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The night that the music died.

By Pandy - 15 December 2007 37

The owner of Toast had with his battle with the adjoining Waldorf apartments, closed and re-opened Toast a couple of times over the last few years. Toast as we know closed down some weeks ago, because they were ordered not to play amplified music after 10pm which made the place unviable: Or so we were told.

Last night I walked past the Waldorf around midnight. Across the road from them is the City YHA backpackers. There must have been a hundred people outside sitting and standing around the pavement tables having noisey conversations. From downstairs in the pub a noisey band was playing with the sound zooming-up the scale everytime someone opened the front door. All this noise must have made it difficult to sleep in the apartments.

How could the YHA be allowed to operate thus? So is this the case of one standard for Toast? Or had Toast just become a tired-worn out venue?

What’s Your opinion?

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37 Responses to
The night that the music died.
ant 12:10 am 16 Dec 07

The age old problem. Those who want to make noise vs those who want peace and quiet.

It’s fought in cities, in suburbs, and out in the country. And it only takes one noisy person to affect the daily lives of countless quiet people.

Traitorsgate 12:05 am 16 Dec 07

Jeez, and you wonder why Canberra has this appalling reputation for being dull and sterile. People living in the CBD area should stop whining and get a life. If you want your nights to be deathly quiet then move to the suburbs (Not Charnwood, obviously). Its completely unreasonable to live in the CBD area of any city and expect everything to shut up shop at 2200HRS.

Oh and this applies to the whingers from the City Walk apartments as well who have a rather militant Body Corporate committee.

VYBerlinaV8 11:25 pm 15 Dec 07

Sepi, good point. I guess the idea would be to try to contain to certain parts of the city, especially around areas with shops that are closed at night when the nightlife is happening, so noone gets too worried. Toast’s location is really what killed it. That said, the Waldorf is a crap building with very little sound insulation, and is known as a place to avoid for investors (for many reasons, not just the noise issue).

Having some well known places with noisy clubs and bars is fine. Perhaps other places could host more of the cafe scene or quieter pubs?

sepi 11:04 pm 15 Dec 07

Normally a city centre has a bit of nightlife about it too though.

VYBerlinaV8 10:50 pm 15 Dec 07

“Because the bar was there first.”

So what? Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t ‘hate’ Toast or ‘love’ Waldorf, but I fail to see how a noisy club is more important than building a city centre where people actually want to live and work.

sepi 10:09 pm 15 Dec 07

Because the bar was there first.

Then people moved into inner civic, and suddenly noise complaints came thick and fast.

Bit like Tralee and the airport will be i’d say.

VYBerlinaV8 9:09 pm 15 Dec 07

Why is everyone so bent out of shape about a (crappy) bar closing?

Deadmandrinking 5:16 pm 15 Dec 07

It’s therapeutic.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 4:12 pm 15 Dec 07


Deadmandrinking 4:02 pm 15 Dec 07

F-k you!

el ......VNBerlinaV8 2:40 pm 15 Dec 07

shout random obscenities at no-one in particular.

Wait…do you mean that everyone else isn’t doing this already?

Oh my…

Deadmandrinking 12:16 pm 15 Dec 07

I’ve had a gutful of the Waldorf. I vote that a protest be held a midnight, every night until they shut-down.

Play music, talk loudly, shout random obscenities at no-one in particular. We can do it from the toast side of it so the Transit won’t get blamed. Let’s get these f-kers closed down, people!

Mr Waffle 12:03 pm 15 Dec 07

The giant cube that lit up with noise in Civic was the cause a lot of complaints, too; people would drive past in the middle of the night and honk to make it light up, and such.

(It was removed because of vandalism, which may or may not be related)

kevn 9:50 am 15 Dec 07

That ‘pub’, Transit Bar, is not part of the YHA. They also gets a stack of complaints, one incident of which led to a number of interstate bands being cut short and pissed off a few weeks back.

The question should not be “How could the YHA be allowed to operate thus?”, but “WTF doesn’t Waldorf pay for double glazing and recognise that they exist in the city.”

Sammy 9:47 am 15 Dec 07

Perhaps with a suitable injection of new yeast, they will rise again.

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