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The Great Beer Rip Off

By Affirmative Action Man - 7 January 2008 33

I recently went do pick up a carton of my favourite beer – Cascade- and was devastated to see that the size of the stubbies has shrunk from 375ml to 330 ml – but the price has stayed the same.

Its just like the great spirit Rip Off where the size of the bottles has shrunk from 750ml to 700ml over the last 10 years.

My advice is get a still & home brewing kit

[Ed. For the benefit of everyone else suffering under this travesty of injustice, can anyone suggest where you can get a still or home brewing kit. And better yet, some advice on how to operate them?]

What’s Your opinion?

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33 Responses to
The Great Beer Rip Off
Deadmandrinking 5:44 pm 07 Jan 08

Urk, VB.

Carlton Draught!

Ralph 5:09 pm 07 Jan 08

Switch to VB.

Still comes in 375ml.

Spectra 4:30 pm 07 Jan 08

AAM: The only way to not take it any more and still have plentiful access to beer is to brew your own – we’re only trying to help πŸ™‚

plane 3:32 pm 07 Jan 08

Definitely head to Brew Your Own At Home in Kambah – the only place in Canberra to go for Homebrew (U-Brew It can hardly be called homebrew – its not at home!!)

Affirmative Action M 3:29 pm 07 Jan 08

Appreciate the comments but the real issue is the underhand way the marketers are ripping us off by stealth – Your favourite 750ml Glenfiddich is now 700ml – All Australian stubbies that were 375ml are now 355ml, 345ml or 330ml. I’m mad as hell & I won’t take it any more.

Senor Roberto 2:05 pm 07 Jan 08

You can get both 330ml stubbies and 375ml stubbies of Cascade. When they re-branded, 330ml stubbies were introduced along side the 375ml.

Mac’s Liquor in Mawson sells Cascade 375ml 6 packs and cases for the same price as before the re-brand. I know because I am very sensitive to the price of this beer πŸ™‚

If a store is selling you 330ml at 375ml prices, the store is ripping you off.

Sammy 1:54 pm 07 Jan 08

Brew-ya-own-at-home in Kambah is my regular.

Kramer 1:49 pm 07 Jan 08

Yep, when I’m down in the dark side of town (south of the lake) I usually drop into Brew-ya-own-at-home and pick up some supplies. They definitely have the best selection in Canberra.

Otherwise, if I’m lazy I’ll grab a can from Woolies or Coles – just check the expiry date first.

Spectra 1:30 pm 07 Jan 08

I’ll second the vote for Brew-ya-own-at-home, round the back of Kambah village. It’s the other end of town for me, but still well worth the trip. Colin really knows his stuff, and the range available there make Buts & Brew look like rubbish.

As a note, my understanding is that stills (as distinct from fermenters used for beer) are technically illegal in the ACT – doesn’t mean you can’t buy them, and to our collective knowledge nobody’s ever been done for having one on a home-brewing scale, but it’s something to be aware of.

fnaah 1:16 pm 07 Jan 08

U-BrewIt’s URL for the google-shy:

VYBerlinaV8 1:10 pm 07 Jan 08

I home brew. Go to Big W and get a standard home brew kit, do a couple of standards brews, then start experimenting. It’s cheap, and heaps of fun.

I’ll also share a piece of advice that I have found makes a huge difference: make sure your kit is ultra clean, and genuinely sterile, prior to brewing. It seems to make quite a difference.

When you brew, think about different things that can be used in place of brewing sugar (eg honey, cut fruit, raw/brown sugar, etc).

barking toad 12:56 pm 07 Jan 08

Kambah Village.

Meanwhile, drink Melbourne Bitter.

flyingblind 12:40 pm 07 Jan 08

Agree, the price of a carton just gets higher and higher, look at how much a certain fresh food people can shave off on their ‘specials’

Thas a serious profit margin!

Home brew is the way to go.

ubrewit_hume 12:27 pm 07 Jan 08

You should head down to U-Brew it in Hume. The address is 23 Rasw Cres Hume.
You have to make a booking so ring on 02 6260 1130

Mælinar 12:24 pm 07 Jan 08

Butts and Brew – Kayleen and somewhere down Southside.

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