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This is my Handgun, there are many like it

By che - 1 June 2005 17

ABC online have this story on a Canberra policeman being sent back to college for handgun retraining after not following AFP policies and practices during an incident in Wanniassa in January this year.

Just remember POA = centre of seen mass, and he shouldn’t miss again.

What’s Your opinion?

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17 Responses to
This is my Handgun, there are many like it
Rocket 2:37 pm 02 Jun 05

Like the NZ police eh. Firstly their Sergeants have pump action shotguns on board their patrol vehicles. Secondly if there is the potential a firearm may be needed they go back to the station and Glock up. I think the response time to a similar incident would be much quicker in Australia, and as Lurker Gal alluded to if you want the police in that situation you want them armed and you want them quickly.

vg 10:48 am 02 Jun 05

Only to have the courts say ‘I know you have already been given a good behaviour bond, but if you continue to behave this way I’ll be forced to give you another one’.

Or as one magistrate in this town used to ask every defendant they convicted ‘has it cost you anything to come to court today’?

LurkerGal 10:27 am 02 Jun 05

If I’m ever being threatened and call the police intervene, I don’t want them running in to save me yelling at the perpetrator “Stop or I’ll… say “stop” again”.

vg 9:40 am 02 Jun 05

Worked City Beats for 5 years. Not quite that dramatic as I’ve never worried about getting a thrashing from anyone, but the guns are far more relevant for all the reasons discussed above

RandomGit 9:34 am 02 Jun 05

My police officer mate tells me his beat stories. Basically, two cops can often face the reality that they will get a thrashing at the hands of a drunk booner with a bit of go in him. Thats when they need a gun, to avoid getting their brains dashed across the pavement.

I’ll raise the backup issue with him and see what he says.

johnboy 11:56 pm 01 Jun 05

Be my guest.

vg 11:36 pm 01 Jun 05

JB, probably the most sensible way of putting it I have seen, well said. May I use that one?

johnboy 7:00 pm 01 Jun 05

In the UK population density lets them keep really heavily armed reaction squads within a few mintues of any location.

it makes a lot of sense but we don’t have those population densities here.

Our police have to be able to cope without backup, so they need to be armed.

Special G 5:59 pm 01 Jun 05

Take note of what happened on Monday morning. If Police had not negotiated over the barrel of a firearm they would have had to apprehend an angry man with a Tomahawk and a knife with a baton. Which probably would have resulted in much more serious injuries than occured.

What would you suggest David, some harsh words?


vg 5:53 pm 01 Jun 05

the ones wandering around Heathrow with MP5s and vests are indeed your average flatfoot, albeit posted to the airport

bulldog 5:04 pm 01 Jun 05

I’m no expert and I’ve never been to the UK, but a copper with a specialist weapon like that was probably not your average flatfoot. But I agree with the point you make.

bonfire 4:49 pm 01 Jun 05

i saw uk police walking the streets with mp5’s and vests. dont sell me the ‘english bobby and his truncheon’ myth.

that was in an age before mainland ira terrorism.

bulldog 4:46 pm 01 Jun 05

Based on the argument that ‘other countries’ don’t require the fuzz to be armed, we can cast our eyes to countries where the coppers are using water canon, rubber bullets, ‘bean bags’ and CS Gas to control civil disturbances.

Should we be taking the lead from other countries? Personally I think Australians are the expert on what Australian law enforcement requirements are. Too often do Aussies cast our eyes OS to see what the neighbours are up to.

Our cops carry guns to protect themselves and the non-insane public. The fact is in Australia we have very few people ‘accidently’ shot or injured by Police being idiots with their firearms (with the exception of Victoria).

In Summary; If it aint broke, don’t fix it.

vg 4:37 pm 01 Jun 05

Next time someone waves a knife at a copper I’ll keep that statement in mind. To dispel this myth about certain o/s Police forces having no guns you may actually want to know what the procedures these jurisdictions use when there is even the remotest possibility of weapons being involved. They send armed offenders squads, like SO19 in the UK. These squads are armed to the teeth etc etc.

Now what would you rather, that sort of response, or simply having Constable Plod with a handgun.

The sad thing is those kinds of statements are usually made by people who’ve never seen an angry man in their lives. I’ve gone through a lot more training in the use of a firearm than 99.9% of the motoring public has in the use of their cars but those people still drive.

I’d rather see every copper in the world carry a handgun for self-defence, than see 1 die because they didnt have one.

P.S. The poms do carry them, its not all ‘The Bill’

David Heidelberg 4:22 pm 01 Jun 05

Frankly I think that it’s ridicules that police even have hand guns in this country.

The Poms and Kiwis get by without them, what do we need them for?

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