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Beyond the expected

The property council infrastructure wishlist

By johnboy - 26 November 2008 59

[First filed: November 25, 2008 @ 13:03]

The ACT division of the Property Council has announced their wishlist of the top ten boondoggles pump priming money could be hosed at in the ACT.

They are:

  1. Very Fast Train (VFT)
    The Property Council proposes that the Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments investigate the economic viability, social value and environmental impact of a very fast rail link between Canberra and Sydney using a cost-benefit analysis comparison between a VFT and the upgrade of the existing Sydney-Canberra rail line. This nation building project would link Canberra International Airport to east coast capital cities, Sydney International Airport and Sydney itself.
  2. Water, Sewer Upgrade
    Investment is needed in new capacity building water delivery. In particular, augmenting and replacing existing water supply infrastructure and sewer services to inner suburbs is required to support and facilitate new development and minimise Canberra’s ecological footprint.
  3. Constitution Avenue Duplication and Redevelopment
    A major upgrade of Constitution Avenue, including road works, renovation and expansion is urgently needed to create a quality urban streetscape and avoid future traffic gridlock. Two traffic lanes in each direction (one with public transport priority), on-street parking and allowance for future light rail (or similar) are necessary. The redevelopment should transform Constitution Avenue into a lively tree-lined boulevard accommodating shops, cafes, and commercial buildings. It will allow Canberrans to travel to and from work in the precinct efficiently and safely, providing productivity and life-work balance gains.
  4. Data Centre
    Industry needs a new data centre, ideally driven by a clean energy source. Canberra has the potential to house a new data centre, and become home to a major new industry. Housing this project in Canberra would broaden the economic base of the ACT, provide jobs growth in new areas through development and operation, and help secure the region’s energy supply.
  5. Monaro Highway Extension to the Federal Highway
    A heavy-vehicle bypass of central Canberra could be achieved with a north-south route between the Federal Highway (north of Canberra) and the Monaro Highway. This would require duplication of Majura Road and a flyover rationalising the Moreshead Drive, Pialligo Avenue, Majura Road bottleneck. Linking the Monaro Highway and Federal Highways would provide an alternative route for commuters between Gungahlin and Tuggeranong and enhance access to Hume, Fyshwick, Queanbeyan and Canberra International Airport. This would alleviate bottlenecks and delays around the airport and improve freight links with other cities.
  6. New Convention Centre
    Canberra needs a new 3000-delegate capacity convention centre in a central location. This facility will attract increased convention business to Canberra and cater for the increasing needs of a growing city. The new centre should be in close proximity to city facilities, including hotels, restaurants, shops, the Canberra theatre precinct and other amenities, and be easily accessible via various modes of transport.
  7. Kings Highway Upgrade
    The Commonwealth, ACT and NSW Governments should jointly fund a long-term development plan for the Kings Highway, to ensure an efficient and safe transport route, optimising regional economic and social benefits.
  8. Inter-town Public Transport Corridors
    Through designated key transport corridors and longer term infrastructure and land use planning, a more sustainable hierarchy of transport networks can be established.
  9. Urban Transit Nodes
    To enable a more viable public transport system and improve its commercial opportunities, park and ride facilities should be developed at key nodes. It is also urgent and important to review, rationalise and deliver car parking in all major retail and employment centres to equitably provide long and short stay paid parking. Car parking in Civic, the town centres, the Barton/Parkes area and Russell Hill should be included as part of a holistic sustainable transport plan.
  10. New Residential Aged Care Facilities
    Meeting current and future needs in low care will provide a natural life ‘feed in’ to high care accommodation, including hostels and nursing homes. Demand is anticipated to increase steadily in future years, requiring land release and in some areas rezoning, to meet requirements.

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced his pleasure at being provided with this list.

    A number of priorities on the Property Council’s list coincide with the ACT Government’s own thinking and planning. For example, the Very Fast Train and the upgrade of the Monaro Highway are two of the projects submitted by the ACT Government to Infrastructure Australia for funding consideration.

    “The Property Council’s report is a valuable addition to the ACT Government’s own efforts to plan and shape the smart and green city we want Canberra to be. I look forward to continuing this conversation with the Property Council and other peak bodies through the soon to be formed Infrastructure Advisory Group,” Mr Stanhope said.

What’s Your opinion?

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59 Responses to
The property council infrastructure wishlist
johnboy 2:19 pm 25 Nov 08

realistically a proper conventional train line would do wonders.

A proper line is twin track and electrified.

Anything else is a spur line.

Avy 2:10 pm 25 Nov 08

Oh and I second the Shinkansen comments.

housebound 2:10 pm 25 Nov 08

Haven’t we been down the ‘Maglev vs Other’ track long, long ago? (no pun intended)

Avy 2:10 pm 25 Nov 08

The only reason a VFT is at all attractive is because the current link is a VSET (Very Slow and Expensive Train). It’s the ACTION of the train world, meandering at fairly significant expense through NSW to eventually drop you in Sydney.

Hdopler 2:00 pm 25 Nov 08

See my comments above.

Hdopler 2:00 pm 25 Nov 08

johnboy said :

Maglev still has to be cooled to near absolute zero correct?

Notso hotso for Australia perhaps?

Nope. Take a trip on the one in Shanghai, good fun and will give you an idea of what we should be capable of as a nation. Maglev is proven technology in real-world application at this very point in time in a number of countries.

p1 1:58 pm 25 Nov 08

We can be on the map like North Haverbrook

housebound 1:49 pm 25 Nov 08

Remember folks, this is the Property Council (now claiming to be the ‘Voice of leadership’). I am so sure that not one of these ideas have anything to do with increasing land values and developers’ incomes.

As for the aged care idea, rezoning land = land grab. There’s already enough completely vacant land with nothing on it and already zoned as commmunity facility. What do they want? Valuable foreshore land, valuable inner-city land?

caf 1:47 pm 25 Nov 08

I used to be a Maglev fan, but since actually travelling on the Shinkansen I’ve become a convert. The sense in buying “off the shelf” product also appeals. (It’s about more than just the train too – you have to replicate the whole “walk on to platform, buy ticket, train arrives on schedule, walk on to train” experience, or there’s far less point. No check-in counters, security lines, baggage checkin/claim etc etc).

poptop 1:45 pm 25 Nov 08

So . . . when pondering the prospect of an ACT budget deficit in advance of his economic stimulus roundtable, Our Beloved Leader is moved to remind the community that “the round table was not about the Government suddenly being full of ideas or cashed up and willing to contribute cash to initiatives.”

But when talking about a cunningly timed release by the Property Council, Mr Stanhope is admitting to actually being full of ideas that are identical to the Property Council and require funding from the Federal budget deficit.

johnboy 1:33 pm 25 Nov 08

Maglev still has to be cooled to near absolute zero correct?

Notso hotso for Australia perhaps?

shanefos 1:30 pm 25 Nov 08

Hdopler said :

Maglev is better value, faster too.

Well, sir, there’s nothing on earth like a genuine, bona fide, electrified, six-car monorail!

Hdopler 1:19 pm 25 Nov 08

Maglev is better value, faster too.

grundy 1:17 pm 25 Nov 08

I like all those proposed ideas. Now just to wait and see if they become a reality!

caf 1:15 pm 25 Nov 08

The voice of the airport sure speaks loudly in those submissions. If they do a VFT, they should go no further than Japan, talk to the companies that build the Shinkansen and ask for one like that, please. (I am not holding my breath, though).

I reckon a Barton Highway upgrade is needed before the Kings, too.

‘snice picture, though.

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