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The soil moves from one debacle to the other

By johnboy - 20 September 2006 21

Good News Everybody!

Our Brave Leader has announced that soil from the shambolic, delayed, and massively over-budget Gungahlin Drive Extension is being shipped to the site of the wholly unnecessary exercise in hubris that is to be the Arboretum.

It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

What’s Your opinion?

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21 Responses to
The soil moves from one debacle to the other
el 2:11 pm 21 Sep 06

You know it’s going to happen Seepi:

…work on which had essentially been put on hold as a budgetary measure, apart from the planting of trees to create 30 hectares of forests

Since when has a lack of money ever been an issue?

That picture of Stanhope still gives me the *major* heebie jeebies too. Just bloody creepy.

seepi 11:26 am 21 Sep 06

I have never really taken the arboretum seriously, but it seems as if it is still happening.

Mr Evil 10:51 am 21 Sep 06

Can someone start a version of Big Brother for the ACT Legislative Assembly?

Oh, we already have Big Brother Comrade Stanhope running things anyway, so maybe can that idea.

el 10:47 am 21 Sep 06

Nice. I already had shit blown all over the car/house the other night.

It’d almost be funny to watch Stanhope+co if we didn’t live here.

Thumper 10:19 am 21 Sep 06

I think the point here is that, on hold or not, Stanhope has not shelved his plans to build the aboretum.

Just put it on hold until the debris of the schools debacle has blown over.

And, now we will have a lovely pile of dirt sitting near Glenloch interchange just waiting for hot summer winds to blow it all over the city.

snahon 10:06 am 21 Sep 06

Der, I really should read more…1/2 asleep 2day 🙁

Absent Diane 10:05 am 21 Sep 06

touche swaggie

snahon 10:05 am 21 Sep 06

So what happened to all the soil from the GDE ?

Swaggie 9:50 am 21 Sep 06

This doesn’t seem a bad solution to disposal of the soil and if it saves a few dollars what’s the harm in it? – The Stanhope Memorial AAboretum is still on hold for budget reasons but this lets the earthworks proceed. Can’t see much reason to jump up and down in anger.

Mr Evil 9:12 am 21 Sep 06

Maybe they’re using all that soil to bury the ex-CEO of Rhodium at the Aboretum?

Or maybe they’ll just pour her into a slab under the GDE????

Thumper 7:59 am 21 Sep 06

Words fail me….

I guess they can use the dirt from the hole they are digging themselves into as well…

Tempestas 7:00 am 21 Sep 06

That explains why the trucks were driving from one place to another. Its probably cheaper than paying the tip fees to take it to Mugga Lane.

Still I thought the Aboretuem was a no go know.

bighead 10:50 pm 20 Sep 06

intersting….so we take down one lot of trees to put up more….fuck i cant wait to see Jon out of office…i get mroe pissed off about how much he has fucked up disability services!

dusty 10:38 pm 20 Sep 06

Yes and the dirt will probably be blown all over our cars one night real soon!
Speaking of graffiti, did anyone see the magnificent display on the big yellow sign for the Fyshwick Brand Depot? It said SAVE DAVID HICKS in 10 metre high letters, mind you it had mysteriously disappeared by the very next day. Anyway, my congratulations to the culprit, excellent job.

Pandy 10:14 pm 20 Sep 06


What we need is a mushroom farm in that Arboretum, seeded with the dead body of Sonic.

That Arboretum sign still not graffitied? Any takers?

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