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The First of the Email Interviews is IN!

Jazz 30 October 2007 24

That’s right folks the first in RiotACT’s series of candidate Email Interviews for the upcoming Federal Election is in.

Their responses, in full and unadulterated, will be posted here at 8am tomorrow morning.

For those wishing to refresh themselves with the Questions they can be located here.

Any guesses as to who the first cab of the rank will be? (Ntp has said he’ll buy the first correct guess a beer – or a cheap bunch of flowers, winners choice.)

Only one guess each AND no Admins (or their family members) can’t guess – that would be cheating!

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
The First of the Email Interviews is IN!
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Jazz 9:13 am 31 Oct 07

its actually a feature of wordpress that you can do all sorts of things, like post articles in the future.

Pandy 9:08 am 31 Oct 07


Lord Mælinar 9:05 am 31 Oct 07

Is Pandy the Atlas Cedar fan ?

I forget which wind blew him in, and I can’t be assed googling for it. I thought it more convenient to open it to wide speculation and see what responses I get.

Pandy 8:57 am 31 Oct 07

Ahh shucks Jazz, I was looking doing a Google search for something else (like when did sallyann60 1st appear) and stumbled over your hole.

Like the little boy who holds his breath.

But interesting on how you can pre-post an article to appear in the future.

Meconium, Swedish backpackers.

Jazz 8:51 am 31 Oct 07

nice try pandy but mr evil beat you by 10 hours.

Oh, and JB would have banned you account by now for being an arse at how you point out the apparent holes in wordpress.

Lord Mælinar 8:21 am 31 Oct 07

On account of you are after the first unique candidate – my natural selections are already taken.

I’ll hazard Roland Manderson.

Thumper 8:03 am 31 Oct 07

On that subject, saw a Kate Lundy poster today on the side of Ginninderra Drive.

Hope it’s made from biodegradable cardboard and ink…

Thumper 7:59 am 31 Oct 07

Troy Williams

Myrmecia 6:28 am 31 Oct 07

Kate Lundy? No, she’s arrogantly complacent in her safe seat and she’ll participate if and when she feels like it. Best result for the ACT would be for Gazza to get in and Kerrie Tucker as well – both are eager and hard-working. But it’s not going to happen.

Meconium 2:42 am 31 Oct 07

Nice spotting Pandy. Would have thought you’d prefer a squat Russian to a buxom Swede though…

Pandy 12:49 am 31 Oct 07

Ohhh Fix your clock!

Pandy 12:46 am 31 Oct 07

Mmmm Gary Humphries!

Where do I get me beer?

A Danish beer served by a buxom Swede would od nicely.


No I did not cheat, just sloppy admin work. JB would never have allowed it when he was running things.

Meconium 9:04 pm 30 Oct 07

Natalie Colbert.

Wild guess but I’d say with her military background she’d be pretty prompt in responding to such an interview. And it seems that the Liberals realise the potential of this site to reach out to their constituents, with posts from Senator Gaz and Troy Williams for example.

Why aren’t Annette Ellis and Kate Lundy making the most of the Riot?

Spectra 5:17 pm 30 Oct 07

Er…”guessing”, too. If anyone asks, there was no gussing involved.

Spectra 5:17 pm 30 Oct 07

My guess would be Troy Williams, but since he’s already taken, for official gussing purposes I’ll take a stab in the dark and say Bob Mcmullan 🙂

Mr Evil 5:16 pm 30 Oct 07

Kate Lundy? Nah, she’s probably eaten the thing instead of answering it!

caf 5:11 pm 30 Oct 07

I didn’t think that nominations had closed yet?

Anyway, I guess Kate Lundy.

Snahons_scv6_berlina 5:09 pm 30 Oct 07

Norvan Vogt
(His ad was on the page at the time of writing this)

Joe Canberran 2:57 pm 30 Oct 07

Opps, looks like the rules have changed. If it’s not tucker then no beer for you el.

I reckon that means someone can guess for Troy now if they want.

Sammy 2:57 pm 30 Oct 07

I say Troy Williams, given his advertising on the site.

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