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The Pratt sees another authoritarian idea he likes – advocates it here

By johnboy - 25 July 2005 4

One begins to wonder if an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome is the reason why Steve Pratt, having himself been the captive of a fascist regime, now advocates such a regime be inflicted on the rest of us.

In any event ABC Online are relating his latest foray, (as is the Canberra Times, and Steve’s release can be seen here) this time calling for the Victorian roadside drug testing to be implemented here.

Nevermind that the tests aren’t testing impairment (blood alcohol level testing has at least some relationship to how dangerous a driver actually is), but simply past drug use over some time, how can this not constitute an unwarranted search?

Why not send the cops round to people’s houses drawn out of a hat? Search for drugs, stolen goods, illegal pornography, subversive writing?

Just think of all the dirty crims we can catch! Only the guilty will have anything to fear!

But Steve, what are you doing about fatigued drivers?

If this is a problem why aren’t we drug testing people charged with driving offences to get a feel for the incidence in genuine problem drivers? The ones who have given real cause for concern?

Someone needs to sic the truth in advertising boys and girls on this so called “Liberal” Party.

What’s Your opinion?

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4 Responses to
The Pratt sees another authoritarian idea he likes – advocates it here
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shauno 4:40 pm 26 Jul 05

Yep it’s got a half life of 3 days in the fat cells from memory. Im not sure of the physical process but it can be detected in the urine and blood as it is “leached” from the fat in the liver and kidneys. But this could be totally wrong as Im not a doctor.

Thumper 8:22 am 26 Jul 05


it actually stays in the fatty tissue of your body, not the blood.

And yes, when I was in the Army we were also randomly drug tested. One strike, you’re out so one tended to stick to drinking copious amounts.

As for Pratt, well, he’s banging the same old gong isn’t he. About time he thought of something new to say.


Ralph 7:44 am 26 Jul 05

We don’t have enough police as it is to carry out adequate random breath testing and enforcing road rules – including recalcitrant fog light users.

shauno 10:23 pm 25 Jul 05

I have to agree with Johnboy on this.

Here’s a bit of drug testing trivia

I work in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry and we get tested at random.

Since 1996 I think I’ve been tested about 6 times.

We tend to work on even time rotations 6 weeks on and then have 6 weeks off. Now what this means for us is we have to be totally drug free not just when we work but also when on break.

For example Marijuana can be detected in urine for 4 to 6 weeks and in hair samples for a year or more. As for the blood I’m not too sure but it is probably longer then the urine.
When they test us we first submit a urine sample in a special bottle with a temperature reading built in so it’s harder to cheat. If anyone is tested positive then they are asked to attend a 2nd test which is a proper blood test.

So If we have a smoke on break and then 4 weeks later get tested offshore we can and people have been sacked.

Now the same thing will happen with roadside drug testing. If somebody has a smoke at a party a few nights or a few weeks before then it’s going to be picked up. And this person could be charged even though they are perfectly able to safely drive the vehicle.
Total bullshit

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