Timber retaining walls

Foreboding 3 September 2011 9

Who builds quality timber retaining walls in Canberra?

I really like the look of Wallmaster, but they are completely non responsive to enquiries and seem to be a bit dodgy.

I previously paid them $90 for a quote and after they visited my house I never heard from them, and they never answer their phone.

If you’ve used Wallmaster, what was thier quality and service like? Is there a similar alternative?

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9 Responses to Timber retaining walls
Lazy I Lazy I 12:45 pm 21 Jan 12

Digging this thread up out of the archives couldn’t have been better timed!

I have also attempted to contact them in the new year in regards to a retaining wall. I pieced most of it together through their website late last year.. getting the product seems to be the challenge.

I was starting to wonder if it would be easier to just register as a reseller through head office and then just order my wall that way.

With the amount of people looking for the service, it probably wouldn’t be such a crazy idea!

Thoroughly Smashed Thoroughly Smashed 11:35 am 21 Jan 12

They must be making enough on quotes not to have to bother doing any jobs.

b0bbi b0bbi 8:18 am 21 Jan 12

Looks like nothing has changed. Have submitted query via website, spoken to interstate reps (who answer their phones each time), dropping by the yard and calling their office.

Was considering their product but will now be going a different direction.

borizuka borizuka 8:57 am 05 Sep 11

wow. I would understand if there was some design work, or drawing to be done but for a first quote for a retaining wall?

Re: jono274
I would imagine that if a business is SO busy that they can’t facilititate good customer service that that business stops seeking new work or advises the customer that they are very busy and provides achievable timeframes? Or else hire more staff…

BenjaminL BenjaminL 8:33 am 05 Sep 11

I reckon $90 would pay for a casual to answer the phones. How in the world do you get people to pay $90 just to quote a job?

Jono274 Jono274 6:56 am 05 Sep 11

I work for wallmaster and can say that the reason why the phone is not being answered is that we are extremely busy and jamie needs to be on site with his carpenter and 2 apprentices. Im sure he will get back to you but at the moment it is a bit hard to when we are on a deadline to finish parts of this big job

Henry82 Henry82 5:53 pm 04 Sep 11

It sounds so easy to scam people out of money these days.

Rangi Rangi 5:18 pm 04 Sep 11

You paid for a quote, What are you new?

Um by the way I have this bridge I need to sell.

scorpio63 scorpio63 5:07 pm 03 Sep 11

Foreboding I would not have paid $90 for a quote especially if they only requested the money at the time of the visit and not beforehand. If that is the case ask that they re-imburse you or you will send a letter to Fair Trading. Timbermaster’s website advertises ‘obligation free’ on site assessments.

I recommend stonemasons.

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