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The Grinch who Stole our Christmas Party

By The_Xmas_Fairy - 23 September 2011 74

Who thinks it fair and equitable that after many, many years of successful, fun and safe Christmas Partying, our Govt Dept Executives have now banned our Dept. Christmas Party, to be replaced with an End of Year party?

At this gathering there will be no Christmas decorations, no Santa, no carols, no bons bons, no plum pudding, no roast turkey and ham, no pavlova. No Christmas hats, bobbly earrings or Santa adorned t-shirts. In short, no Christmas festivities at all.

Oh, you can have your party, even hold it in the Christmas festive season, just don’t say it’s for Christmas. Lest someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas feels unwelcome, and unable to end the year at a party with their workmates, put on by their Social Club. And we won’t tell you you can’t call it a Christmas Party until right at the last minute of organisation. And by the way, you have absolutely no say in the matter, as on the complaining of a few who don’t want a “Christmas Party”, we’ve made our final decision.

ED – Berraboy also sent in this view of this tale. Can anyone name the department?

A good friend of mine is ranting furiously this evening about her department’s decision to  name their Christmas party the ‘End of Year Event’, thereby removing any reference to Christmas.  A few inquiries about this today turned up a curious bit of information that the re-naming is due to a number of complaints from a few people who  didn’t feel welcome to attend as they don’t celebrate Christmas.   As a result, the whole party will now be non-denominational.

While urban legends on such issues abound, these are mainly centred on similar decisions in the US or UK.  This is the first time I’ve heard such a story in Australia, let alone Canberra.  Personally, I’m torn on the issue.  While I love multiculturalism and the positive benefits it has brought us, I also believe that those who come here and enjoy all we have to share should accept us for who we are… customs, holidays, yeast based food products and all.

While a large part of me feels like emulating  William Wallace by throwing on a kilt, painting half of my face blue and joining an anti-PC horde shouting “they may take my fireworks, but they will not take my Christmas!”, another part of me thinks maybe we should just suck it up.

So, dear Rioters, is this turning our back on ‘Christmas’ a fair thing or simply PC gone mad?  Should we adjust our holidays to suit the views of those in the minority or should we be more inclusive?

I await your thoughts.

What’s Your opinion?

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74 Responses to
The Grinch who Stole our Christmas Party
Mysteryman 11:37 am 23 Sep 11

This really make me mad. You don’t like what the Christmas party? Don’t attend. But don’t ruin it for those who enjoy it and want to celebrate because it’s Christmas.

trevar 11:34 am 23 Sep 11

This isn’t about multiculturalism; it’s anticulturalism. It is clearly an attempt to deny the cultural origin of these celebrations that occur at the end of the year. No one has to be a Christian to celebrate Christmas; that has never been a part of any Christmas tradition I’ve ever encountered. This is actually a bit worse than just ‘PC gone mad; it’s actively exclusivist.

braddonboy 11:32 am 23 Sep 11

Good news…the sooner we get rid of the outward trappings of the nonsense that is now Christmas the better.

BlackIce 11:28 am 23 Sep 11

Call it the “Yule party”, and reclaim the holiday from those thieving Christians!

YetAnotherBlowIn 11:22 am 23 Sep 11

While my personal preference for this time of year is steal The Simpsons line “Have a merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, kwazy Kwanza, a tip-top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan” or to go around and wish everyone a happy hijacked pagan festival, why not call it what it is:
The Annual End Of Calendar Year Company Catered Gathering Designed To Foster Of A Sense Of Camaraderie And To Give The Impression That Management Cares About The Plebs While At The Same Time Making Up For The Poor Office Environment and Unpaid Overtime And/Or Extra Duties Provided By Employees Over The Last Twelve Months, In Which Employees Are Plied With Alcohol And Left Likely To Do Or Say Something That Will Follow Them For The Rest Of Their Time In The Organisation And Possibly Beyond

Or have a Summer Solstice/Midsummer’s Day celebration and light a bonfire in the middle of your office/venue…

It doesn’t have to be a restriction, it can be an opportunity

jessieduck 11:18 am 23 Sep 11

So… you still get a party but you’re upset you don’t get to wear your s***ty Santa t-shirt. Boohoo.

Australia has a Christian heritage but we are now a secular society so a workplace gathering should be accommodating to everyone.

qbngeek 11:17 am 23 Sep 11

As a gamer, a geek and a stout anti-religionist (that what I am calling it, just need to apply for tax-exempt status now) within my household and among my friends we celebrate Winter-een-mas.

At Xmas we get together with family and friends but there is no Baby Jeebus or any religion involved. Someone always tries to bring it up but it is quickly stopped before I get started on how much of a cock God is.

Bluey 10:55 am 23 Sep 11

What PC bollocks.

Next people will be sued for carroling in public for offending someones sensitivities…

Erg0 10:55 am 23 Sep 11

FoMoCo said :

And down the slope we start… wont be long before they ban shopping malls/centres from displaying xmas decorations because it makes people feel un-welcome!!!!

The semantically-minded (e.g. me) will already have noticed that the word “Christmas” has been progressively replaced by “Holiday” and/or “Season” in major retailers’ advertising and promotional material over the last few years. You also won’t hear many (if any) religious-themed songs playing over shopping centre P.A. systems these days. It seems that they’re already self-policing on this point, to an extent.

Palifox 10:37 am 23 Sep 11

Hmm I didn’t notice any particular absence of Hindus or Sikhs at the last Christmas bash. I also saw plenty of non-Hindus at the Diwali party last year. Some of us even tried our feet at an Indian dance.

djk 10:31 am 23 Sep 11

I would have just called it an “Xmas Party”, thereby removing any reference to Christ/Christianity. Or a Festivus Party.

Personally I couldn’t really care what it is called, it is just an end of year piss-up in reality and I would have thought most people are smart or mature enough to realise that regardless of the name.

Maybe they should ban alcohol and meat at these Festivus parties so that people that don’t drink or eat meat don’t feel unwelcome? Perhaps just make it a Breathing Party so that no (living) person is excluded??

Holden Caulfield 10:29 am 23 Sep 11

Christmas is only for a man and a woman.

FoMoCo 10:24 am 23 Sep 11

And down the slope we start… wont be long before they ban shopping malls/centres from displaying xmas decorations because it makes people feel un-welcome!!!!

s-s-a 10:19 am 23 Sep 11

Talk about completely OTT!! I don’t celebrate Christmas, but I still go to work Xmas parties because they are a chance to enjoy a nice meal, some drinks, and time socialising with my colleagues (and sometimes families, depending on workplace). I don’t really care what they are called.

Erg0 10:17 am 23 Sep 11

Once the complaints are made, management doesn’t really have the option of telling objectors to “suck it up”. We’re a secular society, and Christmas is still a Christian tradition (recent commercialisation notwithstanding) – something’s gotta give.

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