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Time to go the girlie girl

By streetwise - 9 November 2009 38

I suffer from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, (AIS). AIS is one of many conditions which cause women to either produce lower levels of Oestrogen, or to not take on a feminine appearance during puberty. I’ve always had a fairly flat chest, minor facial hair growth and a ‘blokey’ appearance. To the point that many people mistake me for a man.

Now that I have an income again I’ve decided to do something about it. So to all those rioters out there I have a few questions.

First, can anyone give me recommendations on the most affordable but effective hair loss centre in Canberra? I am looking for value for money. I know some places may be cheap, but ineffective, meaning it costs more in the long run. I’m also looking for friendly staff. I don’t want to be treated like a walking ATM.

Second, I’ve decided it is time to get rid of the flat and go for the inflated. Any women have good reviews / experience of breast argumentation in Canberra? What should I expect in costs? Is it a day procedure or will I be in hospital longer?

Lastly. Is there an AIS / Intersex support group in Canberra or the region.

Thanks all for any constructive answers.

[ED – Perhaps best if the infants in the peanut gallery leave off the comments in favour of people with constructive input to make]

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Time to go the girlie girl
harley 5:27 pm 09 Nov 09

IOUs even… Damned apostrophe police.

chewy14 4:52 pm 09 Nov 09

even though you’re trolling, i fully support your aim to get breast enlargements into the public domain.
Err sorry, information about breast enlargements.

dr phil 4:38 pm 09 Nov 09

weeziepops said :

That was a quick leap from almost homeless to contemplating plastic surgery!

they say you get alot of money off the streets… wonder what her carboard sign says?

Muttsybignuts 2:12 pm 09 Nov 09

weeziepops said :

That was a quick leap from almost homeless to contemplating plastic surgery!

ARRGGH – you’re right! It seems like a few of us have been sucked in. Last week it was “limited savings” and contemplating homelessness, this week it is all cashed up and looking for boobs. It gives me the sh*ts when I go out of my way to offer information to someone I think is in need only to find it is all some kind of con. Very sad.

colourful sydney rac 1:51 pm 09 Nov 09

hmmmn at the risk of being infantile and residing in the peanut gallery….

A week ago you posted claiming to be ‘clean cut’ then claimed to be a woman, then when queried on it your claimed to be a hisrute woman who would not change for anyone. Now you want hair removal and breast impants.

You wouldn’t happen to be the person who sent me the email form the Nigerian Bank who found that money in my dead relatives account would you?

weeziepops 12:45 pm 09 Nov 09

That was a quick leap from almost homeless to contemplating plastic surgery!

DarkLadyWolfMother 11:37 am 09 Nov 09

While they’re not specifically intersex oriented, some of the Transgender groups might help as similar ‘problems’ are encountered.

For local groups try:

Fortunately, the Laser hair removal clinic I used is shut down, so I don’t have to warn you against them 🙂

deezagood 11:17 am 09 Nov 09

Don’t even think about going anywhere but the CAPs clinic for breast enlargements – I have quite a few friends who rave about his skill (one friend has some considerable comparison experience, after having a few surgeries interstate). Apparently Dr Taylor is ‘the man’ to go to for most plastic surgeries in Canberra….

Hair removal – I can personally vouch for Dr Gibson at 1/4 Hannah St, Deakin, 6288 1933 … not sure about faces, but he does a great job of other body parts!

Hugh Lews 10:50 am 09 Nov 09

[ED – Perhaps best if the infants in the peanut gallery leave off the comments in favour of people with constructive input to make]


Have you seen the other posts from streetwise?

Elaborate. Sure. Believable? No.

misspris 10:29 am 09 Nov 09

bergamot said :

I’m sorry I can’t help you, but wish you luck and applaude you for getting out there and doing something positive for yourself!! 😀


Good luck 😀

Lilli 10:25 am 09 Nov 09

Hi streetwise – can’t comment on too much of your post, but I’ve had a few experiences with laser hair removal. I have visited two clinics quite recently and so I may not have an unequivocally balanced recommendation here, but of the two I have been to, I had quite good experiences with the clinic in Phillip (Cosmetic Laser Clinic –

I found them to be up front and honest in the number of appointments that may be required, and their prices were very competitive. Their explanation for the siginificant price differences is that many other clinics advertise effective hair removal in fewer sessions, however, as they acknowledged that the number of sessions required can vary drammatically (from person to person and area to be treated), they prefer to go with the lower prices to encourage people to continue treatment for best results. I was also offered a ‘top up’ appointment in between my 1st & 2nd appointment at no extra charge.

During each session I have felt comfortable chatting to the assistants. I have not experienced any discomfort above what I feel is appropriate and overall found the process to be easily tolerable. I’d highly recommend their services, and on your first visit their consultative process is very thorough.

Good luck with your search!

Muttsybignuts 9:35 am 09 Nov 09

Firstly, I am a bloke so I probably don’t know what I’m talking about but anyway…
A mate of mine has had some permanent hair removal recently and, while it hurt like a bitch despite the PR suggesting otherwise, she is happy with the result and, most importantly, the hair hasn’t grown back. If you don’t get any better info from anyone else I can chase up the name of where she had it done.
Secondly, the CAPS clinic is promoting itself as the ACTS best plastic surgeons. I wouldn’t have a clue if this is true or not, however, a while back the owner was renting his surgical theatres out for other procedures and I had to pick my wife up from there one morning. The waiting room was full of women with plaster over their noses or what looked like bandaging under their clothes around their chests. I can only assume that business was good by the amount of bruised looking people in the waiting room.
I have also heard that it is cheaper to fly to Thailand, have the surgery and re coup in a luxury hotel than it is to have it done here in Oz. Some prefer it because they are away from everyone during the bruised and sore bit. As an aside, people usually think of Thailand and other Asian countries as a bit dirtier that here however, I can attest that their medical facilities are as clean and modern as ours ( actually better in some cases).
Hope this helps.

bergamot 9:29 am 09 Nov 09

I’m sorry I can’t help you, but wish you luck and applaude you for getting out there and doing something positive for yourself!! 😀

ACTing like a Mama 8:29 am 09 Nov 09

Sorry – here is the link

ACTing like a Mama 8:28 am 09 Nov 09

My sister had breast augmentation surgery several years ago through the CAPS clinic. From memory it cost her close to 10K and it was either day surgery or overnight only but she had to wear a special brace for six weeks and it was a pretty long recovery time for her. She really recommended the place and the surgeon, Dr Taylor. So much so, my girlfriend went in for a breast reduction and had similar good things to say about him. I think he was very good at discussing the pro and cons of the surgery while some places my sister went to just wanted her money and to sign up.

I know three or four people that have gone through the CAPS clinic for differenet procedures and all have had a good experience of the place. I am not sure how it fits in in terms of cost (if its expensive or not) but I know they would certainly recommend it.

Good Lucl

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