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streetwise 9 November 2009 38

I suffer from Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, (AIS). AIS is one of many conditions which cause women to either produce lower levels of Oestrogen, or to not take on a feminine appearance during puberty. I’ve always had a fairly flat chest, minor facial hair growth and a ‘blokey’ appearance. To the point that many people mistake me for a man.

Now that I have an income again I’ve decided to do something about it. So to all those rioters out there I have a few questions.

First, can anyone give me recommendations on the most affordable but effective hair loss centre in Canberra? I am looking for value for money. I know some places may be cheap, but ineffective, meaning it costs more in the long run. I’m also looking for friendly staff. I don’t want to be treated like a walking ATM.

Second, I’ve decided it is time to get rid of the flat and go for the inflated. Any women have good reviews / experience of breast argumentation in Canberra? What should I expect in costs? Is it a day procedure or will I be in hospital longer?

Lastly. Is there an AIS / Intersex support group in Canberra or the region.

Thanks all for any constructive answers.

[ED – Perhaps best if the infants in the peanut gallery leave off the comments in favour of people with constructive input to make]

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38 Responses to Time to go the girlie girl
georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 6:54 pm 04 Nov 10

WonderfulWorld said :

SW – Interesting blog so far, beautiful grammar and spelling. Let me guess starts with R ends in R. Total 8 letters?


verbatim verbatim 5:50 pm 04 Nov 10

just to revive this thread with some information that actually relates to the original subject of best hair removal options in Canberra, based on my partner’s experience with Bliss in Erindale, i would avoid IPL – wasted a lot of time and money at this place with multiple appointments and zero result. One appointment at Complete Skincare in Tuggers using a decent Laser machine and voila – hair gone and very little regrowth six months later…

WonderfulWorld WonderfulWorld 11:03 pm 15 Jan 10

SW – Interesting blog so far, beautiful grammar and spelling. Let me guess starts with R ends in R. Total 8 letters?

stace8383 stace8383 7:56 pm 20 Nov 09

streetwise said :

Wow, you’re really mature arn’t you? Honey, you may not realise it, but there has been a lot of eveloution since you Neanderthals with your tiny pea sized brains last walked the Earth. Do you still belive the world is flat? Honey, you’ve never heard of hoping for the best, but planning for the worst? Has it never occoursed to you that some people ask questions well before they plan an acticity? Oh, that’s right, you’re clearly not capable of thinking are you?

How old are you? 5, 6, maybe 7? Grow up. And if you can’t, I’m sure your mother told you that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

Ohh ouch. Do people really say “honey” like that?? Painful. And, just a tip, most people use Google for these kind of questions. Putting it out in the public domain just invites ridicule, as you’ve no doubt noticed. Good luck.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 9:11 am 11 Nov 09

Hey, nothing personal but step back for a minute and see how it looks within two weeks you go from about to being homeless and not changing your appearance for anyone to suddenly being employed and thinking about spending however may thousands of dollars on cosmetice surgery to effect a look that 9 days ago you didn’t want.

In all sincerity, IF you are for real, you should really seek some counselling as this is an extremely radical thing to do. IF you have just scored a job, in what from what you described is a tough job market for you, perhaps you should be saving the money – IF you have been happy with your body for 37 years (give or take nine days) why rush it now?

On a positive note at least your posts are all regularly making it into the ‘most commented section’.

busgirl busgirl 9:43 pm 10 Nov 09

SW, this is just a suggestion to help you extract the information you need…the posters on this website have a myriad of tit-bits of information about any subject your mind can possibly imagine…if you really want their advice…and I mean really…then maybe you should try the ‘you catch more flies with honey than vinegar’ approach.

Due to the RA posters not knowing you from a bar of soap, all they have to judge you by is your recent posts. Getting narky at people who are merely questioning your motives will not help your cause. If you notice that people are taking you the wrong way don’t assume they are being judgemental…maybe all it means is that you need to express yourself better.

Good luck.

Thumper Thumper 8:20 pm 10 Nov 09

Oh, I have nothing against you, however, you must admit that, and plenty of others have commented upon this more critically than me, you have come across with some strange questions that have appeared to be almost mutually exclusive, if not trollish.

You will also note than in one of your posts I did put forward a solution.

However, all the best.

I-filed I-filed 7:29 pm 10 Nov 09

Girliegirl you’re taking the wrong tack altogether here.

Hair removal: waxing works well and won’t cost big fees – and you can do anywhere except your back yourself.

Invest in really good make-up, good haircuts, stay slim, wear nice clothes.

Don’t get breast augmentation: it won’t make you happy. If all the above tick off, then just rely on “chicken fillets” for a while. If the illustion of big breasts makes you feel good, make do with that until all the rest of your life is in good shape.

Lots of boyish women are regarded as very beautiful.

I lunched today with a successful senior public servant who is both boyish and hirsute. I mean, really hairy, has to wax a moustache. She has high self-esteem and looks fantastic – as I outlined above, she has a great (short) haircut, holds herself proudly, and her androgyny is a fantastic look.

