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The monster car park for Woden (at the hospital)

By johnboy - 17 November 2008 51

Having given her buddies at the Canberra Times a head start (watch for a glowing feature in the future) Katie Gallagher has publicly announced that she’s interested in what you think of a 9 story free public car park for Woden.

She’s promising the following features:

  • 64 disabled parking spaces and 54 motorcycle parking spaces
  • decks designed for simple traversing whilst looking for a parking space and easy exit from the structure at all levels
  • well lit and include traffic and pedestrian movement sensor activation
  • a CCTV security system including duress buttons and a PA system

In all the thing will have 1880 car spaces.

The money is apparently coming out of the health budget.

You can email your thoughts on it to before 5 December.

What’s Your opinion?

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51 Responses to
The monster car park for Woden (at the hospital)
amarooresident 5:41 pm 17 Nov 08

The health budget, just like the TAMS budget or any other Government department budget includes provision for capital works such as this carpark which are one off expenses, as well as provision for recurrent expenditure such as nurses, doctors and equipment. It is allocated funding for a specific purpose which won’t occure again. We could spend the allocated money on more doctors and nurses but the money would run out eventually. Besides, if you were to spend the money on more staff they would need to park somewhere as well.

The only alternative would be to sell the site off and let a private operator build the carpark – but that would mean they would have to charge for it and I don’t think any Government is brave enough to do that.

As to the point as to whether it’s needed or not, as others have pointed out parking at the hospital has been a problem for years and during the day it is often filled to capacity.

fnaah 5:13 pm 17 Nov 08

Okay, my bad, I didn’t RTFA and was misled by the phrase “free carpark for Woden”, which possibly should have said “free carpark for the Canberra Hospital”.

rosie_bubz 5:09 pm 17 Nov 08

amarooresident said :

rosie_bubz said :

Great way to spend the health budget
Why not do something like this in civic

If you actually read the press release it is a car park for the hospital. Sheesh.

ok well thanks for pointing that out so politely, but for one, why should a carpark be built from the health funds even it is for a hospital – that money should go towards nurses/carers pay, upgrading equipment, research etc, two, yes maybe a carpark for the hospital is needed, but isnt 9 stories, 1880 carparks a bit excessive, and three, we really do need a large carpark for civic, and wouldnt it be great if it was free!

amarooresident 4:58 pm 17 Nov 08

rosie_bubz said :

Great way to spend the health budget
Why not do something like this in civic

If you actually read the press release it is a car park for the hospital. Sheesh.

poptop 4:54 pm 17 Nov 08

Dear Feathergirl,

Regardless of whether they build the carpark or not, you are going to spend the foreseeable future crying your eyes out convinced you are a bad mother. It just comes with the territory.

By the time your 36 week appointment rolls around, get someone [anyone] to drop you off at the door. Your pelvic ligaments will be loosening up and you can only take 15cm (6″)steps and they won’t be putting public toilets in that structure [you just know it].

If your great inseminator is around, give him an extra smack from me – just because.

Tonka 4:49 pm 17 Nov 08

Due to severe illness of family member I’ve spent quite a bit of time at the hospital of late.

All around the hospital there are flyers indicating that some billions of dollars are being spent on many upgrades/new facilities at the hospital. From memory it was for things like new mental health facilities etc (can’t really remember because I was more focused on the ill health of family member).

My impression when i heard about the proposed carpark was that it would most likely to be needed given all of the additions to the hospital.

Sorry this isn’t more concrete but thought I’d share what little infor I had.

rosie_bubz 4:47 pm 17 Nov 08

Great way to spend the health budget
Why not do something like this in civic

Feathergirl 4:47 pm 17 Nov 08

A bigger carpark for the hospital sounds fantastic to me. I spent half an hour last week trying to find a spot so I could go to a midwifes appointment. Although, where they are building the carpark is still a bit of a walk for pregnant ladies to get to the maternity wing. Maybe they could run a shuttle for us waddling wide-loads?

It might just be me with my fresh memories of crying my eyes out while trying to find a park, convinced I’m already a bad mother for not being able to get to a simple midwife appointment on time, still fresh in my head but I want more car parks and irrationally I don’t care where they come from. If only they were built in time for my 36 week appointment…

sepi 4:33 pm 17 Nov 08

You have to admit most people wouldn’t take a bus to hospital.

But yes – I think civic needs 9 storeys of parking too – ASAP.

AG Canberra 4:27 pm 17 Nov 08

So – no parking strategy for the city – but we have the cash to put a 9 storey carpark at the hospital. Geeezuss – can these guys decide if we are to be a car city or a public transport city and then stick to it.

Surely they can use some of the $90 mill they got for Sect 62 and put up at least 4 storeys worth of parking in City West. I’d even be happy to pay (unlike those at the hospital).

fnaah 4:19 pm 17 Nov 08

apparently coming out of the health budget

Well fine, as long as we can take some money out of the 9-storey carparks budget to pay for our healthcare needs.

jakez 4:18 pm 17 Nov 08

“This is a really exciting initiative which shows that we are now on our way to building the health system that Canberra needs,” Ms. Gallagher said.

…I’m not saying it isn’t needed but come on. I know “this is a particularly unexciting but necessary ancillary step in our Health plan” doesn’t make for a good media grab but that sentence borders on a slap in the face to anyone who has experienced the truly poor state of our health system.

This isn’t even partisan, I’d be annoyed at a Liberal who said something like that. Speaking of which, I actually had to unsubscribe from the Liberal media release list for a while because reading Jacqui Burke’s mangled press releases quickly sent me into a very bad mood.

VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 4:16 pm 17 Nov 08

It’s probably there to support the Woden Green development that we can expect soon (the one with 2 10 story office buildings and nearly 1000 residential dwellings)…

sepi 4:14 pm 17 Nov 08

It sounds fantastic.

Until you say it’s coming out of health funds…

tylersmayhem 4:12 pm 17 Nov 08

Who cares, it’s over in the Southside! 🙂 That said – terric spending of health budget monies I’d say.

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