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The solution to ineffective speed cameras in the ACT is…

By Rollersk8r 18 May 2015 23


You guessed it – more cameras!! The Canberra Times reports the astonishing finding that we’re not being fined often enough because we’re used to the cameras, so we need more cameras to re-learn our lesson.

This is just like The Simpsons episode where Homer makes rules against everything and learns it’s not possible to police everything all of the time. Although I suppose it is possible to enforce speeding all of the time – just need a camera operating on every street; there’d be zero speeding and zero accidents, ever. Brilliant! Let’s do it!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I swore earlier media said this report would consider the removal or reduction of cameras if they were shown to be ineffective. But no, just need some different rules for how ineffective fixed cameras operate. Cameras at intersections are actually shown to increase rear-end accidents, which I’ve always suspected, but this is ok because they reduced side-on accidents.

I’ve never had a fine from a camera, I’ve never had an accident in more than 20 years of driving in the ACT and I even cycle to work (partly on the road) more than half the time.  Yet it still irks me that rules, rules, rules, fines, fines, fines is always the answer…

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The solution to ineffective speed cameras in the ACT is…
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Fritz 1:44 am 21 May 15

FHW said :

The solution to ineffective speed cameras in the ACT is…

To ask ourselves what they are for. Is it to save lives/accidents? Then simply add a distance checker to calculate if any two cars are travelling closer than three seconds apart.

Many accidents are initiated by things such as sudden slowing down or erratic driving. People will always have their odd moment: the sneeze, the spider on the steering wheel, the sudden jolt of remembering that we’ve left the iron on. People don’t drive perfectly, because they are human. But what turns these trivial moments into an accident? The person behind who is unable to count to three seconds and keep their distance.

It is easy: you watch a car pass a landmark (lamppost, bridge or sign) and count “one elephant two elephant three elephant”. If you pass that landmark before “three elephant” you are too close. Students learn about three seconds distance in their Road Ready but they unfortunately copy what they see on the road.

FWH, you are 100% correct and have far more intelligence that the people governing this city… have you thought about going into politics?

Paul2913 11:43 pm 20 May 15

The ACT Government is trying to scrape together money to pay for their train. So they are going to waste more money on ineffective speed cameras so that they can catch unsuspecting people who are doing 10% over the speed limit.

This has nothing to do with safety. As other contributors have pointed out tailgating in the ACT is a huge problem, and represents a far greater safety risk than speeding… but it’s harder for the Government to make money out of it. Running red lights is also a big issue, but like speed cameras the red-light cameras are ineffective… we need police spot-checking intersections.

At least our current ACT Government is consistent… one ridiculous idea after another.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back 6:58 pm 20 May 15

We know that visible speed cameras cause traffic to slow in their presence, so how about putting them into school zones?

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