think Chrysler) based in Aranda with the number plate YAA 000, which I assume would have been the first one. That means that if it was a very early plate carried over then 110 would be the 111th plate issued.

homeone 2:59 pm 30 Mar 11

I’ve been here for a while but not that long and got no idea why 1968 came to mind. Must have read it somewhere sometime and it must have been an pivotal fact in something for me to have retained it.

Holden Caulfield 2:45 pm 30 Mar 11

You can also get older series plates remade, assuming their not still in active service. Mrs C has a YAA-999 style plate on her car, which was built in 2006. You just pay the same fee as you would for a AA-999 personalised plate.

I know YCX-999 would have been around in 1971 because in the late 1980s my family bought a one-owner car built and first registered in the ACT in 1971.

Solidarity 2:15 pm 30 Mar 11

What was before blue and white plates?

Very Busy 1:51 pm 30 Mar 11

The “Y” series plates were issued from August 1968. YAA110 would have been issued later that year.

Keijidosha is correct, The letter “O” is not used in the 6th character of the current series of “Y” plates which end with a letter.

dundle 1:37 pm 30 Mar 11

I don’t actually know, was just assuming so. In that case it’s a very old numberplate! Somebody should ring up and as if you’re allowed to keep your old one if you pay.

homeone 1:36 pm 30 Mar 11

1968 seems to come immediately to mind for Y plates in blue and white … which means I’m probably wrong.

Keijidosha 1:29 pm 30 Mar 11

Pretty sure ‘O’ isn’t used as the last letter on the newer YXX 99X series plates for the reason it can be too easily confused with a zero. Happy to be shown evidence to the contrary though!

dundle 1:02 pm 30 Mar 11

Sure it wasn’t 11O not 110? Then it would fit in with the newer pattern of the last digit being a letter, which came in a few years ago when we hit YZZ 999. If it was 110 then maybe the guy kept the number plate from earlier, which I didn’t think you could do, but I also don’t know much about it. 11O seems more likely to me though.

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