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The night that the music died.

By Pandy 15 December 2007 37

The owner of Toast had with his battle with the adjoining Waldorf apartments, closed and re-opened Toast a couple of times over the last few years. Toast as we know closed down some weeks ago, because they were ordered not to play amplified music after 10pm which made the place unviable: Or so we were told.

Last night I walked past the Waldorf around midnight. Across the road from them is the City YHA backpackers. There must have been a hundred people outside sitting and standing around the pavement tables having noisey conversations. From downstairs in the pub a noisey band was playing with the sound zooming-up the scale everytime someone opened the front door. All this noise must have made it difficult to sleep in the apartments.

How could the YHA be allowed to operate thus? So is this the case of one standard for Toast? Or had Toast just become a tired-worn out venue?

What’s Your opinion?

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The night that the music died.
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Pandy 8:42 pm 18 Dec 07

What is wrong with Academy and the Uni Pub?

Anyway, Monkeybar has the b8uzz of being the new Toast.

Meconium 5:28 pm 18 Dec 07

That rumour probably only came about because there’s a vacant spot where Impact/JB was. The reason I doubt it is because Toast occupied the shop where Impact USED to be, before it moved to the downstairs shop. People are probably getting their past confused with their future.

And if they change Transit Bar, then I’ll get militant about it. Toast was old and smelly, even if they did put in a good effort in running an alternative club. Transit is the business though… thank god we can go there rather than Mooseheads, Academy and the Uni Pub.

justbands 8:16 pm 17 Dec 07

The cube is back….on the other side of the Canberra centre.

eh_steve 7:15 pm 17 Dec 07

“The giant cube that lit up with noise in Civic was the cause a lot of complaints, too; people would drive past in the middle of the night and honk to make it light up, and such.

(It was removed because of vandalism, which may or may not be related)”

Funnily enough, I heard that thing is coming back on Thursday.

sjp 5:37 pm 17 Dec 07

I wasn’t a huge fan of Toast, but it pisses me off when people move into the city and then complain about noise.

Back when I was in Adelaide there was a lot of trouble when many new apartment complexes were opened in the CBD, people moved in next to hotels that had been there for decades and suddenly the hotels were under scrutiny for their noise levels.

If we want the city to be alive and have a ‘vibe’, we need more nightspots etc.

It’s very quiet on my street in Monash, so if people want quiet, they should move away from the CBD, IMHO

Dante 5:12 pm 17 Dec 07


Toast isn’t re-opening full stop.

Absent Diane 4:01 pm 17 Dec 07

it would almost be like the gypsy bar all over again…

Lilli 3:53 pm 17 Dec 07

I’ve never been a huge Toast fan, but if justbands’ rumour is true, that would be a HUGE improvement location-wise for the club. I think they’d get a lot more thoroughfare in that spot, and maybe the more ‘mainstream’ location will do a little to change the dynamic of some of the patronage (which is what occasionally turned me off heading there). Given, it could also turn it for the worse! Who knows, but at least it would be in the more ‘central’ club area of town.

justbands 3:24 pm 17 Dec 07

The new site is a long way from the Waldorf..thankfully. If they really are going to open in the old Impact/JB Hifi site then it’d be a fantastic venue location.

Sammy 3:19 pm 17 Dec 07

Perhaps they’ll reopen as ‘Focaccia’ to appeal to the wank*rs who live in the Waldorf.

justbands 12:48 pm 17 Dec 07

Rumour has it that TOAST will be re-locating to the old Impact Records site. Stay tuned I guess.

Mr Evil 11:42 am 17 Dec 07

“To the Laboristes reading these pages, why not here?”

Because there are far more important issues for the ACT Govt to be dealing with, like trying to halt capital punishment in overseas countries.

Pandy 8:39 pm 16 Dec 07

Sepi, that defense is now law in NSW. To the Laboristes reading these pages, why not here?

VYBerlinaV8 8:18 pm 16 Dec 07

“The conspiracy theorists in me says, the Waldorf knew this, weighed up the cost of say double glazing and decent sound-proofing against the legal costs involved in having Toast shut down and, well the rest is history…”

Nice theory, but I doubt it, because the apartments in the Waldorf don’t actually belong to the Waldorf – they belong to individual investors who then lease the apartments back to the Waldorf to on-sell as nightly accomodation.

b2 10:58 am 16 Dec 07

astrojax, I feel your pain about that damned bird, it’s worse than living near a club, because it goes all night AND all day

sepi 10:01 am 16 Dec 07

Yep – and why is ‘i was here first’ not a defence?

ant 9:54 am 16 Dec 07

There should be precincts that are gazetted as noisy zones, where people/businesses can be noisy, where it doesn’t adversly affect anyone else. The gazetting should be quite clear and public, so you don’t get people gettingn upset about it.

josh 9:28 am 16 Dec 07

tossed salad

Ingeegoodbee 8:32 am 16 Dec 07

The bush lawyer in me says Toast was going to be fu’ked over from the start because its not a defence to say you were there first – if you qualify as a nuissance then you’ve got to do somthing about it…

The conspiracy theorists in me says, the Waldorf knew this, weighed up the cost of say double glazing and decent sound-proofing against the legal costs involved in having Toast shut down and, well the rest is history…

ramblingted 8:17 am 16 Dec 07

And not just in Canberra…the Rainbow Hotel in Fitzroy has just pulled the plug coz of noise issues as well

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