The on-going saga of Todd Carney

GnT 31 May 2007 19

The Canberra Times has yet another story about “wayward Canberra Raiders star” Todd Carney.

He’s very sorry and very grateful that he’s been given another chance, and promises to be a good boy from now on.

So, should the Raiders/NRL have a zero tolerance policy, or is it fair to give this bad boy a second chance?

[ED – …and why does Carney get a second chance when Irwin gets the door? Methinks the Raiders are thinking about their position on the NRL ladder]

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19 Responses to The on-going saga of Todd Carney
Special G Special G 6:21 pm 02 Jun 07

Irwin was sitting in the passenger seat. Maybe it’s time ACT thought about introducing some responsibilty for passengers. (age appropriate) NSW the passenger of an L plater can be hit with drink driving, ACT they can’t.

Aeek Aeek 12:15 pm 02 Jun 07

I don’t get why Irwin faces no charges. He was the licenced driver.

Special G Special G 9:31 pm 01 Jun 07

Irwin must be plenty pleased with his good mate Carney. As for Carney being sober this time. Maybe. He was when he handed himself in well after the incident anyway.

Genie Genie 8:08 pm 01 Jun 07

Irwin was made an offer similar to Carney’s but turned it down. He has also only played maybe 1 or 2 1st grade games for the Raiders whereas the club has invested alot of time and money into Carney.. however i think this should be his final warning… If he does anything else – thats it see you later. However it would be interesting if he were sentence to weekend detention.

And might i note.. Raiders awesome win last weekend.. Was WITHOUT Carney.

atoz atoz 4:20 pm 01 Jun 07

Dante, I don’t understand your comment that he was sober when caught. Didn’t he do a runner, then when back to Goulburn, then his mummy drove him back? Plenty of time to sober up.

Sammy Sammy 10:28 am 01 Jun 07

I don’t have an issue with what the Raiders have done. They’ve invested a lot in Carney, and not much in Irwin, so they have a right to protect their investment. However, this has got to be his last chance.

Supposedly Irwin was offered a deal to stay and play for the South Logan Magpies for a year or so, with a possibility of a later entry into the NRL. He turned it down. The Raiders are still going to pay all his medical expenses for his injured knee.

West_Kambah_4eva West_Kambah_4eva 8:50 am 01 Jun 07

He should be shot in the ****in head. Stupid ass punk. Can we fast forward 15 years to when he’s old and unfit and doing commericals for Hume Sheet Metal?

nyssa76 nyssa76 6:53 pm 31 May 07

It should be the 3 strikes your out system like in the US.

Carney would be off the road for a while then and with no one to blame but himself.

flying doormat flying doormat 6:13 pm 31 May 07

I heard that Todd Carney has been given a job by one of the Raiders sponsors “Local Liquor” working as a taste tester and delivery driver

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 4:55 pm 31 May 07

Don Furner came out and said it wasn’t fair.

Irwin is rumoured to have been involved in a couple of other off field adventures. He was offered a spot in the Qld Cup, and decided against it and was released.

Todd Carney is a bit of a special case – signed by the Raiders at 15, they have invested 5 years and a massive amount of $ into the kid.

They are making him get up early, get a job, and giving him a last chance to make good his career in Canberra. He is well aware one more screw up here can see him jailed or become property that no-one is willing to take the risk on.

Dante – note that Carney was sober when caught this time.

Wes Naiquama from St George is also on Periodic Detention, but can play on weekends. And Todd Carney isn’t Brian Fletcher who allegedly – according to reports – has so far escaped a gang rape charge by having his copper mates cover it up…

sim_m_o sim_m_o 4:47 pm 31 May 07

Did anyone else see the coach on the news saying that high profile players get treated differently to, and can get away with more, than other players. He then said, that may not be fair, but that’s the way it is.

Dante Dante 4:31 pm 31 May 07

I don’t know enough about the players themselves or histories or whatever, but I do know the difference between right and wrong. When a drink driver is given another chance and seemingly let off the hook while his passenger (who technically didn’t commit the crime) is the one who suffers as a result, I get confused.. especially when the Chief Minister comes out supporting the criminal?!?

Vader Vader 4:22 pm 31 May 07

Does periodic detention have to be served over the weekend? Could he not serve it during the week, considering that he “works” on the weekend?

mattress mattress 3:34 pm 31 May 07

I see that the head of chanel 7 news, Peter Meakin, has been given 14 months periodic detention for his 3rd drink driving conviction and failing to stop when ordered by the police. Todd won’t be much good to the raiders if he is spending every weekend in jail.

stan_bowles stan_bowles 3:25 pm 31 May 07

I mentioned this on the other story about Carney, but this situation seems to mirror what’s happening with A-League player Richard Johnson.

“The former Knights player’s blood alcohol reading was four times above the legal limit, he failed to stop and was involved in a dangerous police chase. He has been sentenced to eight months in prison with a six month non parole period.”

However his club (Wellington Phoenix) has taken a very different stance to the Raiders.

“A club spokesman has confirmed they will have no choice but to terminate the player’s contract if his appeal fails.”

Interestingly the Phoenix have also been tipped for the wooden spoon, and most commentators agree Johnson would have been one of their best players.

boolie boolie 2:47 pm 31 May 07

On first thought it would seem unfair that Todd is given a lifeline and Steve has been sacked, however as mentioned Steve was offered an opportunity to work his way back into the squad and he declined. Of course they are thinking about their position on the NRL ladder. They were rated as the wooden spooners of this season and are now in the top 8. They’d be mental to let Carney go.. for his off-field faults he makes one hell of a footy player. Makes perfect sense to me. I bet you if they had let him go more people would be bagging out that decision then this one.

Thumper Thumper 2:15 pm 31 May 07

It would seem that Irwin is the scapegoat for Carney’s indescretions.

And I’m not even sure if Irwin did anything wrong.

Kramer Kramer 2:12 pm 31 May 07

I think Irwin should switch codes to play for the Gold Coast Rays. Kinda has a nice sound to it…

caf caf 1:59 pm 31 May 07

The story on the radio this morning (one of the commercial stations; not sure which one) was that Irwin was also offered a deal which would let him stay, but he turned it down.

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