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The RiotACT guide to singleton survival – Episode 2: Beer

By johnboy - 20 December 2006 28

With many of our younger readers heading off into the world to fend for themselves for the first time we thought this would be a good time to take you through the things you need to know if you’re going to stave off scurvy and impress people you’d like to sleep with, all with a minimum of cost and time spent cleaning.

Most young singles quickly realise that the less money they spend on food, the more money they have to spend on alcohol.

But the converse is true, the less you spend on alcohol the more you can spend on food.

The RiotACT will never advocate abstinence. Instead we advocate making your own to drink on a budget.

Brew shops like “Brew Your Own at Home” can get you going with a starter kit for $100 and if you get friends involved you can pool equipment like bottle trees and cappers.

Once you’re started delicious premium quality beer can be yours for around 50c a schooner.

Ciders can also be made well in beer kits, for the ladies (and men I grudgingly suppose) who don’t like beer. Also the brew shops can set the spirit drinkers up with kits that produce passable licquers.

No drinker on a budget should be without it, and with the money saved you can buy a pizza for someone you’d like to have sex with.

What’s Your opinion?

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28 Responses to
The RiotACT guide to singleton survival – Episode 2: Beer
johnboy 1:41 pm 20 Dec 06

mm, boil up the honey with slices of root ginger before pitching it into the brew, luvverly.

and yes, very dangerous.

VYBerlinaV8_now with 1:37 pm 20 Dec 06

“Alcoholic ginger beer is a trap. Don’t do it.

You will drink 30 long necks in a night and not wake up for days…

I have brewed a number of alcoholic ginger beers, the most recent involving a goodly quantity of raw sugar and honey. Even in a fairly strong (alcoholicly) ginger beer, you don’t really notice the alcohol. Then you try to stand up.

hee hee

johnboy 1:32 pm 20 Dec 06

Sadly no.

Rule of thumb is on week to brew, one week to carbonate in the bottle.

Even then it would be better to leave it to about 6 weeks old depending on what you’ve brewed.

So start them going one a week through the fermenter. Drink Melbourne Bitter or Reschs longnecks (800ml!) to build up the bottles. After 6 weeks you’ll have 12 cases of beer, you always wanted 12 cases of beer didn’t you?

Seriously though I’m in the process of rebuilding my stock and most of it gets drunk around the two-three week mark.

Just put a couple aside from the good batches to build a cache of the seriously primo stuff.

You should be right for the one dayers.

Absent Diane 1:30 pm 20 Dec 06

cask wine and lemonade for extra buzz…

barking toad 1:26 pm 20 Dec 06

If I get the missus to put a kit under the xmas tree for me will I be able to start drinking the product xmas afternoon?

Or will I have to wait ’til the start of play on Boxing Day?

Thumper 1:04 pm 20 Dec 06

Yes, but you need to ensure it is a dry white goon, not Fruity lexia or the like.

seepi 12:54 pm 20 Dec 06

Cask wine and orange juice (for students that would be orange drnk.)

Thumper 12:47 pm 20 Dec 06

Alcoholic ginger beer is a trap. Don’t do it.

You will drink 30 long necks in a night and not wake up for days…

Danman 12:45 pm 20 Dec 06

The RiotACT guide to singleton survival – Episode 6 – How to make coke in your bathtub

footyboy 12:43 pm 20 Dec 06

For those who abstain, ginger beer can be brewed and bottled and makes a refreshing change from commercial soft-drinks. Bottles can explode if you get it wrong !

johnboy 12:42 pm 20 Dec 06

I’ve been a fan of the goonbag too Seepi but I find it can too often lead me astray.

I prefer something no more than 5% alcohol for casual drinking.

seepi 12:29 pm 20 Dec 06

Cask wine.

Thumper 12:24 pm 20 Dec 06

Whereas I would advocate Absinthe….

VYBerlinaV8_now with 12:23 pm 20 Dec 06

I’m a moderately keen home brewer, and I would add 2 small bits of advice:
1) Always make sure everything is super clean and sterile when you prepare brewing kit and bottles.
2) Letting your beer mature a while in the bottles will often produce a better result.

Home brewing is not only extremely cheap (15 bucks for 28-30 longnecks of finished product), but heaps of fun too.

Spectra 12:16 pm 20 Dec 06

I heartily endorse the products and services available from Colin at “Brew Your Own at Home”. There is no finer range, nor corresponding free advice available on the subject in Canberra.

I’m not in any way affiliated with the store, but I do spend an awful lot of time there 🙂

If you drink any decent quantity of beer, and aren’t brewing your own, you’re missing out and spending much more than you need to.

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