She isn’t self-obsessed, is doing interesting things with her life, and has a lot to talk about.

SpellingAndGrammar SpellingAndGrammar 7:07 pm 10 Nov 09

I agree with the view that many people may find the information posted here very useful.

If anyone is considering cosmetic surgery, you need to do 2 things:
1) Ask the surgeon how many times in the past year they have performed this specific type of surgery (and hope like hell it’s more than double digits); and
2) Ask for their scrapbook which shows before and after shots without the funny tampering with light and distance.

And for those of you thinking of a nice holiday in Thailand – same – be very, very careful. You would want to check out their level of regulation of such things first, including what happens if it is botched.

streetwise streetwise 5:58 pm 10 Nov 09

Thumper said :

My mother said to get things done, you’d better not mess with major Tom.

Some truth in the matter would be nice…

Look, what possible motive would I have for lying? It’s not like I’m asking for your banking details. It’s not like I’m trying to scam anything. I haven’t even posted anything dramatically controversial that would have people at each other troll fashion. I mean I can think of a dozen topics that would be more worthy of arguing over (please DON’T argue over them or if would want to, go start a new thread) like:

Tod Carney is a looser, what do you think?
All rugby players are either rapists or wannabe rapists.
Liberal voters are a pack of ……
Cyclists are a pack of …. who don’t obey road rules.
Car drivers are a bunch of….. who should be forced to drive at 40 km/h.
Based on the people in this forum, everyone in Canberra has the worst manners in the nation.

You get the idea?
Asking for resources in the event that I become homeless just does not rate it. Neither does asking about hair removal, breast enhancement and AIS support. I mean if I WANTED to get people all fired up I’d use language like ‘tits’ instead of breasts. The lack of logic and thinking of some people astounds me. Quite obviously some of you have never changed your mind, never had second thoughts, never changed your lifestyle due to a change in income.

Really how some of you jump to these conclusions is beyond me. Either you have no respect and no manners, or you are deliberately doing this to be trolls.

Finally, before you all jump down my throat for responding in kind to the idiots here, on the previous thread I DID make the point of using the “contact us” option to request that the comments insulting me be removed first. The management chose to do nothing. So I chose to respond. I mean, come on, what do you expect? A bunch of immature idiots have essentially defamed me for no good reason, based on PURE conjecture. If you think I’m going to lay down and let people walk over me, think again. If you people want to play dirty, expect a response.

Now, to the people with useful information, once again, thank you very much. Thank your for your consideration, time, knowledge and most of all for your ability to think with an open and level headed mind.

Special G Special G 5:58 pm 10 Nov 09

dr phil said :

weeziepops said :

That was a quick leap from almost homeless to contemplating plastic surgery!

they say you get alot of money off the streets… wonder what her carboard sign says?

Easy – will get bigger breasts and display them for money.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 2:04 pm 10 Nov 09

Hmmmn, okay I will add something useful.

IF you have seriously changed your view that much in less than two weeks I sincerely hope that you get some counselling before undergoing any radical cosmetic surgery. If.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 1:35 pm 10 Nov 09

Please dont go knocking Neanderthals. Send a day in their mocassins before you say nasty things about them.

Hugh Lews Hugh Lews 12:58 pm 10 Nov 09


Ok. ok.

Jazz Jazz 12:40 pm 10 Nov 09

Last warning Hugh and Colorful Sydney Racing Identity. Someone has already determined that this story has editorial merit. Add something useful or not at all.

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 12:18 pm 10 Nov 09

Are you really surprised that people are questioning the legitimacy of your post?

Less than two weeks ago you proclaimed that “I’ve never been a girly girl. I could not be bothered getting liposuction and a boob job”. Yet here you are suddenly stating you want hair removal and breast impalnts.

When questioned about it you resort to insults. It has all the appearance of you being economical with the truth.

Hugh Lews Hugh Lews 11:45 am 10 Nov 09

Honey, you may not realise it, but there has been a lot of eveloution since you Neanderthals with your tiny pea sized brains last walked the Earth. Do you still belive the world is flat? Honey, you’ve never heard of hoping for the best, but planning for the worst?


IMAGINE being called honey by someone who looks like a man in a girls voice. LOL.

Thats what I reckon prison is like….

Deadmandrinking Deadmandrinking 10:35 pm 09 Nov 09

Even if this is a hoax, what’s the harm in giving information? Somebody who’s reading this may find the information useful.

That being said, having had an interesting year myself, I can tell you that circumstances can change extremely fast.

Thumper Thumper 10:24 pm 09 Nov 09

My mother said to get things done, you’d better not mess with major Tom.

Some truth in the matter would be nice…

oiiaustralia oiiaustralia 10:14 pm 09 Nov 09

Organisation Intersex International has an Intersex support group.

feel free to contact us on oiiaustralia@bigpond.com for support and some help with your questions.



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