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The Wit and Wisdom of Jeff Manny. Part 1, Qantas solution

By johnboy - 3 January 2012 24

Back in June 2010 we noted with some mirth that Justice Gray had been particularly scathing about the self described “second richest and biggest business man in Belconnen“.

In October 2011 I was treated to an unpleasant evening of emails from Jeff Manny, air conditioning impressario (and former heavy advertiser during the cricket), who objected to our linking and quoting the findings of the Supreme Court.

And then a strange thing happened. It turns out the Jeff Manny runs an email list of some of the most powerful people in Australia (and the world as you will see) and periodically holds forth on many subjects.

Friends and family have found Jeff’s emails hilarious, I even print them out for a friend. So we’ve decided we really should be sharing them with the RiotACT audience.

Here is part one:

from: Jeff Manny

to:,, Rahul Kaul , rahul kaul , “Tony \\(MP\\” ,,, “Iafrate, Gemma (T. Abbott, MP)” ,, Paul Colagiuri Lawyer ,,,,,,,,,,,, Dateline ,, “Farrow, Kelly (Sen B. Brown)” ,,, John Griffiths ,,,,,,,,,,

date: Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 8:25 PM

subject: Qantas solution

Dear Mr. Joyce, CEO of Qantas

Your action to ground all the fleet of Qantas was very much drastic and heavy handed

I have told you that the Universe doesn’t like heavy handedness

Therefore The Universe gives some recommendations to the unions to win their battle against force of the masters

    1. Transport union actions
    1.1. Qantas union should continue their strike indefinitely
    1.2. Members of other union should help Qantas financially to be able to continue their action against force of evils
    1.3. Federal government mush create a fund to help Qantas employees financially
    1.4. Keep the Qantas planes grounded one way or other because this a best time to Nationalize the Qantas

    2. Just remember Transport unions are big and powerful
    1.1 Take the strike to the transport of minerals from mines to the ports or to overseas
    1.2 Since masters are behind this Qantas’ action then unions should be playing full hands other wise will be defeated
    1.3 This action of Qantas’ was well prepared and well co-ordinated long in advance

    3 Take the strike to fund receivers of the banks ( especially mortgage receivers)
    I am warning the unions if they don’t play they hands in full then they will lose this battle which will be
    Precedent for every business from now onwards to take the poor workers and their unions on like this

The outcome will be that Qantas go broke within 60 days and government will take the airline over
I always wanted Qantas go back to the Australian government’s hands

As I have told you that the governments run the big businesses better

Just remember that Qantas by losing $20 millions a day, doesn’t have much choices than surrender
Or let the government takes it over for free

The action of Allan Joyce was stupid, was just like shooting his own foot, he is an idiot, he should resign or be sacked now
The only winner in this dispute will be People of Australia since them getting back Qantas for free
Where previously had sold it for billions, just government keeps the Qantas for a few years more and sell it again for

Mr Allan Joyce is not a smart operator; I believe he doesn’t worth fraction of the money he is getting
But unfortunately it is pack of dogs policy and the best man doesn’t get the job

It would be very hard for Qantas come of this dilemma intact what Alan Joyce has put them in
Boys of the unions you will get all of your demands and more, since Qantas is negotiating on its back foot now
Union mates stand firm and don’t give an inch, you are the winner

Kind regards

Jeff Manny

What’s Your opinion?

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24 Responses to
The Wit and Wisdom of Jeff Manny. Part 1, Qantas solution
jessieduck 9:01 pm 03 Jan 12

So how come on the Intern Thread you said this jb?
“Sadly we many years ago decided that directly mocking the mentally unwell, while amusing, was not a good look.

So it’s a pleasure reserved for staff.”

I don’t want to read this every Tuesday, I have my own spam emails to sift.

Mumbucks 8:27 pm 03 Jan 12

Self proclaimed’second richest and biggest businessman in Belconnen’. Does this include West Belconnen or just selected parts.Perhaps he ought to be trying to be the biggest and richest operator in Cooma.

screaming banshee 8:26 pm 03 Jan 12

While I’m sure a few like yourself JB read these for the entertainment value (they hold no other value that is for sure) I’m certain other recipients are familiar with:

Add Sender to Blocked Senders List

Mumbucks 8:19 pm 03 Jan 12

I think he’ll like the free advertising!

Heavs 7:46 pm 03 Jan 12

If you did these each Monday you could call it Monday’s with manny.

p1 6:52 pm 03 Jan 12

What is this I don’t even

Thoroughly Smashed 4:56 pm 03 Jan 12

He’s got a point. You wouldn’t like the Universe when it’s angry.

harvyk1 4:37 pm 03 Jan 12

Is it just me or does anyone else feel more stupid after reading this?

Deref 4:27 pm 03 Jan 12

Isn’t it nice of Mr Manny to give everyone the benefit of his advice!

colourful sydney rac 3:52 pm 03 Jan 12

I am sure that the Iran Daily is particularly interested in the thoughts of Mr Manny…

Dilandach 3:39 pm 03 Jan 12

I’m sure both sides of politics confer with him just like major business leaders around the country. I’m almost positive that a rule that puts his mail in the trash wouldn’t have been created by each of those contacts.

….almost positive.

Classified 3:23 pm 03 Jan 12

Wow, what a fruit loop.

VicePope 3:17 pm 03 Jan 12

I salivate with anticipation. Every one a potential Mully.

johnboy 3:02 pm 03 Jan 12

Oh just wait, there’s so much more to come! Every tuesday!

VicePope 3:00 pm 03 Jan 12

As someone who enjoys wackiness, I wonder if the intended flavour of this rant is Vogon poetry or Yoda does politics. Has Jeff M made a “Downfall” spoof yet?

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