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Tiny’s Green Shed Ebay policy

By hairy nosed wombat 17 January 2010 12

I made a quick to Tinys’ Green Shed (the Tip Face Salvage operator at the Mugga Way landfill transfer station, AKA the tip) during the week. One thing caught my eye. Stuck on a wall next to the cash register was this sign.
photo of Tinys Green Shed ebay policy

In case you cannot see the text, it says,
Tiny’s Green Shed Ebay policy
As you are aware, some items that we find only have a limited localmarket here in Canberra.
The items chosen for Ebay will stay in the shed for one week, with an estimated price on them. If you would like to purchase the item, you may do so at the estimated price. If you think the Estimated price is too high, then you are most welcome to bid on it on Ebay: Tinysgreenshed.
If you are the successful bidder you may collect the items in person from Tiny’s Green Shed.
So Tiny is open about it. He will be selling the better bits on Ebay, after they have been in the shop for a week. There was always speculation that other Tip Face Salvage operators in Canberra, were selling stuff on Ebay,

What’s Your opinion?

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Tiny’s Green Shed Ebay policy
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s-s-a 11:54 pm 19 Jan 10

maybe Second-hand Sunday will get more action in Canberra

if we didn’t have to apply in triplicate in advance for permission to put things on our nature strip for such an exactingly small period of time? And then aren’t we supposed to stay home to supervise the site (when OBVIOUSLY we’d like to be driving around checking out what junk we would like to acquire)!? Good idea, badly implemented.

In theory, I would like a Second-hand WEEKEND or (even better) WEEK (during daylight saving) with no application required. When I was a kid in Sydney, I reckon the council used to book the contractors for about a fortnight after the advertised cleanup date.

Now that Freecycle exists I couldn’t give a stuff about Second-hand Sunday, or taking stuff to the tip recycler/Revolve.

sepi 9:01 pm 19 Jan 10

You can’t complain they won’t take you old stuff if you begrudge them a way of moving stuff on from their shed.

Maybe they should wait two weeks though.

But so far I’m a fan – they’ve taken everything we’ve dragged out there so far.

emd 8:46 pm 19 Jan 10

Better to sell it on eBay than have lots of stuff sitting around the shed forever because nobody local is willing to pay the asking price, and they’re not willing to negotiate down.

Who knows, maybe Second-hand Sunday will get more action in Canberra if the prices at the tip shops go up because of eBay. All this can only be a good thing for people trying to give their old stuff away for free.

Grail 2:29 pm 18 Jan 10

Power to the people!

Good on him for at least having the idea to list on eBay, even if it appears he hasn’t followed through.

spinact 12:41 pm 18 Jan 10

Power to him I say. If you’re too lazy to put something on ebay or allclassifieds, and take it to Tiny’s instead then you can hardly complain when he does.

S4anta 12:34 pm 18 Jan 10

sloppery said :

The guy’s running a business, not a government department.

Investigate the provinance of your rubbish before throwing it out, or grow a pair FFS.

sloppery 10:10 am 18 Jan 10

The guy’s running a business, not a government department.

s-s-a 8:13 am 18 Jan 10

Revolve obviously didn’t, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to snaffle my 8-foot 60s Chiswell buffet in tired and old but completely renovatable condition for a mere $40.

Ebay listing of attractive items has benefits for potential buyers, especially ones who only visit Mugga Way occasionally. But if it results in all the attractive and bargain items turning over within a week, there will be no incentive to shop on-site.

urchin 12:27 am 18 Jan 10

a man trying to make a profit? *gasp* i’m shocked, i tells ya, shocked.

M0les 9:03 pm 17 Jan 10

Anyone actually found “Tinysgreenshed” on eBay? I can’t find a store with this name, but there seems to be a user with no feedback and no items for sale here:

Is it a new policy, yet to put put into effect, or have I mis-located their sales site?

silvernitrate 8:07 pm 17 Jan 10

hasn’t sold anything yet

DodgyBoys 6:55 pm 17 Jan 10

Fair enough. AT least they are open about it.

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