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They came from outer space

By rosebud - 7 January 2009 57

Well, they came from my backyard actually…but they do look large enough to star in an ‘Attack of the Killer Courgette’ remake (yes yes, I know it was rampaging tomatoes for all you geeks. This is a ‘reimagined’ version, frak you).

But I digress.

I came home to Canberra the other day from summer holiday fun to find these giants in our veggie patch. There is also a wheelbarrow full of littler ones.

There was no watering involved either, just a judicious handful of water crystal applied to the soil prior to departure.

Now, who has any good zucchini recipes for me?


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57 Responses to
They came from outer space
Skidbladnir 9:52 am 07 Jan 09

Posting them into the comments is an administrator\Overlord feature, not a plebian one.

But putting them in the comments is a simple matter of hosting them somewhere, and putting an img src = “whatever.the.url/is.jpg” in html brackets when posting originally.

But I tend to email my photos into Jb, so he can use his own bandwidth on pageviews.

rosebud 9:52 am 07 Jan 09

BB – I think posting photos on RA is a well guarded secret, on a need to know basis. Only JB and the liberal media elite have this knowledge and they keep it very close to their chests.

And indeed – giant ants, giant zucs…it’s got to mean something. Should I be worried?

poptop 9:48 am 07 Jan 09

Sorry – *ant

BerraBoy68 9:48 am 07 Jan 09

Rosebud, I’ve had the same experience with my zucchini’s this year. Bigger than they’ve ever been before but as far as I can tell nothing has changes (except of course, more rain)

BTW: How do I post photo’s to a thread, or do i ahve to send them to JB first? I’ve missed out on sending in pics of my Xmas tree and an ant bigger than a $20 note but I wouldn’t mind posting other pics.

Speaking of unnaturally large things, giant ants and giant zucchini’s appearing at the same time… a coincidence? I think not!

poptop 9:47 am 07 Jan 09

Thank the Women’s Weekly Best Recipes from the Weekly I merely use that recipe often enough to have memorised it.

It sounds like and and rosebud might have spare zucchinis. . .

Dante 9:40 am 07 Jan 09

Zucchini slice for the win. My mum used to make it all the time when I was younger and it’s fantastic.

Thanks for that recipe poptop, reckon I’ll be on the hunt for some zucchinis!

ant 9:36 am 07 Jan 09

I’m desperately trying to keep up with my mad zucchini bush too. Chop em up in salads, use them as a base for pasta sauces, you can “peel” them into long wide strips, steam them with garlic.

I’m getting bloody sick of zucchinis. The compost has also lodged a complaint about the ones ending up in there.

Thumper 9:28 am 07 Jan 09

Agree with poptop.


poptop 9:25 am 07 Jan 09

Zucchini slice!!! Freezes a treat and the younguns love it!

Multiply as the mood and zucchini availability takes you.

375g (or so) zucchini
1 onion
3 rashers of bacon
1 cup grated cheese
1 cup self raising flour
5 eggs
1/4 cup oil
Salt and pepper

Grate zucchini and onion, finely chop bacon. Lightly beat eggs. Mix the lot together and pour into a greased (I line it with foil and baking paper) laminton tin. Bake in moderate oven (190-200) for about 30-40 mins.

It’s all about the bacon and cheese really.

If you freeze the slice, you can reheat it straight from the freezer – it is stunningly forgiving.

rosebud 9:23 am 07 Jan 09


shanefos 9:21 am 07 Jan 09

Zucchini cake is pretty awesome. Plenty of recipes to be found via google.

peterh 9:20 am 07 Jan 09

rabbit (or lamb), chokoes, oregano, rice, tomato paste and chopped, garlic. fill hollow, decorate with enough cheese for a coronary, place in foil tray, bake in hooded BBQ. Bugger an oven. too hot.

p1 9:16 am 07 Jan 09

Damn, beaten to the line once again…

p1 9:15 am 07 Jan 09

I like to cut the big ones in half length ways, hollow them out a bit, and then fill with some collection of veg, meat etc. and top with cheese and cook in the oven. Depending on the size, you might want to steam the giant thing first so it is edible even after baking.

I don’t actually have a recipe though, I am more of a “make it up as you go” kinda cook.

PreciousLilywhite 9:13 am 07 Jan 09

Nice work there rosebud.
From experience, I can tell you that the bigger they get, the less tasty they are.
You can still have fun with them though.
Make a big pot of savoury mince (lamb). Carve out the centre of the marrow and fill with said mince. Top with cheese. Roast in oven.
If you don’t like that, I suggest using them as target practice for your darts 🙂

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